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Multiple bodies [one person controls or is in two bodies]
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From: guest (leon) , 108 months, post #1
Hello! I'm looking for stories, interactives, captions, actually pretty much anything that involves a character with the ability to control multiple bodies or having their consciousness occupying multiple bodies simultaneously.

Here's an almost hidden snippet of a storyline written by Enigma/Wassel that I managed to find in the interactive "The Reality Stone"


This doesn't have to be a direct example. I'm hoping to find this kind of trope in other forms such as head swaps (e.g. "A few heads are better than one"), body swaps, transformations, multiple possessions (e.g. a clone occupying the original body a la "Body Change", "Abuse of Power" or some storylines of "Acquiring Powers" interactives. Great stories and authors in general imo.) I haven't found a lot of captions or any other medium dealing with this.


From: guest (pittbee) , 108 months, post #2
Two things come to my mind:

The story "Halloshift Trio: Disguised For Halloween" by Deathlike

The comics "Nu-Life" Episodes 3 and 4 by Sturkwurk

From: Shard , 108 months, post #3
There's a story on Fictionmania called "Me" that's really good

From: rugal , 108 months, post #4
There's Student Bodies on

From: guest (Abhothoh) , 108 months, post #5
can i ask for the links to halloshiftrio and Me because google and fictiomania search arent showing any results

From: guest (MrInternetMan) , 108 months, post #6
Again, hate to toot my own horn, but some of the galleries on my deviantart page have what you might be looking for:

From: M2FB , 108 months, post #7
[Taniguchi-san Tamashii- INSERT

Two chapters out, where a guy gets a phone app that transfers part of his soul to another body and leaves his body on some kind of autopilot

From: cj , 108 months, post #8
"can i ask for the links to halloshiftrio and Me because google and fictiomania search arent showing any results"

You really need to bone-up on your search abilities.

"Me" by Morpheus - took me about 60 seconds to find using FM search (I figured it was an old story, so started with the last page OF 150 RESULTS first:

Deathlike has ONLY TWO STORIES on FM - it took me TEN SECONDS to find the story:

Are you trying to use Goolge to search FM - because that isn't going to work. You have to use FM's search tools... Author List... Super Search (Starting With). Play with the search tools, they are your friend.

From: cj , 108 months, post #9
Continuing through those 150 search results for stories titled "Me", I found two versions of a story with that name from Regina Dennis:

From: cj , 108 months, post #10
A story (multi-part) that might fit the OPs request:
Click to show spoiler
"Thyyvire'f Cynarg" ol Gubznf gur Gnzr

From: guest (leon) , 108 months, post #11

@pittbee & Shard
I must've missed those ones, thanks guys!

You can search them by authors: "Deathlike" for "Halloshift" and "Morpheus" for "Me".

I should've mentioned that one. I think it's one of the best in general. I must say I enjoyed your "The Touch" interactive, and it's sad to see how short it's ended up being :(
(I can't leave out the "The Book of Masks" & "Skin Suits", of course.)

Actually, it's sad in general to see some nice interactives or even some storylines in major ones (that somehow manages to find it's way to this trope) end up short-lived.
Is that because it's not popular or because some authors simply give up trying to find interesting dynamics to explore with this? I always thought it opened up a lot of possibilities for a protagonist (or in some cases, even an antagonist a la a certain and yet another short-lived storyline in the interactive "Body Change." by MysteryGirl.)

Nice to see some art about this for a change. Enjoyed those, thanks!

From: guest (leon) , 108 months, post #12
Yeah, those are cool, but they are more "possession" than what I was talking about, which is a character having some extent of a control (if not direct) of two or more bodies. I don't know if it ends up happenning in the future though. (Or was it a two-parter?) Anyhow, thanks for mentioning!

Thanks, I'll be sure to check those out :)

From: guest (abhothoh) , 108 months, post #13
well i tried searching both on FM and google but it didnt produce any result. I really must practice my searching abilities thanks anyway CJ.

From: guest (Wassel) , 108 months, post #14
@ leon

Don't know if this is up your alley or not, but if you liked my Reality Stone chapters I've also got a mental clone story thread going here as well (though its a work in progress and the subject matters probably not for everyone):

Might be of interest.

From: cj , 108 months, post #15
abhothoh - you're welcome. Even I am still learning some of the nuances of searching the vast guts of the interwebs. Most of the time, you'll quickly find the results you're looking for. But there are the occasions where you have to work for the little nugget that leads to the motherlode. Experimentation is often the best way to learn... asking for help when you need it.

Though, how you ask for help... your request might have been better received by instead asking for help searching (rather than results of said search - helps you learn better, keeps us from blowing steam and pulling our hair out). Something like, "I'm having problems searching on FM for the halloshiftrio and Me stories, Google gives me no relevant results and I can't seem to figure out how to work FM search., it gives me nearly 300 results for the Me story. Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?"

Chances are you'll get a bunch of sarcastic answers and Rube Goldberg-isq steps to try, but you're likely to find even some of those to be a learning experience. And usually someone here will have a moment or ten to shove or drag or guide you in a close enough direction that will be helpful to your quest... and hopefully your understanding of the archaic world of site-specific searches.

