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From: DirkWilson , 129 months, post #1
I was wondering if anyone else had this particular kink. I like it when a character swaps genders, but can hide it because only their genitals have changed. IN some cases, they gradually become more male or female, as the case may be. A few of my favorite examples are
A Perfect Fit by Optimizer
Allen's Technology by Joseph Martin
Baby Baby by g.p.
Role Over by Julia Manchester

Or there are maybe a story or two where the character has some other kind of genital change like to that of an animal, instead of the other sex like
The Curse by Cheirron

Does anyone else have any examples of this story element? Stories, movies, whatever?

From: guest (Mr Ed) , 129 months, post #2
Here's a trailer for a genital swap movie on YouTube. They don't swap genders however:

From: guest (Wichita) , 129 months, post #3
I am going to admit this has long been a fantasy of mine. I have fabtasized since my preteen years that somehow - magically, usually - I could have that most masculine part of me transformed into that most feminie part of a woman.

This is an area that REALLY separates the males from the females. There must be thousands of sites out there with "she-males" on them, from sites devoted to these people to sites that simply feature them as part of the offering. But sites with "he-females" are as scarce as hen's teeth. (Hell, they're so scarce I had to make up the name for them; I don't know if there even IS a term for the counterpart to a "she-male"!)

From: guest (Takanuva89) , 129 months, post #4

From: guest (Wichita) , 129 months, post #5
There was a story I read on a TG fiction website many (maybe 10) years ago... sorry, can't remember the title or even if it's still online.

In the story, the quarterback of a champion college football team rapes a studious, introverted coed. The guy goes on to play pro football and, some years later, his team looks like a cinch to play in the Super Bowl. The coed, however, goes on to be a nutritionist and DNA researcher, and is hired by the team to give the players (ahem) optimum nutrition. As you may guess, she has a very special diet and set of supplements in mind for the quarterback.

Click to show spoiler
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From: guest (DirkWilson) , 129 months, post #6
Wow, that trailer was really dumb. Good find, though!

From: guest (DirkWilson) , 129 months, post #7
I don't like the idea of EVERY man and woman changing, that makes it the new "normal". I like it where the characters hide it.

From: guest (DirkWilson) , 129 months, post #8
There is an author named pgfalcon who has been on a few sites that has a few stories in this vein. I think he has his own site, do a Google search. Chicken chicken is good, there were a couple others with titles I don't recall.

From: guest (DirkWilson) , 129 months, post #9
Another good one I forgot to mention is
A Small Accident by C. M. Ellis.

This is the story that probably started me off on this crazy fetish.

From: guest (Wichita) , 129 months, post #10
I don't think any discussion of this topic would be comp;ete without this:

In the November 1978 National Lampoon there was a short story written in first-person titled "My Penis", about a high school girl who wakes up one morning to discover she has a penis. The magazine followed it up in April 979 wh"My Vagina", this time about a high school boy who wakes up to discover he has a vagina.

Here are links to the stories:

Click to show spoiler
(Chevfgf zvtug bowrpg gb gur "Zl Intvan" fgbel orpnhfr gur obl nyfb qvfpbiref ure unf n cnve bs oernfgf. Yhpxl sbe uvz, gurl ner fznyy rabtu gung ur pna fgvyy cnff nf n thl, rira jura ur vf gbcyrff ng n fjvz zrrg.)

By the way, check this out:

From: guest (DirkWilson) , 129 months, post #11
I keep remembering good ones.
Batman Girlhood by Cooper

From: guest (Greatmousedetective) , 129 months, post #12
Check this out.

From: guest (Rick114) , 129 months, post #13
There's a movie called Willy/Milly, or called something special. In it, a girl does some kind of ritual or something, I don't remember, but she wakes up with a penis, and then decides to be a boy.

From: shadow4755 , 129 months, post #14
she does a ritual during a solar eclipse(apparently only time it will work) and wakes with her very own penis, strangely enough Seth Green's earliest work he plays her friend's weird younger brother Malcolm pretty lame movie actually but a good example of the topic

From: guest (DirkWilson) , 129 months, post #15
Yea, that movie is crappy, but interestingly, the girl that plays the main character did a bunch of voice work for characters such as Bobby hill, from King of the Hill, and some bit parts in shows like Rugrats, Oblongs, The HBO Spawn show, Dexter's Lab. Lots of stuff. She turned out to be pretty hot as an adult.

Anyways, I have been looking for an adult version of Willy/Milly for a long time...

From: guest (Jayzie) , 128 months, post #16
some very interesting stuff

From: guest (DirkWilson) , 128 months, post #17
I posted this in another thread, but I realized it would apply here, as well.

Girl Dick Movie

A girl mysteriously grows a penis. Tells girl friends at a slumber party. Not as exciting as it sounds. It does fit the topic, though.

From: guest (Dirkwilson) , 128 months, post #18
I posted a comment earlier while I was on my phone. I talked about the author pgfalcon. Here's his website.

His chicken chicken story is probably my favorite. But I like The Genie, Can't Take the Heat as well.

From: guest (Jayzie) , 128 months, post #19
"Becoming my Girlfriend" was one of my favorites. Mainly because of the way they executed the genital swap in the beginning. I also loved the bodily transformations later on in that story.

One of my fave tg's to date.

From: guest (DirkWilson) , 128 months, post #20
Double in trouble by Jennifer White

This is a good one. Guy is punished by his girl friend by switching his cock for her pussy.

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