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From: guest (77 dog) , 54 months, post #1
Hey everybody,
I'm a hugefan of downgrade and identity theft swaps, men who swap with prositutes, older women, desperate housewives, unsatisfied mothers, chubby or fat girls etc, etc.

I found a short one that I really enjoyed and was hoping people here knew of others like it.

Much appreciated!

From: guest , 46 months, post #2
Bump! Does anyone else know of any more?

From: Gadzooks , 46 months, post #3
A few that come to mind:

A Day In Court
Kiss Your Old Life Goodbye
A Contracted Change
A Turn Of The Counter

Or if you like captions, Great Shift or Shaft is a good one.

From: Eric , 46 months, post #4
These all are on fictionmania

Pendants of Aeternitas
The Poor Maid Gretchen, the proud Graf and the Witch Matilda
AF People Can Change
Shifted and Shafted
The New Maid
The Magic Mirror
Conchita takes charge
A Brilliant PLan
The Bad Neigbour
Merry Go Round
The Old Maid School Teacher
The Man in the Nightmare
The Joker's Best Jest

ou will probably love Emma Finn' stories
Here's her wen page

From: guest , 46 months, post #5
Blot had some sort-of-downgrades that were arguably upgrades. In one a guy put on a body suit created as a by-product of turning a fat if cute-faced brunette to a slender blonde: he becomes the fat girl but 1) his friend is fine with that because at least she's a woman at last and 2) she loses weight before they marry, though 3) he gets her pregnant a lot and she's pudgy when gravid but 4) he's fine with that.

Blot had his stories pulled from FictionMania but he commissioned pictures for the above story from blackshirtboy on deviantART and last I checked they were still there.

From: guest (Jayzie) , 46 months, post #6
I'm slowly getting around to reading some of these. While I do have a standard as to how "ugly/unattractive" I'll go, some of these are really good. The one about the "whore" was right on that border, but I did enjoy that one.
I'm not going to lie, I doubt I'll like most of them half as much.

From: Eric , 46 months, post #7
Why not be polite at least

From: guest (Jayzie) , 46 months, post #8
I'd rather be honest than polite. Throughout my life I've grown a certain contempt toward people that were "very sweet" but whose words were riddled with passive aggression (blame goes to some of my foster parents).

I much prefer candid people that say vile, nasty things as long as they are loyal.

But all that aside, I don't think I was rude, really.

From: guest (31dog) , 46 months, post #9
Gosh Alot of these were fantastic. I'm going to briefly review the ones I read
The Fall
Really interesting approach to body swapping. The Phasing in and out between bodies was really awesome. Although I felt the resolution was a touch weak. The story might have been stronger if maybe the phase shifts took longer each successive time? Also I felt

From: guest (32dog) , 46 months, post #10
whoops I hit preview instead of post. Anyway
Click to show spoiler
yvxr ur xvaq bs eryragrq jnl gb rnfvyl vagb uvf arj ebyr nf na haqrentr cebfgvghgr. Ohg ntnva, nznmvat obql fjnc zrpunavp whfg sryg n yvggyr harkcyberq.. Naq cbffvoyl zl snibevgr

Conchita takes charge
Wow really great story happening here. Really explore the transition beautifully I was completely engaged in it.
Also I always like to see characters swapping out of their race so that was a big plus. The shift between power was great too. I really liked the way the story eased the characters into their new roles.Click to show spoiler
Nygubhtu bapr ntnva V sryg yvxr gur punenpgre gung fjnccrq vagb gur znvq tnir hc n yvggyr gbb rnfvyl. V qvqa'g zvaq gung vg unccrarq naq ubarfgyl V haqrefgbbq gung vg jnf cneg bs gur fhozvffvba snagnfl juvpu vf terng ohg, V qba'g xabj V gubhtug gur snpg gung ur qvqa'g rira nfx bapr gb fjnc onpx be rira jung ure cyna jnf, frrzrq n gbhpu bss gb zr. Fgvyy terng fgbel nyy nebhaq

A Brilliant PLan
Awesome story! Loved everything about it, how it happenedClick to show spoiler
gur gjvfg ng gur raq jurer fur fgrnyf ure obql. Nyy terng, nygubhtu V jbhyq unir yvxrq n yvggyr zber ba gur znyr punenpgre gelvat gb trg uvf obql onpx be znlor nqwhfgvat gb uvf arj ebyr. Gur fgbel raqrq n ovg noehcgyl sbe zr :(

From: Eric , 46 months, post #11
thanks for the kind words about a couple of my stories, THE FALL, & Brilliant plan,
one o my tendencies, noted by others oten is me ending stories to abrupty.

From: guest (59dog) , 46 months, post #12
Oh snap you wrote those? Killer tales

From: guest (Dee Cypher) , 46 months, post #13

You may enjoy my piece. A teenage boy ends up in an older woman's body. So far it's gotten very positive reviews.

Mrs. Clark and Me


From: guest (Max) , 46 months, post #14
I love that story, I wonder when you are going to add part 3? I sure hope you finish it! Mrs Clark sure seems to be enjoying being him!

From: guest (Dee Cypher) , 46 months, post #15
Part Three was added today. Enjoy! The Final Chapter is well underway, let's hope this motivation stays strong.

From: guest (42dog) , 45 months, post #16
Dee, Great story! I can not wait for the next final chapter
Click to show spoiler

From: guest , 35 months, post #17
Thanks for the guilding, a lot of good stories!

From: guest , 35 months, post #18
The illustrations commissioned by Blot are no longer on blackshirtboy's deviantart page.

From: guest (99dog) , 16 months, post #19
Hello! Its been a while but I'd like to bump with with a writing dot com author that has amazing stuff in this genre!

From: guest (EmmaFrost) , 16 months, post #20
I'm a big fan of this particular niche genre too. I've been waiting to read a story about a guy mutually swapping with someone on the average/ugly.old side because of the lack of options and learning to appreciate it.(which pretty woman would want to give up their life anyway?).

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