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Lots of recent comics have potential TG.
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From: Random , 75 months, post #101
Actually, Spider-Man/Deadpool #26 will be an Old Man Spidey/Old Man Deadpool story. #27 will be continuing the Chameleon storyline. Although, if they're tying things together you never know.

From: guest (Kara) , 75 months, post #102
Starting with #2 of Go Go Power Rangers, Rita has sent a shapeshifting Putty Infiltrator to ferret out the Ranger's secret identities (this is shortly after they first became Rangers). It spends the last panel of #2 and all of #3 as a sexy seductress and in later issues takes the form of Kimberly's new BF, Matt.

Also, in #5 Rita tries to get Matt to betray the Rangers' secrets by appearing to him as Kimberly (illusion/mental control).

From: guest (Troll) , 74 months, post #103
Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #3
Maybe Shapeshifter?

From: DaveS , 74 months, post #104
I can probably confirm that Miss Pequod in Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands is a shapeshifter. She appears to be a...Click to show spoiler
benatr fxvaarq Qheyna. Fur unq n oybaqr, Pnhpnfvna nccrnenapr va Vffhr 1, vf va na Nsevpna-Nzrevpna srznyr sbez va Vffhr 2 naq gura gur oevrs punatrf sebz oybaqr gb Nfvna gb Qheyna naq onpx va Vffhr 3.

From: DaveS , 74 months, post #105
Another thing I noticed in Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #3... something only mentioned but could be a thing visually in later issues:Click to show spoiler
Bar bs gur fhccbeg punenpgref, Hfntv, nccrnef gb or na byqre Nfvna zna. Va guvf vffhr, ur'f qebccrq n uvag gung ur vf na nyvra naq zragvbaf gung ur'f traqre-syhvq. Ur hfrq gb qngr Qravfr, n lbhatvfu cbyvpr qrgrpgvir juvyr hfvat gur anzr Nxnar. Bqqf ner ur'f n funcrfuvsgre (nabgure Qheyna?) nf jryy.
From: guest (Boston Brand) , 74 months, post #106
Hey there!

There's a special Harley Quinn out now that features some TG.

Harley Quinn: Be careful what you wish for.

Harley finds a genie's bottle and thus, gets wishes that play out. At one point, she wishes for her dream partner, a male version of herself.

From: guest (troll) , 72 months, post #107
doctor strange issue
Devil captain marvsl took form of clea(strange's lover)

From: guest (Troll) , 72 months, post #108
Green lantern 43
Durlan used faces of some female character.

From: guest (Boston Brand) , 72 months, post #109
Batman issues 41-43

Poison Ivy has taken control of almost everyone on the planet. Able to control their bodies and speak as them. Uses Superman, Flash, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Alfred and an assortment of characters in a double page spread.

Up to Batman and Catwoman to stop her.

From: Alias , 72 months, post #110
Troll, could you be a little more specific with those entries? Like the issue #s and which series? There's only like a hundred Green Lantern series out there.

From: Abhothoh , 72 months, post #111
i can probably answer that. Comic is called Green Lanterns #43 and the Doctor Strange (2015) #387

From: guest , 72 months, post #112
one of my biggest pet peeves on this site is the fact that complete information is not given by so many, things as simple as 2017 Green Lantern comic book issue number...

seriously, you came to this site to drop information why leave incomplete information? Its like going on a vacation to Disneyland then not getting out of the car when you get there.

From: DaveS , 71 months, post #113
The final issue of DC's "Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands" (Issue #6) has two minor off-screen TG moments involving the two shapeshifter characters...Click to show spoiler
Hfntv, gur nyvra funcrfuvsgre jub urycf Oynpx Yvtugavat jvgu uvf grpu rdhvczrag, unq fnvq va na rneyvre vffhr gung ur jnf "traqre syhvq." Ur abeznyyl nccrnef nf n byqre Wncnarfr-Nzrevpna zna, ohg nsgre Gbovnf Junyr vf qrsrngrq, Hfntv vf va gur sbez bs n oybaqr-unverq tvey jvgu inthryl Nfvna srngherf, jrnevat n srznyr irefvba bs Oynpx Yvtugavat'f fcnaqrk fhvg. Guvf irefvba bs Hfntv bayl nccrnef va n srj cnaryf ba bar cntr. Gur raq bs gur vffhr cebivqrf dhvgr gur xvpxre gb gur raq bs gur frevrf. Jura thneqf va gur znkvzhz frphevgl cevfba pbzr gb gnxr Gbovnf Junyr bhg sbe qnvyl rkrepvfr, gurl vafgrnq svaq n oybaqr-unverq jbzna - Junyr'f frpergnel, Zf. Crdhbq, n xabja Qheyna funcrfuvsgre - jrnevat Junyr'f abj birefvmrq cevfba whzcfhvg. Ng fbzr cbvag qhevat be nsgre Junyr'f pncgher, Crdhbq hfrq ure novyvgl gb ercynpr ure obff.

From: guest (troll) , 67 months, post #114
plastic man #3

From: guest (CopyKen) , 67 months, post #115
@guest (troll)
That was very good. Thank you!!

From: Random , 67 months, post #116
Not a recent comic(or a comic even), but an old comic related trading card -

2014 Upper Deck Legendary Marvel Chameleon

Now if someone could write some fanfic based on the image.:)

From: guest (Guest2) , 67 months, post #117
Wow! Chameleon could really pulled off being Black Cat with that kind of bodysuit? Imagine that to the upcoming Spiderman Homecoming sequel.

From: rugal , 67 months, post #118
Ah Chameleon, ever since they went back to masks during the Brand New Day era they can never seem to decide on whether or not he's just using masks or shapeshifting and it seems to change any time he shows up.

From: Random , 67 months, post #119
An unfortunate consequence of the Joe Quesada/Axel Alonso mantra of "It just happened. We don't have to explain." where continuity was often thrown out of the window. It also doesn't help that they're also trying to fit any changes introduced in the movies/other media into the comics.

From: guest (Troll) , 67 months, post #120
Weapon H #6
2 Aliens took form of children to escape from Hulkverine.
Brief TF.

Weapon X #22
Mystique took form of blonde woman to infiltrate.

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