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Lots of recent comics have potential TG.
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From: guest (troll) , 34 months, post #261
The united state of captain America 4
The hate monger briefly take form of peggy carter.

From: guest (troll) , 32 months, post #262
Lobo vs superman #1

Lobo make shapeshifting robots take form of human woman.

From: guest (troll) , 30 months, post #263
Spider woman recent issue

Click to show spoiler
Fxehyy dhrra Irenaxr vf nyvir naq cynaavat gb nggnpx Fcvqre jbzna

From: guest (troll) , 29 months, post #264
Secret Invasion event again
In Marvel's comics, shapeshifting ailens will invade the earth again.

From: rugal , 29 months, post #265
A new X-Men series starting in April called Legion of X is going to have a new villain called Skinjacker who's described as "possessing innocent mutants" and "stealing their identities" so hopefully we get some kind of TG content from that.

From: guest (troll) , 24 months, post #266

From: guest , 24 months, post #267
Bump for that, because I'm no longer watching new X-Men anymore since Dark Phoenix

From: Random , 24 months, post #268
Nothing so far in the three issues of Legion of X that have come out. And the Secret Invasion book that was supposed to come out was delayed(most likely to come out closer to when the Disney+ show hits).

Something that may have potential is Young Justice: Targets, based on the show and written by the show runner. In the first issue Queen Perdita is kidnapped, and in the solict for the third issue she is rescued, but it might not be the real Perdita. The second issue solicit mentions the Infinitators(Infinity, Inc) and that they may not be trusted, so it's possible that Everyman will be impersonating the rescued Queen.
The first issue comes out near the end of the month, but the series is also appearing digital first.

From: guest (troll) , 24 months, post #269
Young justice target 2 out
It seems like random's guess is right.

From: guest , 24 months, post #270

From: guest (troll) , 24 months, post #271
Target #2 director's cut is out on the pirate site.
Digital version can only be watched via buying it on official digital store.

From: guest (troll) , 23 months, post #272
Young justice: target #3
No transformation scean but it's suggsted everyman take a form of princess to impersonare her.

From: guest (troll) , 21 months, post #273
Strange #6
A character continuously change her appearance as another woman.

From: guest (teoll) , 21 months, post #274
Batman vs robin #2
Brief FTF

From: guest (teoll) , 21 months, post #275
Batman vs robin #2
Brief FTF

From: Random , 21 months, post #276
Edge of Spider-Verse #5

Web-weaver fights The Chameleon(who in this reality is apparently female, per the dialogue). Chameleon impersonates Janet Van Dyne, and Millie the Model, so FTF.

From: Random , 20 months, post #277
Just a mention that the first issue of Marvel's new Secret Invasion mini-series will be releasing on Wednesday, so there's the possibility of some transformations.

From: Random , 19 months, post #278
The second issue of Secret Invasion just came out.

Click to show spoiler
Vg vf erirnyrq gung Oynpx Jvqbj vf n Fxehyy, ohg gur raq nyfb erirnyf gung Veba Zna vf nyfb n Fxehyy, fb vg vf haxabja vs gur znyr Fxehyy va gur svefg vffhr jnf Jvqbj be abg nf jr qba'g frr ure va ure bevtvany sbez.

From: guest (troll) , 18 months, post #279
The dark nights of steel
As far issue 9 reveal there is a shapeshifter
Issue 2,3,8 Can be mtf shapeshifting scene

From: DaveS , 17 months, post #280
Harley Quinn the Animated Series: The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham Special #1 (2022)

Two of the short stories in the issue, "Identity Crisis" and "Showtime!" have some bits with Clayface:

Click to show spoiler
Ng gur raq bs Vqragvgl Pevfvf, Pynlsnpr oevrsyl zvzvpf Oneonen Tbeqba jura n ivyynva "Gur Pnyphyngbe" vf nobhg gb erirny Ongtvey'f frperg vqragvgl. Va "Fubjgvzr!" vg'f abg rknpgyl GT cre fr (ncneg sebz n zbagntr ba gur svefg cntr nobhg n bar-zna rafrzoyr fubj jurer Pynlsnpr cynlf nyy gur cnegf) , ohg n ergryyvat bs gur perngvba bs "Naavr", bevtvanyyl sebz gur Ongzna: Gur Navzngrq Frevrf. Gur Uneyrl-irefr irefvba bs Naavr jnf nyfb fcyvg bss sebz Pynlsnpr, ohg gura sbetbggra nobhg. Fur qrirybcrq ure bja crefbanyvgl, naq va guvf pbzvp Pynlsnpr qbrf abg ervagrtengr ure onpx vagb uvzfrys nsgre fur rkcynvaf ubj fur unf orpbzr ure bja crefba.

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