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Swap Clothes stories
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From: guest (Tights) , 16 months, post #21
Shiro, it reminded me a little bit of "Firsthand Experience" , but I might be wrong.

But, if it's not the story you're looking for you probably will enjoy it as well. I would also recommend "A New Kind Of Family", which has a similar feeling (the woman convinces her petite friend to pretend to be a child and the girl ends up enjoying it)

From: guest (Tights) , 16 months, post #22
It could also be "Mistaken for a baby", a interactive story, I'm pretty sure it has some story branches that go on this direction:

From: guest (Shiro) , 16 months, post #23
Tights it’s not those but I will check them as they seem interesting
Here’s something I remembered about the story
The woman and girl are swimming in the woman’s backyard but due to her small body she has to wear a 12 year olds swimsuit and while she is alone a social worker arrives and thinks the woman is the girl and the girl is the woman. The girl gets braces to make the switch convincing and also gets her hand broken which prevents her from communicating properly.
The woman also has to go to school in place of the girl while the girl goes to her work

From: guest (Meta) , 16 months, post #24
Here’s one I found

From: guest (Tights) , 16 months, post #25
Do you have any ideia where you read this story, Shiro? Like, was it on Fictionmania,, etc...?

From: guest (Shiro) , 16 months, post #26
It wasnt on or fictionmania

From: guest (Tights) , 16 months, post #27
I asked this on thechangingmirror and someone told that the story is this one:

>Adolescent Ambition by Tatora

From: guest (Shiro) , 16 months, post #28
Tights thats the story thanks

From: guest (Tights) , 16 months, post #29

From: guest (Shiro) , 16 months, post #30
Btw tights if you find anymore stories about a woman switching with a little girl send a link, alsoi if you want a decent clothes swap story go to and find “a curious clothes exchange” and dont be afraid to add to it

From: guest (Tights) , 16 months, post #31
Well, let me think... there's also "" on

There's the "Cardonali The Magical Imp", where a young man and his girlfriend are both regressed to a baby state. "Altered Fates Body Switch" also goes on this direction (both stories available on fictionmania). I know a bunch of stories where a woman or a man are mentally regressed to a toddler state, but it's more like an ageplay sort of thing, maybe that's not your cup of tea .

From: guest (Shiro) , 16 months, post #32
Tights “im not her” is a great example but i think its dead as i cant remember the last time it was updated (could you add to it)

From: guest (Dud) , 16 months, post #33
Shiro, can you link that story please? Can't find it :(

From: guest (Shiro) , 16 months, post #34
Here you go Dud,
Could you add A chapter from either Of these

From: guest (Shiro) , 16 months, post #35
Tights since you found the first story i was looking for could you find a story similar to this
A man has his clothes stolen by a girl and she leaves hers behind which causes the guy to wear hers while trying to find the girl in his clothes

From: guest (Shiro) , 15 months, post #36
Anyone got a story involving two twins (one male and one female) where they switch and imitate each other (not twin switch from fictionmania)

From: guest (Shiro) , 15 months, post #37
I know this isn’t a story but has anyone seen a series of images on DeviantArt where a man and woman swap clothes (each image they trade another piece and the guy ends up with a wig on at the end)

From: guest , 15 months, post #38

From: guest (Shiro) , 15 months, post #39
Guest that’s not it
It starts with the woman wanting to swap with the guy but he only lets her take one piece but she keeps convincing him to give her more

From: guest (huster) , 15 months, post #40
I create a story on chyoa check it and continue it who have some writer skill (I have not)
in that site I found 2 stories with clothes swap, mistaken identity etc. chapters, please continue them:

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