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Multiple bodies [one person controls or is in two bodies]
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From: guest (leon) , 97 months, post #61
Also, new chapter of Mayonaka no X Giten is out. (Mangafox, Batoto, etc.)

Click to show spoiler
Puncgre 20 frrzf gb pbasvez gung K cbffrffrf zhygvcyr obqvrf.

From: guest , 97 months, post #62
Thanks again Leon for the updates!

From: barackobrahma , 97 months, post #63
Ochiru Tenshi by Distance seems to fit our criteria, since the protagonist possessed the girls body, while keeping his own on automatic.

Up to Volume 2, it can be easily found in English or other languages, but Vol3 is just in japanese, and still incomplete , since few years ago. Does anyone know if there is a missed update?

From: guest (leon) , 97 months, post #64
@guest #62
You're welcome!
I'll also try to update this thread as new chapters of that manga come out, but farhads forum will probably be more reliable about that.

I'll have to check that out, thanks! You think there are any other older works we might be missing?

And I was thinking about why this trope doesn't have it's own tag in some sites, since there are actual work produced involving it in one way or another. I guess the tvtropes tagging is the largest it'll ever get but other than that, it probably goes to show that people just don't have much interest.

Meanwhile, I'll just try to be on the lookout for those who do:

New M2F storyline (albeit brief) by Spindizzy in the Role ReWriter interactive:
Not sure if the author is planning to add more.

Cap series by Gensabi (M2F):
(Sidenote: Clone tag in that caption site seems to include transforming into a physical clone of someone else, along with possessing multiple bodies.)

I mentioned the title in my original post, but I thought a couple of storylines from the interactive "A few heads are better than one" by JohnG could get a little more attention here:
(F2F, F2M)
Storyline by Hingle McCringleberry. OCs sister gets "a raygun which gave whoever wielded it the power to copy their own head onto anyone else's body!"
Storyline by beshter and veteran21. This chapter introduces a new ability for the cloned bodies to keep their original heads, effectively achieving this trope:

Check out the other chapters for more mental clones and the like.

And lastly, for those who watch the show Game of Thrones, you probably know about wargs who have the ability to enter the minds of animals (think Bran). Well, in the books (A Song of Ice and Fire)
Click to show spoiler
gurl ner pnyyrq fxvapunatref, naq n punenpgre pnyyrq Inenzle Fvkfxvaf (lrf gur pyhr vf va gur anzr) pna pbageby guerr jbyirf, n fabj orne, n funqbjpng, naq na rntyr.
Wasn't sure about including it, but meh.

From: guest (leon) , 96 months, post #65
Some stories I found from fm:

(F2F, F2M) Sports by Wolverine
"A young woman is possessed and unleashes a terror upon her high school."
There might be sequels, haven't checked.

(M2F) Bottle Blonde by Sara James
"A jealous college student makes a hasty wish while at a beach party. Soon, he is beside himself with distress at the result."

(M2F) Halloween Haze by Bill Hart
"It should just have been a simple task to join the fraternity."

And Mayonaka no X Giten chapter 21 seems to be out. (No translations yet.)

From: barackobrahma , 96 months, post #66
Hmmmm... maybe I know, but I can trust myself. Nothing came to my mind yet except that YBMB released another multibody caption these days.

Anyway, thanks for the update! Mayonaka no X Giten is one of the best bodyswap-multibody I've seem lately.

From: barackobrahma , 96 months, post #67
Can someone teach me japanese? I cant wait to see it translated... =(

From: guest (leon) , 96 months, post #68
I agree. I think it does a great job of building up a mystery around the concept of swapping bodies, I hope it delivers in the end.
You might have some luck with text translations if you can't wait for a scan.
IIRC this guy translated the last chapter before any scans came out:

And many thanks to YBMB for this:
"We have reversal rings, the Medallion of Zulu, and so on, but what if we have an infinity gauntlet of souls? This is a continuation of the Nexus Stone series about the stones that allow one person to inhabit multiple bodies at once, because consciousness is nothing more than a continuum right?"
Hope it catches on (in some form or another.)
Link (NSFW):

The possession-based RPGMaker game in development by Reshiramblack (now MegaloRun) has it's title: Gift of the Harlequin: The Heart Rod
New topic with faq and a couple of preview videos here:

New chapters in the Acquiring Powers 5 interactive, featuring multiple possessions:

From: guest (Silhouette) , 96 months, post #69
I'm a fan of this sort of thing, and my newest cap is largely along these lines:

Let me know what you think!

From: barackobrahma , 96 months, post #70
Good Cap, Silhouette!

I wish you could deepen the story in a series... how Jaimes' halfs deals with everyday life?
Are they still working on the same stuff? How other people reacted to that? Does it changed reality? The good half can become a little nasty/dirty/provocative too (since now it/her 'has room' for it, not sharing a body with the other half anymore)... by impersonating the other half and having her date or so.

From: guest (Silhouette) , 96 months, post #71
Thanks! And I hadn't thought about doing it, but I do like the idea, barackobrahma! If I can find more pictures of the models or some that look very similar I just might try doing that. I think you presented some fun situations to explore. ;D

From: guest (leon) , 96 months, post #72

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 96 months, post #73
Well, that I think I can help you with... google for "laura and rachel brooker".

