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Comment: Ice Angel
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Ice Angel
Made for TV Movie. Heaven can wait type plot. Macho hockey star killed before his time accidently by an angel is sent back in the beautiful body of America's best female Figure skater to have a chance of winning a gold medal. He is not very happy about being a girl! But he learns to skate like the ...more
From: cj* , 222 months, post #21
But, what if this life is just a dream and we are all just a figment of our own imagination? Have we really ever eixisted here in the first place or are we simply a a fantasy or a nightmare passing in the night?

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 222 months, post #22
Reality is what's left after we stop believing in it.

From: normally i cant be bothered to leave a name but* , 222 months, post #23
its rubbish the ending was really bad and the story didnt make sence???????????????/

From: guest (FINLAND) , 207 months, post #24

From: guest (Marvin) , 207 months, post #25
Aside from the fact that this is complete fantasy and could not happen so whatever arguments being made essentially are moot.

So of course I have to put in my theory.

I would have to think given this scenario that you are dealing with a counciousness, not a brain so to speak. As such, putting in a mind into the body of the opposite sex would result in confusion to say the least. However given the extreme variables of how some individuals might respond to this would further add more troubles. You may have some who are able to cope and learn to adapt, some who rebel at everything, some go mad and maybe some who would prefer it.

That aside, you are dealing with let's say a normal heterosexual body with all it's compenents working properly. Put a mind in it that belongs to the opposite sex and if it's able to not go crazy then the next thing to contend with is it capable of adapting to the new physical nature of it's new body, it's sex, it's social position and outlook.

The body is going to be telling that mind that it's the sex it appears to be. It's going to make that mind feel those things and physically yearn for it's opposite sexually. That's not to say that mentally it may still not desire it's former preference but physically it may no longer find that sex desireable.

For example, a woman in a man's body under these circumstances would still get erections. What may cause them and when does not matter for this scenario. But they will still have an erection and look for some means to satisfy that desire. A cold shower may work but at some point they would experiment privately and find a way to relieve themselves. They may at some point be presented with the opportunity to have sex with a woman and may evale themselves of that as well. However what the method, they will still seek to relieve themselves in some fashion and more probably in the manner a man would.

The same might be said for a man in a woman's body. Masturbation would take care of a lot of the feelings. Sex with a man is possible as well of course but there initial method of satisfaction would still be masturbation as a woman would achieve it including penetration.

The one thing that both situations don't bring up is would they mentally be able to allow themselves to do so. Maybe the man in the woman's body may feel the sexual need to be penetrated but more likely once confronted by the actual event may loose the need to act on it.

It is said sex is as much in the mind as it is in the body. While I don't think that if this where to happen anybody would just be able to pick up in that body and proceed normally, i dont think it impossible for them to not adapt over time if they where menatally able to cope and learn.

From: guest (Goofus McDoofus) , 207 months, post #26
And yet we are left with the castrated boys raised as girls who almost always turn to "Lesbian" sexuality when they reach puberty, despite the estrogen artificially introduced to their systems. The more I look into the subject, the more I think DSF was right: you are and remain what you were upon birth. Just like a horse with a human brain would remain a person in a horse's body no matter how long the change lasted. Goofus McDoofus.

From: JayGee , 204 months, post #27
OK... a few thoughts.

(1) If a male soul is put in a female body, the soul would have a female brain. Thus, it would respond to stimuli as a female would. This assumes that male and female brains are intrinsically so different and the sex differences in behavior are mostly the result of biology, rather than learned behavior. It can be argued either way.

(2) If one fears or is repulsed by homosexuality, that may be a stronger influence then habit. If such a heterosexual man was magically transformed into a woman, she would now philosophically believe that she should desire men, and that desiring women would be improper. That may compel her to start liking men.

(3) Are there enough boys raised as girls to be a sample set? There was a famous case in England, that was used originally by people who believed sex roles are largely learned, as proof that a biologically male person could be taught to be a female since as a child, this person seems a typical girl. As an adult, this person expressed great dissatisfaction with being raised a female and was thus used as proof of the oposite. However, it's only one person. There aren't many others. Also, they usually know of their circumstances and thus may be skewed away from they typical.

(4) I forgot what point four was going to be, but it was important and very interesting.

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