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Just Genital Transformations
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From: guest (Dirk) , 100 months, post #81

This Story fits the criteria in the early chapters.

From: guest (Ed) , 99 months, post #82

this guys stuff falls into this category

From: guest (Dirk) , 98 months, post #83

Guy makes women prettier by deflowering them. His male friend experiences something similar. This story has a brief part where it fulfills this criteria.

From: guest (28) , 98 months, post #84
This new one looks very promising (gets a vagina).
Erectile Dysfunction by MindfulWriter

From: bob , 98 months, post #85
Ya'll gonna like this caption. I guarantee it.

From: guest (Thorn) , 95 months, post #86
This is sort of along these lines.

From: cj , 95 months, post #87
Not everyone is aware that 7chan is NSFW, so a mention of that is always appreciated.

From: guest (Dirk) , 95 months, post #88
This story was just mentioned by CJ in another thread. Figured it should go here too.

From: cj , 95 months, post #89
Indeed, Dirk. I actually mentioned it in post 43 (on page 3 of this thread)... but that's okay, it's been awhile. :-)

From: guest (Dirk) , 95 months, post #90
Now I feel silly. How did I miss that?

From: cj , 95 months, post #91
No worries, I had to check to see if I forgot to mention it here... besides, it was 45 posts and two pages back... buried in the middle of the thread.

Heck, Not that long ago in another board, I referred someone back to a previous page and post for the answer to their question... except it was from a different thread... in a different forum. At least it was to the same website. ~shrug~

From: guest (Draster) , 94 months, post #92

From: guest (zzz) , 94 months, post #93
Hey guys, I am looking for a very specific fetish, sadly it's really hard to find these kind of stories, maybe someone on here knows a few plots like this:

I am looking for tf plots, mostly college or late high school themed, where guys are (force) turned into girls and then being (date) raped during the plot by boys. Or just their male genital to vagina changed (by curse, magic or surgery) and they are being (date) raped by their former friends or other boys (maybe during a party), who think they are chicks.

The only stories in this genre I ever found were the great stories by Jaana.

In short: Boys becoming girls (or just getting a pussy) and being banged by boys during the plot.

From: guest (Dirk) , 93 months, post #94
To zzzz, theres a number of stories I already posted that fit this mold. Pass the Pussy, A small accident, Baby Baby, and A perfect fit are my favorites.

From: guest (Dirk) , 93 months, post #95
Zzz, do you have examples of this type of story that no one has mentioned yet?

From: guest (zzz) , 93 months, post #96
Thanks for the suggestions, Dirk. Sadly none of those stories fit into what I am looking for. I guess it's a bit hard to describe what I really am looking for but these things have to be included:

- the guy turning into a girl doesn't like what happened to him, he actually hates/fears it, this especially includes he doesn't get "turned", so he wont suddenly magically like to be a girl, I find these plots actually really boring and not logic. Sadly 99% of the plots are like this, especially on Amazon, mostly each gender swap story is willingly, I guess because of the rules of Amazon not allowing rape stories

- I mostly am looking for BDSM elements in the plot, including harsh/rough language, non willing sex scenes including blowjobs (with deep-throating, choking), gangbangs

The only, very very short part I enjoyed of all those stories you linked was in A Small Accident with that Mark guy, sadly the author totally ruined the story of my taste by not getting back to him. He build him up really nicely and then never used Mark anymore in the plot:

Oh God! It was Mark, this macho
asshole from down the hall. We ran with different crowds, so I
never really had that much contact with him, but his self-
proclaimed studliness was known throughout the dorms.
"Hey, hey, nothing man! That sweet smell was just so strong
that I could've sworn you had some pussy in there, and if you
did, I wanted some, that's all. See you, man."

This is actually in the style I am looking after. My dream plot mostly would play in college, with some straight alpha males, mostly in the football team, and one book worm, a nerd, getting turned into a girl and he has to find help to find out what happened to him, or even worse, he was forced into it, worst scenario actually by surgery, and then he would be raped by the jocks around college. Interesting scenarios would be for example a college party, lots of alpha males drunk, or looking to find themselves some stupid bitch they could band, then finding the very unlucky nerd and drugging him.

Like I said, sadly those plots seem to be very rare. I would still love to hear if someone knows a story like this.

From: guest (Dirk) , 93 months, post #97
So, just to be clear, you do have any examples of this type of story? You say rare, so I assume that means you've found at least a few.

From: guest (Ed) , 93 months, post #98

I mentioned this guys stuff earlier on the page. I think the bad Day stuff might work for you

From: guest (Dirk) , 93 months, post #99
Doh. Sorry. I didn't notice that.

From: guest (zzz) , 93 months, post #100
Sadly, no, that Bad Day story totally didn't work for me, and it was really weird btw. It was actually the complete opposite of what I said above. I don't have any concrete links I can link.

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