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Lots of recent comics have potential TG.
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From: guest (guest) , 65 months, post #141
kissing hamster.

From: guest (TLo) , 65 months, post #142
Just a heads up to everyone, this Wednesday, December 5, DC are launching issue 1 of a new Martian Manhunter series.

Will run for 12 issues, so hopefully, we'll get some TG.

From: guest (troll) , 65 months, post #143
don't expect good TG.
martian has a lot of powers plus shapeshift power.
When comics feature martian, writer doesn't see it shape-shifter xharacter. just green alien.
There are lots of comics of MM.
But there are few nice TG scene.

From: rugal , 65 months, post #144
I'm sure there'll be one but it won't be all that interesting and we'll get mostly him in his male human guise. Then again this one is focused on a him being a detective so who knows?

From: guest (Pappelmousse) , 65 months, post #145
The new comic DIE seems to have TG in it. Good comic too.

From: guest , 65 months, post #146
not sure about the TG

the art is beautiful, but not Amanda Connor's clear

From: guest (Pappelmousse) , 65 months, post #147
Its not immediately obvious - -but im pretty sure the tg is there.
Click to show spoiler
Gur yrnq znyr cebgntbavfg punenpgre perngrf n srznyr punenpgre sbe gur tnzr naq jura gurl nccrne va gur tnzr jbeyq ng gur raq - vg pregnvayl nccrnef gung ur vf abj srznyr. Abg rkcyvpvgyl fnvq lrg -- jvyy unir gb jnvg sbe rcvfbqr 2

From: rugal , 64 months, post #148
From Marvel's march solicitations there's going to be a 5 issue miniseries called Meet the Skrulls about a group of Skrulls posing as a normal suburban family setting up for an invasion of Earth.

From: Random , 64 months, post #149
Sounds interesting. And looking at the solicited front cover it appears that the mother seems to be a male Skrull(although the one daughter appears to be a female Skrull). Hard to tell with the broken picture shards, but that's what it appears like to me.

From: Random , 64 months, post #150
The next issue of Grimm Tales of Terror(#11, releases in January) is about skinwalkers. May or may not have anything in it. Although, the cover(shown here ) does show a female skin.

From: guest (the searcher) , 64 months, post #151
Shuri, the black panther's sister, astral projects into Groot in the latest issue of her new comic book that came out last week (#3). So female/male tree swap in the whole issue. I am assuming Groot is a male but as a tree type creature who knows for sure. Rocket assumes so and i defer to his knowledge on that subject! ;)

From: Alias , 63 months, post #152
Regarding Grimm Tales of Terror #11
Click to show spoiler
Nfvqr sebz gur pbire, gurer'f ab GT va gur pbzvp, gubhtu vg pbhyq or vzcyvrq gung bar bs gur xvyyre'f ivpgvzf jnf n jbzna naq ure fxva zvtug unir orra jbea ol gur xvyyre, ohg vg'f arire npghnyyl fubja.

From: guest (Troll) , 63 months, post #153
Detective comics 997
Monster made clay copy of allies of batman.
This consists some woman.

From: guest (Troll) , 63 months, post #154
Deadman Logan #3
Click to show spoiler
Zlfgrevb hfrq fbzr vyyhfvba juvpu vapyhqr fbzr jbzna

From: Random , 63 months, post #155
Deadman Logan #4

Click to show spoiler
Zlfgrevb oevrsyl hfrf vyyhfvbaf gb nccrne nf Wrna Terl(bar cnary) naq Whovyrr(n pbhcyr bs cnaryf). Qbar zber sbe ynhtuf.

From: rugal , 62 months, post #156
So according to Marvel's solitications for May, it looks like we're getting a Peter Parker/Kamala Khan body swap. That said, given it's happening in the relaunched Marvel Team-Up it'll probably only be a one issue thing but there you go.


Looks like trouble for our hero, Spider-Man, also known as Kamala Khan. Er...wait. We mean Ms. Marvel, also known as Peter Parker. Dang, that’s not right either. Peter Khan? Kamala Parker? Well, whoever it is, this duo isn’t feeling so dynamic at the moment, and they need to work it out fast.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

From: guest (Guest2) , 62 months, post #157
@rugal. It may be just a power swap.

From: guest (Bla) , 62 months, post #158
According to this site, it sounds more like a body swap:

“When asked about their similarities and differences, Ewing said, "I love that they're both hometown heroes—people who are deeply rooted in where they're from. For this story, their age difference and cultural differences are going to matter a bit. Pete was definitely very similar to Kamala once upon a time, but now he's, you know, a grown dude. His situation with Kamala is going to force him to put himself in the mind of a teen again in some unexpected ways, and Kamala is going to have to get into the head of an adult who has been in the game a lot longer than she has."

From: rugal , 62 months, post #159
That also makes it sound like it might not just be a one-off and we might have an arc centered around a Spidey/Kamala body swap.

From: Random , 62 months, post #160
Looking at the solicitation for issue #1, I'm guessing the actual swap is going to happen there. There's no indication of how long the story arc will last though.

"After a science demonstration at Empire State University goes awry, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man find themselves tangled up in the same chaotic adventure. Is it destiny? Or disaster?!"

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