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A new cartoon premiering on The Hub on June 1, 2013. A boy becomes a superhero when he inherits a ring from his deceased aunt. The catch is the ring was meant for a female so he becomes a female superhero named SheZow. SheZow has super-strength and super-speed; a "sonic scream," and SheZow's han ...more
From: Holly Dunn , 129 months, post #41
Paul, CJ and other admins:

I see Shezow is no longer marked for deletion and there are notes about the situation of the story.

I think you made a good decision letting Shezow stay, but clarifying and describing what really occurs.

From: cj , 129 months, post #42
Thank you Holly.

From: sexualitylab , 129 months, post #43
Thanks, cj, Paul, and other admins for keeping SheZow as an entry. I think it's the right call, and it's good that you included the caveat about how the creator means for it to be cross-dressing despite what appears to be a transformation in the show. Also, I'm glad that you were able to watch the show, cj, to see for yourself. Hopefully, you found it at least somewhat entertaining :)

From: cj , 129 months, post #44
"Hopefully, you found it at least somewhat entertaining"

I don't feel like I wasted my time, so I guess that would be a yes. :-)

From: guest (Masashi) , 129 months, post #45
Paul, cj, et al.,

Thank you very much for keeping SheZow in the list.

From: guest (The searcher) , 129 months, post #46

From: guest (The searcher) , 129 months, post #47
final thoughts... how can it be crossdressing if
A he doesn't want to be dressed like a girl, and
B he doesn't actually change from his clothes to Shezow's. They just magically appear.

and C I wonder what he will look like as Shezow in a few more years. Would a 17 yr old boy turn into a younger Shezow??? Or would he appear as a 17 yr old young woman to the world with a figure to match? Let's hope the show lasts that long so we can find out!

From: guest (ShamWow) , 129 months, post #48
^ I doubt the show will have a time change even if it goes on 10 years. American cartoons never do timeskips unless its a flash forward, which is done in a scene, or even more rarely, a whole episode.

From: Holly Dunn , 129 months, post #49
@searcher #47

Seriously, beyond the "poof" moment when he changes, it is really obvious he is in drag.

Having DVR'd some episodes for this discussion, it becomes really obvious it is crossdressing. Though as a child he visually looks like a female, he states over and over while in costume that he is a guy. He also makes jokes that reminds everyone he is a guy. He tells his sidekick once that he is acting like a girl, and the sidekick replies "You should talk." Not only does he speak with his normal male voice, he tries to hide his disguise with a very bad falsetto. His friends comment and joke about how bad it is in several episodes. There are also a lot of jokes about transgender issues. In a fear episode, he states that he feared going out in public like this for the first time and how people would accept him. Watch the show, the whole context of everything is that he is a guy dressed as a girl.

They even have a controversial episode planned where he "comes out" to his macho father that he is Shezow. And they use the term "comes out."

So to answer your questions A) It doesn't matter what he wants, a ring changes his appearance, B) The ring changes his clothes, and C) He would look like a 17-year-old guy wearing makeup, a wig, and her outfit.

Cartoon kids usually don't age. Otherwise the 9-year-old kids in South Park would be in their mid 20's.

From: guest (Lily) , 129 months, post #50
Holly Dunn has it right. There are no characters in the show who see this as a transformation, nor could any reasonably attentive viewer mistake it for a physical transformation.

That said, I, Me, My Strawberry Eggs faced exactly these objections when it was added to the database, and it is still here.

From: guest (Jayzie) , 129 months, post #51
Well, at least Shezow looks hot, even though it's really a he. Totally Haku Syndrome.

From: guest (Jayzie) , 129 months, post #52
So, curious.. is this officially a TF & Crossdressing site now?

From: guest (Jayzie) , 129 months, post #53
I love Shezow even more now that I know it's a guy!

From: paul , 129 months, post #54
Just to clarify, this is a transformation site. Cross dressing is acceptable if it has the appearance of being a transformation. Although many felt that Shezow did not meet this criteria, there were some that did. My issue would be if those that argued for inclusion misunderstood the requirements, then it should be removed.

I haven't seen I, Me, My Strawberry Eggs. But from what I know about it, it doesn't sound like a very strong entry. If anyone wants to make an objection, please start a thread.

From: guest (Denier) , 129 months, post #55
Honestly i don't know how this cartoon would fit the entry. Set aside the "transformation" factor and just focus on the before and after pictures. I would give it to them if Shezow appear with breast and hips, but here is the key: the author clearly never wanted that, Shezow is a young male in a girl's suit and a wig.

BTW, am i the only one who perceives this cartoon as a project for social inclusion for young transgenders? Not judging, but the tags are pretty clear: trans, crossdresser, superhero, powers, coolness.

From: guest (Jayzie) , 129 months, post #56
Message deleted by paul. Vulgar language
From: guest (The searcher) , 129 months, post #57
again, cross dressing implies getting dressed. the boy doesn't get dressed. Nor does he want to be dressed as a girl. He accepts the outfit as part of being a super hero(ine) but would rather wear a boy costume. If he were to change back to normal and put on a dress, he might be a crossdresser. but he does not. So it is not crossdressing in the literal definition of the word.

A solid reason for inclusion to the list might be that the CLOTHING makes a magical transformation from male clothing to female clothing. If you count inanimate object transformations as transformations. And we do.

So paul made the right decision!

From: guest (lily) , 129 months, post #58
@guest (the searcher) #57

cross dressing implies getting dressed. the boy doesn't get dressed. Nor does he want to be dressed as a girl....

The distinction being drawn here is between a person who is cross dressed and a person who's body has been transformed.

It is not about the act of putting the clothes on. It is not whether the person identifies as a crossdresser. It is that Guy is always male-bodied. That he is not physically transformed into a woman (or transformed at all). It is that he is a boy in female costume. This is specifically excluded from the database, except when it appears to be a transformation either to the audience or to other characters in the story.

It is deliberately portrayed as drag to the audience.

No character in the show sees Guy change appearance and believes that he has been physically transformed into Shezow. Those who know that Guy has taken on the role of Shezow know that he is a boy in a dress. Those who do not know that it is Guy in the costume beleive that they are seeing the original Shezow.

If you count inanimate object transformations as transformations. And we do.[/

I am pretty sure that the "inanimate" category refers to the transformation of a person into an inanimate object, not the transformation of one inanimate object into another.

From: paul , 129 months, post #59
Jayzie, if you wish to tell us that someone is pretending to be you, please do so without the swearing. And poster #53 do not pretend to be someone else.

Searcher, clothing transformations do not count. It is being included because some (not all) people think it looks like a transformation.

From: guest (Jayzie) , 128 months, post #60
Poster #53 has no right to pretend to be me. My name is not the most clever one around, but I won't be changing it because some f****ng ***hole starts trying to make it seem like I'm saying things that I'm not.

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