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From: guest (roa) , 56 months, post #61
double page release !!! indiana jones style..

From: guest , 55 months, post #62
Page 11 is up

From: guest (Jet) , 55 months, post #63
I wonder. What is your favorite comic commissioned by him? Mine is Sigma 5. C:

From: guest (roa) , 55 months, post #64
mine is cicero jones

From: guest , 55 months, post #65
"The Device" I think it's called.

From: guest (CopyKen) , 55 months, post #66
Page 12 is up!

From: guest (Jet) , 55 months, post #67
I'm a bit suprised Proffesor Templar has been updated, but not Sigma 5 yet. :O

From: guest (Kara) , 55 months, post #68
"Templar" went months without an update while "Sigma" had 2 updates during that time. He's probably eager to finish the former as it was commissioned first.

From: guest (Jet) , 55 months, post #69
I didn't know. XD I thought they were commissioned at the same time. So I had the impression that they update at same time. But I checked and Prof. Templar got commissioned a month before Sigma 5. So I guess it makes sense.

From: guest , 55 months, post #70

New page for Prof Templar. One thing to note, it is 13a. So a sequel to it may be 13b.

From: guest , 55 months, post #71
Does anyone have the Stakeout comic saved up?

From: guest , 55 months, post #72
Seems like it is gone that's why.

From: guest , 55 months, post #73
Message deleted by cj. Unnecessary. Please be patient. Bumping after only 11 hours on a site where some only visit once every week or so, is unnecessary.
From: JetAbyss , 55 months, post #74 New page.

From: JetAbyss , 55 months, post #75
Glad to see that is what Devlin and his crew looks like. Would hate to see if they were skinless even in their default forms. :P I wonder if it is the end or a sequel like Simple Simon will be made now...

From: guest , 54 months, post #76
He looks like adam driver.

From: guest , 54 months, post #77
I'm having a hard time following this story, could someone summarize it for me?

From: guest (abhothoh) , 54 months, post #78
Professor Templar is preparing an expedition to uncover the chalice of immortality, Since its something that powerful villains also want to get their hands on it.
From the first comic page we see that two shapeshifters have replaced man and the women that are gonna be involved i professors expedition(we are hinted that they are involved in a much larger plan and that Devlin is their leader).
In the Templars house we meet a couple new characters. Female Jackie Chan wannabe and her partner that is a tracker(he can sense magic). Anyway our shapeshifters get closer to other members of expedition and replace them. This is the second time they mention a enigmatic Figure named Devlin.
After leaving the tent professors girlfriend gets kidnapped and shapeshifters start acting like they have been breached, We find that guy who looks like a Nazi officer is holding professors girlfriend hostage and that they are going to kill her if he doesn't help them find a chalice.
In the morning they find the chalice with a bunch of other chalices(one grants a eternal life and other kill you) and Nazi officer shoots the professors girlfriend so that the professor is forced to pick a right chalice.
Chalice heals her but it was a trap. His girlfriend was Devlin all along. He replaced her even before professor and she met so that he could get close to the professor and find any weaknesses and plan out events that led to this point.
Anyway bad guys win. THE END.

Here i hope this wasn't too long

From: JetAbyss , 54 months, post #79
Makes me excited for Sigma 5. :3

From: JetAbyss , 54 months, post #80
Anyone wondering or predicting what will happen in Sigma 5 part 9?

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