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Any TF/TG online games to reccomend?
From: guest , 131 months, post #1
Hello fellow TF lovers!

I've been on the hunt recently for some good role play, particularly Gender Bending type play. I've taken the Second Life route, and while it's fun it's very hit-or-miss. Sometimes there's good RP and sometimes it's all prop-clicking. So I'm off looking for online gaming arenas that might have more of an emphasis on imagination and story telling. Turns out it's difficult to find such things with the google machine, but I'm still trying. I'm up for any leads, but I've tried IRC, various Mud/Mux/Mush resources and poked around in a few TF/TG gaming forums without any real luck. There are lots of dead links, servers that have gone to the wayside and channels full of idling people, but nothing with a thriving community. Maybe I'm searching wrong, or missed the right set of keywords to get the results I'm hoping for.

Does anyone have a favorite Role Play website or game/platform/server they would like to share? Preferably with at least some emphasis on gender swapping?


From: guest (Brayn) , 131 months, post #2
Corruption of Champions is probably the closest thing you'll get to a finished TG/TF game online. Be warned, it's a very fetish/porn-like game. R rated content and all that jazz.

From: guest , 131 months, post #3
Thanks for the heads-up Brayn. I've been poking around on here and I'm starting to get the hang of things. I've not found a huge TF/TG group on here yet, but they have anywhere from 300~500 people on at any given time, so maybe something will turn up. Also, it's been a while since I've played with a mud, so that's been a re-learning curve too.

From: Alias , 131 months, post #4
Sometimes you can find like-minded players in MMORPGs. I play Champions Online and it allows for quite a bit of variety in costuming/appearance. I know there's a large were/furry community there as well if that's your thing.

From: guest (Oreimo) , 131 months, post #5
I am not much into online and computer games, but years ago in Steve Jackson's Games "Cyberpunk" there was material on surgical sex changes of various degrees, but no scenarios were offered to support the idea.

In a "Call of Chthulhu" frp game support book they suggested that the Lovecraftian body-switching technology of the Great Race (from "Shadow Out of Time") could be used to switch bodies. They gave an example of a monster-hunter being switched back to the Middle Ages as Maid Marion of Sherwood.

There was a board game called Arabian Nights that was a sort of board-game/frp game and endless adventure. One magical encounter was the "magical fountain" that changes sex. Depending on luck and reactions, a number of outcomes could happen to the player's character. There actually was an adventure like that in one of the supplimental books of the Arabian Nights tales translated by Richard Burton (the 19th century traveler/writer), but the idea wasn't developed at all.

In the 25th Anniversary edition of the fantasy board game "Divine Right," they have a transformation curse that will turn one person into another person. The result can be a gender change, depending how the random draw comes off.

Also of interest, It looks to me that the female warrior character "Trouble" has a game piece illustrated with a silhouette adapted from a picture of "Sir Tristan", who was a regular in "Camelot 3000", a miniseries by Michael Barr, who later went on to do the famous tg superheroine Mantra for Malibu Comics. Tristan is presented as a rapist knight who was reincarnated as a woman as divine punishment.

And the bio material for this game character "Trouble" actually hints that some believe that the mysterious warrior-maid was formerly a male champion who was cursed and seeks to find the means to return to his former shape. Is it a reach to think that she might have been inspired by Barr's Sir Tristan?

From: guest (John777) , 131 months, post #6
The Arabian Nights plot you mention sounds a lot like the Christopher Leeson novel at Fictionmania, The Magic Fountain. Maybe the original story was not developed, as you say, but Leeson's story is one of his best. With me, the ending of a story is the most important thing, since a good plot can be thrown away with an illogical or timid ending. The wrap up of Magic Fountain left me wishing it could be turned into a movie.

From: guest (Gaylord) , 39 months, post #7
My life is a lie

From: guest (IndyJ) , 39 months, post #8
Not long ago a new game launched for Android/Iphone called Witch Weapon that has the tagline "To save the world I must become... A Girl?" Sort of like a Soul Eater Gacha game where you collect girls who become weapons and they have a rather deep and interesting story if you can get past the bad translation. Oh and the opening animation video is very interesting and has a great morph scene.

From: guest (Me9821) , 24 months, post #9
Here is one of the best games I've seen.

From: guest (Flaxen) , 24 months, post #10
Thanks Me9821. I thought that game was great.

From: guest (suiii) , 20 months, post #11

From: Alias , 20 months, post #12
I'd say to check out Champions Online. The character designer is the best of any MMORPG and a while back they allowed male and female costumes on the same character.

From: guest , 20 months, post #13
Not an "online" game, but "Student Transfer" is probably the best visual novel about possession and body swapping that we'll ever get

From: guest (nh) , 19 months, post #14

From: guest (Mckenzie milne forbes) , 5 months, post #15
I wanna be there for the game

From: guest (mykah) , 7 days, post #16
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