I dont wanna sound douche and brag about it... I know that I have good ideas, I just can't put them into practice. I'm not just lazy, I have a chronically case of procrastination and low self esteem, which result at no work at all... the few things that I can actually finish (unfortunately, none related to TG stuff), are greatly appreciated by others (however, I still can find a lot of mistakes and dark spots, thanks to my low self esteem).

So, I'm not saying it to promote myself... I'm saying that I'm open to help anyone, since I can't help myself. No need for credits and all.

From: cj , 96 months, post #74
"I have a chronically case of procrastination and low self esteem..."

You too? I'd commiserate with you but I doubt you'd want to hear about my sad story... maybe tomorrow...

No, I'm not poking fun at you. Well okay, maybe just a little, but more at the affliction than you.

And, I am serious, when I indicate that you are not alone.

From: guest (Silhouette) , 96 months, post #75
Well dang, you gave me just what I needed, barackobrahma! And it turns out I've used them before without realizing it. Guess I have a thing for them!

And cj is right, you're definitely not alone. I really appreciate your help too! I have a ton of material to work with thanks to you! You rock!

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 96 months, post #76
Yeah... I think all suffer it, in a milder or more aggressive way, but we all do.
But that doesn't make things easier... =/

I'm glad I can help. Call me if you need anything! =]

Duuuuuuuuuude, mayonaka's chap 21 is translated on mangafox! Run, run, run!

From: guest (leon) , 94 months, post #77
Sorry for the hiatus. Here's some content to make up for it:

(M2F, M2M) The author of the RPGMaker possession game Gift of the Harlequin has begun to implement "dual-body possessions." You can download the current version at farhad's forum:
Expect to see more as updates come.

(M2M) Don't read below of you're planning on seeing the POV action movie Hardcore Henry, it's supposed to be a twist. It has
Click to show spoiler
fbzr oevyyvnag npgvat ol Funeygb Pbcyrl (Qvfgevpg 9, Punccvr) nf ur unf sha qrzbafgengvat uvf grpuabybtl bs fjvgpuvat pbageby orgjrra zhygvcyr obqvrf (qvssrevat pybarf bs uvzfrys, n enatr bs uvf punenpgref). Fubhyq nqq gung ab fvzhygnarbhf pbageby vf fubja.

(Any) As barackobrahma excitedly pointed out (and subsequently crashed mangafox lol jk... sorry.) Mayonaka no X Giten Ch.21 has been out for a while.
Raws of Ch.22 have been uploaded, but no news of any translation yet (no not even text)

(M2F) New and ongoing manga (manhua?) I Am My Wife seems to have this:
Click to show spoiler
Gur BP nggraqf jrqqvat bs uvf pehfu, fhqqrayl trgf guhaqrefgehpx vagb n evpu lbhat tvey naq raqf hc va uvf byq fpubby (va n qvssrerag gvzryvar?) gung ur naq uvf pehfu nggraqrq, fvggvat arkg gb uvf byq frys va pynff.
Read it here:

A couple caps:
(M2F) (NSFW) by YBMB:
And by DocVS:
It would be great if we could get some other captioners in on this, particularly those who frequently do possessions, swaps and the like. It might be right up their alley.

(Any) A shtton of new chapters, new storylines in the Acquiring Powers 5 interactive include this trope on way or another:

(AI? and F2F, M2F, dunno) Virtual Take over / Female Possession
Don't think this one was mentioned. It features AI taking over people, with some people taking over people.

Couple of storylines:
(M2F, has mermaids I think)

(M2F) Four Rings by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
"A strange tail about 4 magical rings and an evil doctor who creates them."
(yes it's tail)
Apparently this one was mentioned before:

One last thing, but I need some help. Tira's pixiv account has quite a lot of content that feature possessions, skinsuits, body swaps and the like, but I can't seem to figure out which ones include this trope as I can't read moon-I mean Japanese, but I'm pretty sure there are at least a couple. Can anyone help point them out?
Link to Tira's pixiv acc:
We need people with experience here.

From: guest (leon) , 94 months, post #78
More stuff (almost all M2F this time, sorry)

Mayonaka No X Giten Ch.22 translated, read at Ravens Scans (English)
New chapters of I Am My Wife released, Moon Bunny Cafe has 'em.

Some new caps by FOOKN' LEGENDS!

Cap series by SwitchHitter (The Swapping Grounds)


Last, new ongoing storyline by the Wasselmeister in the excellent The Transplant interactive:

From: guest (Brad) , 94 months, post #79
Thanks for the shoutout, leon. This thread is what inspired me to write those caps. Im in the process of writing another one that involves one mind in an entire family :)

From: guest (leon) , 92 months, post #80

(Story) Clayface by Valentine (thanks to JetAbyss for pointing it out!)

Gift of the Harlequin by MegaloRun seems to be a bit in a hiatus at the moment, but it's been updated quite regularly:

Mayonaka no X Giten Ch.23 raws and text translations circulating, no edits yet.
If you're impatient:

More caps (NSFW):

Some works from pixiv:

From Tira:

From Kuraki:

Pixiv search tag (thanks to Chilla!):

You might find more links in "Multiple Body Possession/Mind Control" topic by OhMyTheSlimes over at:

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