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Just Genital Transformations
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From: guest (Dirk) , 48 months, post #441
Thanks, Lou. Another enjoyable story that fits the theme.

From: guest (anonymous) , 48 months, post #442
some genital swapping artwork

From: guest , 48 months, post #443
Many types of swaps, recent comic has some genital swaps.

From: guest (Ed) , 48 months, post #444
Found a new one, not sure if it was posted here before?

From: guest , 47 months, post #445 click on "Full view"

From: guest (HasBeen) , 47 months, post #446
Kinky Kuffs

From: guest , 47 months, post #447

From: guest (Steph) , 47 months, post #448
There’s a weird change in this one but a couple of changes that fit the topic.

From: guest (Saryk) , 47 months, post #449
Haven't seen this on here yet, was only posted up 4mths ago and nobody has added to but have considered writing some just 'cos is such a good prompt.

From: guest (Ed) , 47 months, post #450
This is one of my fav "branches"

Also another chapter of the cursed series from nifty was posted..

From: guest , 46 months, post #451
Looking for a story, maybe it was put up here somewhere, or maybe I saw it somewhere else... It’s about a son who gets cursed because of something his father did to a witch.

Basically the son gets transformed down there, but otherwise he’s exactly the same. He completely rejects any suggestion that he should try to live as a girl. He has to effectively then grow up as FTM.

From: guest (Parzival094) , 46 months, post #452
A gift for thomas

It was posted on the previous page by Ed

From: guest (Hobbitking) , 46 months, post #453
So what got people into this sort of transformation? For me I had a dream where I fell apart with a girl I liked from school and when we got put back together I had her genitals, since then I've always been curious about either being a girl or just having a vulva.

Though that's one aspect of it too, I've also been curious on what it would be like to have nothing, like a doll. I'm not sure where that part comes from. But during my teen years I didn't like my penis (also because of low testosterone, when I ejaculate it doesn't feel that nice). There's an acceptance now but I still think I would be fine being blank or having a vulva instead.

I often go for paths in interactive stories where someone loses their genitals through whatever means.

From: guest (Ace) , 46 months, post #454
I never really cared for my junk and when I got older I hated it when people expected things of my because of my genitals. Then I discover the mangina man who is a person who thought they were mtf trans and then detransitioned after surgery. At first I was really intrigued by them cause they had big muscles and a pussy, but then I started to realize that they have the body that I want. So finally 9 years later I started therapy and I have surgery scheduled for next June! So long story short: I like this stuff cause it brings me closer to my ideal body that I identify with.

From: guest , 46 months, post #455

The reason why you like it is because you have sexual desire. When you are castrated and you have no sexual desire, would you still like it?

From: guest (Ace) , 46 months, post #456

Let me explain myself better: I like the stories since they bring my closer to my ideal body, but me wanting a vagina is more than what I’m into, it’s my gender identity. I’m non-binary (I use he/him or they/them pronouns), which is an umbrella term for people that don’t identify as exclusively male or female, and there’s not really any specific word my my gender identity. A close one would be demiguy which means mostly/sometimes identifies as male, but I just use non-binary cause I don’t really care about gender, I just want to fix my dysphoria. (Just in case anyone doesn’t know: Dysphoria is a disconnected feeling between body and mind. You know what your body looks like, but you feel it like it should look another way)

Your concern was something I struggled with in the beginning, cause this is a serious surgery and I better want it even when I’m not turned on. At this point, I can comfortably say that I still want it regardless of sexual desire. Over time I have become more and more dysphoric each day that I tuck everything away every day with tape to help mitigate my dysphoria (at least until surgery).

Also on the point of sexual desire, I’m going to be taking testosterone after surgery so I will still have sexual desire. It’s not safe to have no hormones in your body for various reasons, and I don’t want and of the consequences of taking estrogen, so I’m just gonna go on T.

Let me know if anyone has any other questions! While I’m still a year out from surgery I have a couple of friends who have already gone through this and can provide some answers!

From: guest (Aud) , 46 months, post #457
I was born intersex and raised as male for the first half of my life because my genitals were much closer to male, albeit reduced in size and function. Around when puberty was supposed to set in, it was found that I had an androgen insensitivity and wouldn't properly develop into a man (voice deepened a little but never dropped, and I basically stayed androgynous), this combined with multiple health problems related to my genitals led to a course of counseling and treatment that led to me living as female instead, and culminated in getting SRS to give me a vagina a few years ago.

However, I never fully identified as female, and these days I see myself more as neutral but leaning increasingly more towards male. I can pass as a fairly androgynous young man, and now prefer to. Stories about guys with pussies make me feel better about myself, and seeing others enjoy them fills me with confidence about my body. I prefer when they're more grounded in reality for this reason.

From: guest (Aud) , 46 months, post #458
Also here's some interesting cyoc branches
This one's a surgical change even though it happens because of magic

And this one's bizarre and kind of gross but I want to see where it goes, haha

From: guest (Dirk) , 46 months, post #459
For me, it is a matter of it fulfilling certain aspects of what I like in a transformation erotica in a neat package.
I like it when a character has a change but they have to hide it. In this case it is a huge change that affects how they act and perceive themselves.
That's why I like stories like A Perfect Fit by Optimizer,
The Curse by Cheirron
or Pussy Destroyer by Lou Bealy
to name a few from the different types of transformations that I like.

From: guest (Thatoneguy) , 46 months, post #460
I’m the same as Dirk. I like the idea that the character has to hide their transformation. Sometimes I like when people just can’t perceive it. But most of the time I prefer stories where the main character has to hide it, it’s awkward. And I really love when it involves swapping body parts, especially between a couple.
While people can change their genitals, there’s no way to “magically” swap them between people. I like stories that are totally unrealistic in this way. The mismatch of body parts can be pretty hot. I have a ton of bookmarks if anyone is interested. Besides stuff people already posted. Very NSFW with pictures though.

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