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From: guest (Anon 67e) , 116 months, post #41
Check out Season 4, episodes 6 and 7 of UK show 'Misfits'.

Episode summaries.
Episode 6.
Finn, Rudy, Jess and Alex go to one of Rudy's mate's, Richard Saunders, infamous wild house parties. Richard's power, combined with hallucinogenic drugs, causes him to materialize a giant killer rabbit with a golf club. As the gang enter the party, the number of people they have slept with appears on their forehead, with Finn proud of his "1" and Rudy anxious to find the right girl for his "100". Rudy meets Nadine at a wake elsewhere in the building and finds himself truly in love for the first time, but she leaves promptly at 11 o'clock and leaves Rudy feeling empty. The giant rabbit drags Jess down the basement and captures the rest of the gang one by one, leaving party guest Abbey - a soon-to-be member of the community service gang - to kill it. Alex reveals that a transgender man used a storm power to swap his vagina for Alex's penis.

Episode 7
Abbey wakes up at the community centre with a hangover and encounters a very anxious expectant mother, Tara, who uses her power to transfer the fetus to Abbey. Nadine turns up at the community centre much to Rudy's surprise and after a brief conversation and kiss between the two of them, she runs off once again. The gang follows, and discover that Nadine is a nun. Alex sets off on a mission to recover his missing penis after receiving information on its whereabouts and finds the transgender man who stole it. Devastated that the thief won't give him back his penis, Alex turns the gun on himself, until the thief guiltily returns it to him. Tara returns to the community centre to ask for her baby back and Abbey reluctantly agrees. Abbey reveals to the gang that she has no memory of who she is, having picked Abbey Smith as her name.

From: guest (solenthas) , 116 months, post #42
The Ol' Head-Swapping Trick by: Kayooger
Randal the Magnificent? by: Randal S.
Survivor by: Island Riter
Weird afternoon at the beach by: Louise Mercury
Genitals Only
Mutobus b:y Saxen Thud
Life by: Jillian
As most people know by: Jillian
Basic Woman by: Yoni ; not quite genitals only, but about the same
Borrowed Equipment by: Elrod W
Clean Underwear by: Lori
Vagina Man by: J.C. Arby
Bikes R Us by: J.C. Arby
Witch's Promise by: Adrienne Shaw
Reverse Universe by: Ender j ; everyone on the planet , alternate universe
Lower Half
Unexpected Outcome by: Jillian
Half and Half by: T.R. Sias
SRU: Hose by: WEKM
The Switch by: Kylie
A Leg Man by: JackHalf00
Breasts Only
Wishes Once Made by: Trainmaster
Closing Pandora's Box by: Stephanie j (full transformation in the very end)
The Entity by: Quicksilver ; several partial changes mostly between the same two people
headswap, waist down, genitals only
The Ring Incident by: MysticHobo ; several partial changes both mental and physical
Linked Fate by: Jennifer Morrell ; many partial changes between two people
It's Hard to be a Man by: Stephanie ; many partial changes but only affecting the main character
The Shapers Gift by Stephanie ; mostly body swaps but contains a partial swap from neck to mid thigh

From: cj , 116 months, post #43
Don't know if this one's been mentioned, but "My Ultimate Change Fantasy" by Miss Terri, starts with this type of swap.


From: guest (DirkWilson) , 115 months, post #44
Wow, lots of good stuff I've never seen before. Awesome, guys.

From: guest (unknown) , 115 months, post #45

An interesting fantasy about a guy that has his cock replaced with a dog's cock.

From: guest (DirkWilson) , 115 months, post #46

Second part of the "valentine's day experiment".

From: guest (Miss Pinky) , 115 months, post #47
I remember a fictionmania story where a boy gets cursed with a lower half of a sexy woman, and he can only wear sexy clothes.

Anyone else remember it? I can't find it.

From: guest (Brayn) , 115 months, post #48
Miss Pinky "A Leg Man" by JackHalf.

HE has a lot of stories around and he even has a few on as interactive these days. He's one of my favourite authors since he doesn't just do the whole "oh, I have a pussy, time to have sex" angle with his stories.

From: squidpowell , 115 months, post #49
what is JackHalf name on com?

From: squidpowell , 115 months, post #50
never mind I found him took me a while

From: guest (Jayzie) , 115 months, post #51
I just got done with the story "Gynamophisis," it was suggested in this thread somewhere. Generally it was very good, highly interesting. However, it ended on a very "feminazi" vibe. That kind of stuff rubs me the wrong way.

From: guest (Wichita) , 115 months, post #52
I think the "feminazi" bit at the end was a plot device to show how the title character had completely become a woman, in mind and spirit as well as body. She was so female that she despised men. (May we presume, even the man she used to be?)

From: guest (Jayzie) , 115 months, post #53
"She was so female that she despised men."? Really? The only women I've ever met who actually despised anyone were bitter, lonely, selfish people who'd push others into the dirt in pursuit of materialistic interests.

The plot device was an interesting way to show how the mental changes affected "him," but there have been better plot devices where the main character either started to feel attracted to guys or didn't express interest in men because he/she was still a "heterosexual male" in mind.

If you liked it that's cool, I just don't like it when people talk about "not bringing a male monkey into the world" and stuff like that. It doesn't rub me right.

From: Carlsbad , 114 months, post #54
I'm not sure whether this counts as "transformation" or not, but this story, "What a good boy" by Bailey Summers, seems to fit your criteria.

At the start of the story, the main character has an accident that wrecks his genitals, so he opts to use what's left to get genital reassignment surgery, giving him a vagina. What's interesting is that he still identifies as a boy over the course of the story; he just happens to be a boy with female anatomy between his legs. It's pretty heavy on the sex, especially lesbianism, but I really enjoyed reading it.

From: guest (Guest) , 113 months, post #55

From: cj , 113 months, post #56
Link in post #55 is to "Deepthroat Flip" by: Sukiaida -- rated XXX, so definitely NSFW... as if you'd read a FM story at work or with the kids anyhow.

From: guest (DirkWilson) , 111 months, post #57
Check this guy's work out.

From: guest (Guest) , 108 months, post #58
Here's a pretty good fic about a big burly guy who temporarily gets ladyparts. Gotta love magic.

He's still a strong guy, just one with a vagina. I prefer genital change stories that don't involve full feminization.

I liked it cos, even though it was heavy on the humiliation, the whole thing was still part of a consensual kink. Rated XX

From: guest (DirkWilson) , 107 months, post #59
Thank you for the recommendation, but the link doesn't seem to work. It opens a blank page. What's the name and author of the story?

From: nightmareman81 , 107 months, post #60
same here

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