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louis louise episodes
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From: guest (Deano) , 129 months, post #21
Don't be inhospitable, mesh. This thread started out about LouisLouise, then passed to Ele E Ela. No one complained then. So, why not go next to Argentina, especially when there is such super news to pass on? Karma, thanks for the tip. I didn't know about the newer "Lalola's" postings, until you mentioned them. If anyone on this thread cares, my search yesterday also turned up a huge number of the Peruvian version episodes, put up by someone called Eduardo. These are also without commercials and in better resolution than the original streaming was. I also wonder how these higher quality shows can be available unless there is an official tie-in.

But if official postings are coming out, why doesn't one of the dozen production companies with a Lalola post to YouTube with an English subtitled version? Since when has an English-world market become undesirable?

From: guest , 129 months, post #22
I just don't get how the Argentina and Peru Lalola are so readily available while it's so difficult to find Louislouise. Have people not seen the woman that played the Lola in Louislouise? She had one of the best figures and looks of the Lalolas.

From: guest (guest) , 129 months, post #23
a couple years ago I found a torrent that had all the LouisLouise episodes (expect for week 36) of varying video quality. It took me 2 weeks but I was able to download them.

From: guest , 129 months, post #24
2 weeks? Wow. Did you have dial up or just a really bad internet provider?

From: guest (mesh) , 129 months, post #25
I'm just going to go on a limb that it took 2 weeks because I doubt there is very many people seeding this show :)

From: guest (metafan) , 129 months, post #26
Louise is hot in that show... yum, especially in that bathtub scene

From: guest (guest) , 129 months, post #27
:::points at mesh and taps finger to nose:::::::

Like, 2 guys in Belgium seeding

From: guest (guest2) , 129 months, post #28
metafan are you thinking Margosha? That had the hottest bathtub scene.

From: guest , 129 months, post #29
I would call it a tie on that one. Louise probably looks the best in the bra in my opinion.

From: guest (mesh) , 129 months, post #30
Lets just face it, she had an extraordinary body for a show like this.

From: guest , 129 months, post #31
Amazing booty and hips too.

From: guest (Robbie) , 129 months, post #32
I'm partial to Blanca Lewin in Lola and then Margosha.

From: guest (Scipio) , 129 months, post #33
Post 22, that's a good question? Why are the Spanish versions of LLL much more readily available than some others, like LouisLouise? It might be that the Spanish versions have more fans promoting them. Many more people speak Spanish than speak Dutch (Flemish in Beligium). But this obscurity is the fault of the property holders. Where are the dubbed DVDs that would break the restrictions of language? That would benefit not only LouisLouise, but Philippines, Greece, and others. Russia would like to become a major world player in entertainment, so why not try for the English market with Margosha? I see that a net video seller in Australia (listed by ebay) sometimes has the DVDs of the Philippines version, but he doesn't say that there are subs. I asked him, but he didn't write back. There's probably none, but how many speak Tagalog in Australia?

From: guest (fictionist) , 128 months, post #34
so any recent developments?

From: guest (fantastico) , 128 months, post #35
Somebody who has this supposed bath tub scene please upload it :)

From: guest , 128 months, post #36
Good luck with that. But seriously, it's a lost cause. This Lalola is one of the hardest to find. It's probably up there with the Chile one.

From: guest (micki) , 128 months, post #37
The oft-overlooked Vietnamese Lalola is remarkably good, too. Very pretty girl, good production values. After becoming acclimated to her new body, wears very short business skirts in many episodes. Once completely available on Dailymotion until rights-holders struck it down. One scene I fondly recall was Lalola, warming to the idea of a boyfriend, daydreams a fantasy wedding sequence while laid up with her leg injury. In the scene she's in a beautiful bridal gown and the 'nice guy' from the office, clad in a tux, sweeps her off her feet and they embrace and kiss until she snaps out of her reverie. Interesting views of a very modern-day Vietnam (Hanoi?), too.

From: guest (guest) , 128 months, post #38
Every episode of the Vietnamese Lalola is on youtube : )

From: guest (micki) , 128 months, post #39
I'm sorry, last time I checked it wasn't. My bad. Highly recommended, though.

From: guest (micki) , 128 months, post #40
No, all I'm seeing is the Phillipines Lalola. Do you have a (ahem) link to the Vietnamese Lalola?

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