From: guest , 108 months, post #16
If memory serves, in "Me" all the members of a family get hooked up to a gadget that a mad-scientist (but sympathetic) sort of neighbor has created. It's supposed to copy a few memories from a boy to every other member of the family -- supposed to be like a teaching machine. Instead it wipes out everyone else's memories and replaces them with copies of his, so we have I think six people who all remember being only the boy -- only one, the original, has his body.

To me this isn't quite what the original poster wants but it's interesting.

From: guest (leon) , 108 months, post #17
I semi-regularly check out your work, and I've looked up your other chapters and even ones in other interactives after that one, only to find the subject usually deviates towards a certain relationship and it really might not be everyone's cup of tea. Please don't get me wrong though, I think your writing is amazing, and skill-wise, definitely a lot better than a whole lot of people who contribute to those interactives, and I still enjoy a lot of your work. I just wish you would thread out and explore other stuff though. What I was originally looking for might not also be to everyone's taste, but if you ever had another go, I'll be sure to check it out.

I know that FM search can be a bit weird, I know I struggle with it sometimes. (Personally, I think it's.. Nevermind.) I don't want to deviate from the subject, but here's what I simply did:
For the "Halloshift" story:
- In the site, from the top menu, Search -> Super Search
- In the Story Title, input "halloshift" (without quotes, of course)
And for the other story, "Me", which is a bit more difficult to find (as cj pointed out that it's about 150 results), I actually had to go through them to find it. It is quite easy to miss the one written by Morpheus, which I think is the one Shard was talking about. (The other ones by Regina Dennis are about body modifications, I think.)

@guest [post #16
Thanks for the summary :) Yeah, you're right, but I think it's in the ballpark the very least. I'm not very picky about this (and can't be, tbh) since it's quite obvious that it's not a popular subject. The story is still good though.

I don't mean to appear lazy not going through all of the Gulliver's Planet stories (I'm sure they're great and I'll check them out thoroughly at some point), it'd be great if you could nudge me to the part where this trope plays out. It's ok if you don't wanna bother though.

From: cj , 108 months, post #18
leon - You want the "Little Girl Blew" stories. Everything is started to be setup, and initial discovery are in Part 1 of the tale, so it would help to start there. However, part 2 is where things start to get interesting and even more discoveries are made. I highly suggest that you read that entire part.
Click to show spoiler
VZB - cneg 3 vf n enhapul ebzc guebhtu rkcybvgf, jvgu yvggyr ovgf bs eriryngvba gb hf naq creuncf fbzr qrfpevcgvba bs gur znva punenpgre'f tebjgu / punatr / nqncgngvba. Ohg gur zrng bs guvf guernq'f eryngvbafuvc gb gur fgbel pbzrf va cneg 4, 70-80% guebhtu.

I know that doesn't help much - but it might save you a bit of time.

From: rugal , 108 months, post #19
I think the problem with The Touch (and The Shape of Things) is, really, that nobody contributed. On one hand it kind of sucks as there's no motivation to keep writing if you don't think anyone's reading or in the case of an interactive contributing. I don't know if it's intimidation or what but yeah. On the other hand, though, I'd rather have no contributors than a bunch of poor quality ones.

Seuzz and imaj are probably the gold standard interactive writers on that site imo and Seuzz now has actual getting paid writing gigs going and the last time I talked with/emailed imaj he'd kind of lost motivation IIRC which I can understand; I haven't contributed anything in a long time as well due to lack of motivation stemming from a variety of sources.

From: guest (leon) , 108 months, post #20
Thanks! That'll help :)

I understand. Surely, by definition it requires others "interacting" with the story and it's completely understandable to feel that way when no one actually does. It might be intimidation, but for me, I just have ideas and no skill to execute them. (At least for now.) And I agree with having no contributions instead of having flat, single-line chapters. Some writers that I keep seeing do this all the time, and I wonder what it actually accomplishes in terms of directing the story. Now, I simply don't bother once I see their names in an interactive I look up.

I'm not surprised to know that Seuzz is getting paid, those works are quite substantial. With all due respect, I have to admit that sometimes they end up getting quite extensive for me and I struggle to keep up with the story and characters. For me, it feels like reading a lengthy novel with multiple storylines. It isn't like I'm not appreciating the amount of planning it took (I read the blog entries whenever I can), and I still think it's one of the best large-scale interactives out there.

If you have any other works (which might be hosted on other sites I'm not aware of), I'd love to take a look. (And not just about this trope.)

To steer this back to the topic, here's a couple of things I've found for those interested:

A Real Double Person by AB Norway
I think this one's a bit rare and mildly interesting. The protagonist is living his/her life in two bodies in parallel, a male and a female.

(Interactive storyline)
Two Ryans Are Better Than One by Blarg Blargington
Again, this short storyline might not fit my original description, but it's similar to what I was looking for. It uses a more common trope, "clones" of the characters consciousness occupying multiple bodies.
(Side note: I'm not ruling "clones" out, since it's the closest trope to this. I know there are loads more content about it, and I should point out that I'm open to any suggestions.)

Those two examples are mainly tg. Just to avoid confusion, I should also mention I'm not limiting my search to that. I'm looking for all kinds dealing with this trope.

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