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Lots of recent comics have potential TG.
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From: Random , 126 months, post #21
In the upcoming series Loki: Agent of Asgard there will be some occasions where he becomes a woman.

Loki will be bisexual, occasionally a woman in �Agent of Asgard�

From: guest (Kara) , 126 months, post #22
This is nothing new for the mythological character who has always been bisexual and even cross-speciel (?) but I'm glad they're playing up the angle. I think Malekith was the last character Marvel represented in this manner.

From: guest , 126 months, post #23
thank you for all the leads in comic world guys

From: guest (troll) , 126 months, post #24
Stupid clayface. ***** clayface.
He apeeared in JLA #11 and rogues rebellion #4.
Only thing he show is shifting into bull... So, there is no TF in JLA #11 and rogues rebellion #4.

Also there is no special TF in green lantern #27, Green lantern corps #27.
Yeah, there is one TF in green lantern #27.
Click to show spoiler
Bar qheyna gbbx sbez bs Uny wbeqna naq vg fcbxr gb rirelbar gung Terra ynagrea vf rarzl bs havirefr.

Why comics writer doesn't want to show us TF? Sigh...

From: Random , 125 months, post #25
According to the preview of next weeks Guardians of the Galaxy
Preview of Guardians of the Galaxy #11
the Gamora who shows up is not Gamora at all. Whether it is TG or not will have to wait for the issue to actually come out.

From: guest (troll) , 125 months, post #26
1. Guardians of the Galaxy #11
Click to show spoiler
N fxehyy obhagl uhagre qvfthvfrq vagb Tnzben (terra srznyr nyvra jub ybbxf yvxr uhzna). naq vg qrprvirq wnfba. Gura vg jnf xvyyrq ol erny Tnzben.

From: guest (troll) , 125 months, post #27
Nightwing #28
A shapeshifter took form of batgirl. 2 scene.

From: Random , 125 months, post #28
Also, in Constantine #11

Click to show spoiler
Avpx Arpeb vf cergraqvat gb or Avtugzner Ahefr sbe n srj cntrf.

From: DaveS , 124 months, post #29
They said Loki in Loki: Agent of Asgard might sometimes disguise himself as a woman... we get the first (of hopefully several times) in Issue #2...

Click to show spoiler
Gevkvr, n srznyr unpxre gur tbqqrff Yberyrv uverq gb uryc chyy n pnfvab urvfg va Zbagr Pneyb, gheaf bhg gb unir orra Ybxv nyy nybat. Gubhtu "Gevkvr'f" nccrnenapr va gur pbzvp vf whfg srj cntrf, vg gheaf bhg gung "fur" unq orra jbexvat jvgu Yberyrv sbe frireny jrrxf gb cyna gur urvfg. Gur snpg gung Ybxv jnf va n srznyr thvfr sbe gung ybat fhecevfrf Yberyrv. Ba nabgure vagrerfgvat abgr, Ybxv gryyf Irevgl, n uhzna jbzna ur zrrgf ba n fcrrq qngr, gung vs ur unq pnfg na vyyhfvba gb qvfthvfr uvzfrys, vg jbhyq unir "ernpgrq" jvgu vyyhfvbaf Yberyrv pnfg ba gur urvfg, gvccvat ure bss gb uvf vqragvgl. Fb ur vf "nyjnlf uvzfrys"... rira jura funcr-fuvsgrq vagb n jbzna.

From: Random , 124 months, post #30
In Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9 there's a quick one page scene of the Chameleon switching his head between a man and woman declaring their love of each other, much to the horror of his henchman.

From: guest (Kara) , 124 months, post #31
Yeah, I submitted that one but forgot this thread existed. I LOVED that scene.

From: guest (CheapassComicfan) , 124 months, post #32
Is he trying to seduce Power Man? How does White Tiger fit in? I need to start reading this instead of comments in forums lol

From: rugal , 124 months, post #33
Are you thinking of Might Avengers? It and Superior Foes are two vastly different comics. Superior Foes is a a crime-comedy book starring a bunch of C-list Spider-Man villains (Boomerang, Shocker, Speed Demon, Overdrive, and the current Beetle who's the daughter of Tombstone).

Chameleon's a fairly important part of the book as, essentially, a mob boss that Boomerang is stringing along and playing him and the Owel against each other to try and get out of a situation he put himself in in the first place.

It's my favorite comic right now.

From: Random , 124 months, post #34
I thought this was mentioned earlier in the thread, but I don't see it. The next issue of the Samurai Jack comic will have the Scotsman becoming a woman. I think Jack also gets TGed in the issue, but it wasn't in the preview.

Preview of Samurai Jack #6

From: guest (troll) , 123 months, post #35
Amazing X-men #6
Mystique disguise into blonde waitress to infiltrate.
4 Scene lasts.

From: Random , 122 months, post #36
In Dream Police #1 there's one minor scene where a changeling dream actor becomes the dream girlfriend of some random dreamer(he was previously a cat for another dreamer).

There's also a bit at the end whereClick to show spoiler
Guhefqnl'f cnegare Senax fgnegf gb srry vyy naq jura gur cnegare pbzrf onpx vg vf abj n jbzna anzrq Xngvr. Ohg, vg vf zber yvxryl gung Senax unf orra fvzcyl ercynprq nf bccbfrq gb genafsbezrq.

From: guest (Kara) , 122 months, post #37
In He-Man & The MOTU #12, Adora meets an elderly woman on the way home who is actually
Click to show spoiler
Xvat Uffff.

From: Random , 122 months, post #38
At the end of All-New X-Men #26 the future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were attacking, and Raze had already infiltrated the school.

I'm speculating that in #27 we'll find out that he's impersonating Kitty again(she's acting a bit oddly when she tried to pull Warren out of the room). Of course, this is all guesswork with no basis in fact. #27 is out on the 14th.

From: DaveS , 122 months, post #39
@Random I re-read #26 and I definitely think you might be on to something.Click to show spoiler
Gur grafr rkpunatr orgjrra Xvggl & Fpbgg nsgre uvf pung jvgu (cnfg) Wrna frrzrq gb or fbzrguvat gur erny Xvggl jbhyq qb naljnl. Ohg vg nqqf na rkgen ynlre bs pbagrkg vs Xvggl vf ernyyl Enmr, naq ur vf va nal jnl vaibyirq jvgu (shgher!) Wrna, jub vf frra jvgu gur erfg bs gur Oebgureubbq ng gur raq...

From: Random , 122 months, post #40
Click to show spoiler
V guvax gur Xvggl jub gnyxrq gb Fpbgg jnf gur erny qrny. Ohg V guvax gur Xvggl ng gur raq jnfa'g ure(jvgu gur 'Znlor gung'f jul fur yrsg' naq 'Tb svaq ure ABJ!' fghss). Nyfb, gur Xvggl gnyxvat gb Fpbgg unq oebja rlrf(xvaqn uneq gb frr) naq gur Xvggl ng gur raq unq terra rlrf. Znl whfg or n pbybhevat reebe, ohg znlor vg vf fvtavsvpnag.

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