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Find J-Drama [Konya wa Kokoro Dake Daite]
From: guest (wn) , 126 months, post #1

This drama was about Mom - Dauther body swap and just on air yesterday.
anyone has dowload link or watch online ?

From: guest , 125 months, post #2
The First ep :

From: guest (wn) , 125 months, post #3
Thanks :)

From: theobserver , 58 months, post #4

From: theobserver , 58 months, post #5

From: theobserver , 58 months, post #6

From: guest (Tights) , 58 months, post #7
How I haven't heard about this before? Thanks, I'll give a look into this.

From: Bodyswap1 , 58 months, post #8
Body swap at 19:26

From: theobserver , 58 months, post #9 ep 1- 8

From: guest (hey yo) , 46 months, post #10
can anyone spoil the ending on this one??

From: guest (Gnosis) , 46 months, post #11
I just watched this series and I find it pretty well done!

Click to show spoiler
Fb va rc 7, gur zbgure naq qnhtugre ner ortvaavat gb pbafvqre gur cbffvovyvgl gurer znl abg or n jnl gb fjnc onpx. Ng gur raq bs rc 7 gurl obgu trg uvg ba gur urnq naq cnff bhg, whfg yvxr gur jnl gurl tbg fjnccrq va gur svefg cynpr. Pyvssunatre!Ohg gura va rc 8, abg bayl qb gurl jnxr hc fgvyy va rnpu bgure'f obqvrf, ohg gur qnhtugre (va ure zbgure'f obql) nccrnef gb unir sbetbggra rirelguvat nobhg ure yvsr naq oryvrirf fur vf npghnyyl gur zbz. Juvyr gur zbgure gevrf gb uryc ure qnhtugre erzrzore jub fur vf, gur qnhtugre (jub oryvrirf fur'f gur zbz) gevrf gb crefhnqr ure "qnhtugre" gb gnxr na bccbeghavgl naq sbyybj ure qernz. Va gur raq, vg vf erirnyrq gung gur qnhtugre snxrq gur nzarfvn va beqre gb pbaivapr ure zbgure gb gnxr bire ure yvsr naq n frpbaq punapr jvgubhg thvyg. Gurl cneg ng gur nvecbeg—gur zbgure (va gur qnhtugre'f obql) yrnirf gb chefhr ure qernzf va Ybaqba, juvyr gur qnhtugre (va gur zbz'f obql) ergheaf gb ure arj oblsevraq, n zna jub va ernyvgl vf gur ntr bs ure sngure.

From: guest (nixon) , 46 months, post #12
surprised this ones not easier to find

From: guest (jek) , 46 months, post #13
what do you mean by "her new boyfriend, a man who in reality is the age of her father." is the guy transformed too or just look really young

From: guest (Gnosis) , 46 months, post #14
Click to show spoiler
Fb onfvpnyyl, jura gur qnhtugre vf va ure zbgure'f obql, fur orsevraqf n zna nobhg ure sngure'f ntr, jub riraghnyyl snyyf va ybir jvgu ure. Fb jr unir na 18 lrne byq tvey va gur obql bs n jbzna va ure 40f qngvat n zna va uvf 50f.

From: guest (hey yo) , 46 months, post #15
@gnosis thanks for explaining the ending

From: Bodyswap1 , 46 months, post #16
Anywhere else to watch the first episode?

From: guest (Gnosis) , 46 months, post #17
(I really tried to find an eng subbed version but it's really hard to find. Meanwhile try with this one.)

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