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Lots of recent comics have potential TG.
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From: guest (troll) , 123 months, post #41
All new x-men #26 ~ 27
In #26 issue, Laura(X-23) was attacked by who looks like young scott.
Click to show spoiler
Va #27 vffhr, vawherq ynehn jnf nyfb funcr-fuvsgre. Vg jnf eriryrq gung ur jnf Enmr Qnexubyzr. Va guvf vffhr, Ur hfrq sbez bs K-23 naq lbhat fpbgg gb qvfgenpg k-zra.

From: guest (troll) , 123 months, post #42
X men - No more humans (2014)
Raze Darkholme infiltrated Elliott bay and took form of doctor sale to pass security procedures. However, he failed to pass and was captured.
In cell, he took form of one male soldier and blonde girl.
I think it's hommage of mystique in X-men : The Last Stand.

From: guest (troll) , 122 months, post #43
The Wake #2~3 (2013~)
It's about the aquatic monster look like mermaid which can split chemicals that makes human see elaborate hallucination.
The monster took form of a naked woman to manipulate man to escape cell and it took form of main character's son. (#2)
The monster took form of female main character to approach male character.

From: guest (Kara) , 121 months, post #44
Dream Police 03

As established in the first issue, one of the races inhabiting the Dreamscape is the shapeshifting Changeling who play various roles in dreams as needed. They often take the forms of loved ones both male and female and appear to be genderless themselves.

However, another race of shifters are called Echoes but generally they can only become the mirror image of the dreamer. One in particular (who looks VERY male) has "formjacked" a dreamer's appearance on numerous occasions and walked through the Dreamscape in their identity after the actual dreamer woke up. One of these dreamers is a pretty woman in a dress.

Later, he and another Shifter appear as women in a lineup as they cycle through recent forms.

Expect a lot of transformations in this series as Shifters have key roles as "actors" in the creation of dreams (similar to Ariel's in the 1998 Fantasy Island).

From: guest (troll) , 121 months, post #45
Some TG

Green Lanterns corps # 33
Click to show spoiler
Vg vf erirnyrq gung Sngnyvgl jnf ercynprq ol Qheyna. .

Justice League United #3
A alien took form of Supergirl briefly. It lasts 1 scene.

From: guest (troll) , 119 months, post #46
Batman #34
Batman disguises female doctor with digital mask.
It lasts 2 pages.

From: guest , 119 months, post #47
is there a list of possession comic book thread thank you

From: Random , 114 months, post #48
Very minor thing in Spider-Man and the X-Men #2.

At the end of the issue, Storm arrives in the Blackbird to pick up Spider-Man and the Jean Grey students.

Click to show spoiler
Vg gheaf bhg gung guvf Fgbez vf ernyyl Gur Punzryrba, urer gb pncgher Fcvqre-Zna gb gnxr gb Zbwb(gur snpg gung gurer'f K-Zra jvgu uvz orpbzrf na nqqrq obahf).

The scene in the comic is literally a tiny panel within a slightly larger panel, so I'm not sure if it's worth an actual entry in the main list.

From: Random , 102 months, post #49
Something possible coming up. The upcoming issue of the DC Comics Digital First series Wonder Woman '77(comic based on the Linda Carter show) for Feb 1 is titled "Claymates", the first half of a two-parter short where, according to the solicit:

"Clayface finds himself crumbling and drying up, he seeks a cure by any means necessary! Can Wonder Woman stop him before he enslaves Paradise Island?"

The print version of the story will be released on March 30, in the "Wonder Woman '77 Special #3"

The digital version will be available Feb 1.
Comixology link to Wonder Woman '77 #14

From: guest (ren) , 102 months, post #50
could u please provide link for these references ?

thank u

From: Random , 102 months, post #51
A few preview pages are up. No TG transformations, but there are a couple of animal transformations.

Preview pages of Wonder Woman '77 #14

From: DaveS , 102 months, post #52
Bought Wonder Woman '77 #14 in digital format on today. It's a two-part story with the TG at the end of the first part (continuing in #15).
Click to show spoiler
Pynlsnpr vf snyyvat ncneg, fb ur vf nsgre gur zntvp pynl gung znqr Jbaqre Jbzna. Hayvxr Jbaqre Jbzna Iby. 2 #160 , ur qbrfa'g jnag vg sebz Jbaqre Jbzna ohg sebz Cnenqvfr Vfynaq vgfrys. Nsgre farnxvat bagb gur Vaivfvoyr Wrg, ur vf noyr gb ryhqr pncgher ol Jbaqre Jbzna naq fgrc bagb gur vfynaq, qrfcvgr Qvnan'f orfg nggrzcg. Pynlsnpr gura hfrf gur zntvp pynl gb ghea uvzfrys vagb abg whfg bar, ohg nobhg n qbmra pynl Nznmba jneevbef ernql gb svtug Qvnan.

From: Random , 101 months, post #53
Wonder Woman '77 #15 is out today. You can see some images of Clayface as a group of Amazons in the preview pictures on the Comixology page(in the little "See what's inside" link).

Comixology page for Wonder Woman '77 #15

From: guest (Troll) , 97 months, post #54
In latest issue of detective comics, clayface is new ally of batman family.
In later issue, we may see some transformation.

From: Shapeshifterry , 97 months, post #55
In which comic and in what number appears Clayface? (It's especially) there are transformations TG MTF?

From: guest (mad0charles) , 97 months, post #56
It's Detective Comics #934 that Clayface joins Batman and Batwoman's group. I haven't read the issue so I'm not sure what transformations, if any, happen.

However I do know that #935 is going to be released June 22 of this year.

From: Random , 97 months, post #57
There is no transformations in Detective #934. It's pretty much all setup of the new status quo. But, the series is biweekly now, so maybe there will be something with Clayface.

From: Random , 95 months, post #58
Preview of a new comic coming in September. I don't think it's been mentioned yet. It's called Alters, and according to the solicit it will feature a TG superhero.

Preview of Alters #1

From: guest (guessed) , 94 months, post #59
Alters is out this month. The heroine is, indeed, trans. The artwork is pretty good. The plot is another riff on "what if superheroes and super villains suddenly appeared in the really world". I rate it 7 for 10 -- points deducted for the QUANTUM MECHANICS = MAGIC gibberish from the exposition-spouting science guy.

There is also a trans character in Wacky Raceland. So far she hasn't done much but endure cis-sexist and trans-misogynistic comments from Dick Dastardly. The comic devoted the first two issues to back stories on Dastardly and Penelope Pitstop. I'll be surprised if she is ever more than a foil for Dastardly. I'll be surprised if she isn't killed off even before the title is cancelled.

From: guest (troll) , 94 months, post #60
So is there any TG scene?

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