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Lots of recent comics have potential TG.
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From: guest (troll) , 133 months, post #1
Well. There are a lot of comics some comics have potential TG.

1. Avengers #15
Some skrull (Shape shifting alien) infiltrated into earth.
It doesn't look like huge invading, But some preview said Skrull will be quite important in future issue.

2. Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1
Chameleon appeared. He changed his face without any device.
Some of other issue suggest that chameleon appear more.

3. X-men issue
Shape shifter mystique already appeared several times and she'll appear in some future issue
Related comics : All-New X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men
And other shape shifter Benjamin Deeds appeared Uncanny X-Men and I think he will show his ability in the future issue.

4. Green Lantern Corps #21
Durlans (shape shifting ailen) appeared. This issue suggest they will be main Villains in future issue.

From: guest (troll) , 132 months, post #2

1. Batman Dark Knight #22
Clayface appeared. There are several TF (MTM, MTF)
Click to show spoiler
Pynlsnpr gnxr nccrenapr bs Angnyln Gehfrivpu jub vf qrnq naq tveysevraq bs oehpr jnlar naq nyfb gnxr nccrenapr bs Tbeqba naq n jbzna.

2. Green lantern Corps #23
Potential TG.
Click to show spoiler
Va #21 vffhr. Sngnyvgl vf pncgherq ol Qheynaf (Funcrfuvsgvat nvyra) naq Wbua qba'g xabj gung snpg. Gurer vf uvtu cbgragvny GS qheynaf qvfthvfr gb Sngnyvgl.

3. Uncanny X-men #9
Click to show spoiler
Qnmmyre vf ercynprq ol zlfgvdhr.

From: guest (Bad eyesight) , 132 months, post #3
I keep reading that as Durians and wondering why the smell doesn't give them away.

From: guest (troll) , 129 months, post #4
1. Justice league # 23
Martian manhunter take appearance of mera(Aquaman's wife) to distract Aquaman.
It lasts 2 pages.

There is some comics potential TG.
This issues feature Clayface. There is some potential TG.
Also In issue #25, it's supposed that Black canary helps batman.
I hope Clayface takes form of Black canary.

From: Random , 129 months, post #5
X-Men #6
Click to show spoiler
Gheaf bhg gung shgher Xvggl Celqr vf npghnyyl gur fba bs Jbyirevar naq Zlfgvdhr. Cbgragvny fghss vf gung ur'f vzcrefbangvat Cflybpxr, jub fghzoyrq bhg ng gur raq bs gur vffhr nsgre fgnlvat oruvaq gb gnxr ba gur snyfr shgher K-Zra ba ure bja. Pbagvahrf va Hapnaal K-Zra #13

From: Random , 129 months, post #6
From the Uncanny X-Men #13 preview:

CBR Uncanny X-Men #13 preview page 5

From: guest (troll) , 129 months, post #7
Justice league dark #24
After battle between heroes and villains, only John constantine escaped from villains.
He meet his unconscious projection of other team member, especially he talk with zatanna a lot of time.
Click to show spoiler
Npghnyyl, Mngnaan vf Nfn ( avtugzner ahefr).
Good Quality.

And there is no TG in batman : dark night #24

From: DaveS , 129 months, post #8
Well while there was technically no TG in Dark Night #24....

Click to show spoiler
Jura Pynlsnpr er-ranpgrq bar bs gur fprarf ur unq qbar nf gur npgbe Onfvy Xneyb, ur sbezrq cnegf bs uvf obql vagb gur inthr bhgyvarf bs gjb bs uvf pb-fgnef, nabgure npgbe naq npgerff.

From: Random , 129 months, post #9
Not really any TG in this weeks books, but on the upcoming issues page in X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2, the cover shown for Uncanny X-Men #14 wasn't a picture of Magneto as previously solicited, but a picture of Benjamin changing his face into the various other X-men characters in the book. Unknown whether the image is a variant cover or what.

From: guest (troll) , 129 months, post #10
The X-Files - Season 10 #5 (IDW comics)
There is shape-shifter. (I don't know he is alien.)
He takes appearance of Scully. It lasts pretty long and quite good.

Supurbia v2
One of villains is shape-shifter.
But his TF is not showed intensively.

From: guest (thesaint) , 128 months, post #11
Bendis wasted any interesting character development with Ultimate Spider-woman and he seems to think the TG aspect of her character is a joke. But Dave Marquez is the best artist to draw her. Check out this preview which shows the Ultimates reaction to Jessica Drews secret. It's interesting:

From: Random , 128 months, post #12
In the digital comic Batman '66 #20 out this week, there's a quick bit where False Face pretends to be his moll Blaze. Only a couple of panels.

From: Random , 128 months, post #13
New cover to Uncanny X-Men #14

Uncanny X-Men #14

From: guest (Trolll) , 128 months, post #14
1. Uncanny X-men # 14
Benjamin Deeds took appearance of emma frost.
Because he shapeshifted right after his shower, he is naked when he was taking form of her.
It lasts 3 pages. Quality is good.

2. Supergirl #22~23
After Supergirl #21, Delacore(Shape-shifting alien) appears again.
He took form of lots of people including many female.
Quite good.

From: guest (Xmen fan) , 128 months, post #15
Ben Deeds only changes his face, it's a power to put others at ease so unsure if its really a transformation or a glamour as it seems to also effect the minds of those that see him, please transformation fans don't get to excited.

But on the plus side he seems like a pretty good gay hero, hope marvel develop his charecter well.

From: DaveS , 128 months, post #16
I also got a copy of UXM #14 today...
Click to show spoiler
Ora Qrrqf' arj pbqranzr, vf Zbecu (zragvbarq ng gur raq bs gur vffhr), fb V'z cerggl fher vg'f n culfvpny punatr va nqqvgvba gb gur purzvpny cebcregvrf . Vg ernyyl ybbxf yvxr uvf obql punatrq gb srznyr jura ur pbcvrq Rzzn (whfg nf vg qvq jura ur pbcvrq uvf sevraq ng gur H. bs Grknf va uvf svefg nccrnenapr naq Grzchf va vffhr #4), ohg yngre va gur vffhr, bayl uvf snpvny srngherf naq unve punatrq fhogyl gb fyvtugyl erfrzoyr gur crefba ur jnf gnyxvat gb, fb ur erznvarq znyr jura gnyxvat gb jbzra.

From: guest (troll) , 128 months, post #17
NO TG in batman the dark knight #25
It sucks really. I'm very upset about it. I hate it!

From: guest (troll) , 128 months, post #18
1. Green Lantern # 26
Click to show spoiler
Funcr-fuvsgvat nyvra Qheyna erghearq. Gurl funcrfuvsgrq nabgure nyvraf gb vagrafvsl gur pbashfvba. Gurer vf fhttrfgvba Qheyna jbhyq or znva ivyynva.

From: guest (troll) , 127 months, post #19
1.Suicide Squad #24~25 (DC comic)
Click to show spoiler
N ivyynva, Guvaxre, hfrq ubybtenz vzntr gb nffrzoyr urebrf sbe uvf rivy cyna. Ubjrire, gurer vf ab npghny genafsbez va fprar.

Eh... There will be some issues starring Clayface. I'll update when it is published.

From: guest (troll) , 127 months, post #20
Ah.. sorry i missed some information about Suicide squad.
Click to show spoiler
guvaxre hfrq ubybtenz gb znqr uvz ybbx yvxr Nznaqn jnyyre jub vf oynpx jbzna naq fyvz.

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