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indian show help!!!!!!!!!!(request to tgfave)
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From: guest (justguest) , 34 months, post #601
alternative link for post #600

From: guest (oldnewguy) , 34 months, post #602
can anyone provide the link to '' serial possession (M2F possession - old guy to smriti irani) which was earlier available on polover's playlist?

From: guest (guest7107) , 34 months, post #603
Post #602 ... i too remember watching it. the crazy grin one.. It will be helpful to know the episode date or number to find out!

From: guest (NICEKDEVILS) , 34 months, post #604 possession clip from 1;25:00 mins. A woman possesses the sleeping princess.

From: guest , 34 months, post #605

Ar and inanimate tf in this ep

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 34 months, post #606
Here I come with Another M To F possesion Possesion at 10 :06 ,It's from comedy show on SAB TV named as Khidki

Guys please bring more M to F Possesion from any regional indian movies or TV will be great if you do that.

From: guest , 34 months, post #607
series from one of video in jatr1234 channel

scene start form 3:13 until 5:17

From: guest (sameer) , 33 months, post #608
new mtf

From: guest (vyanisty) , 33 months, post #609
what mtf? possession?

From: guest , 33 months, post #610
What is 451

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 33 months, post #611
Yet another M to F possesion at 7:11 here is link

Guys bring more from your side .

From: Polover , 33 months, post #612
@Ashivic58 rather than patting yourself on the back every time you post ("yet another", "yet another") and CONSTANTLY complaining to people to find you more (which you should notice by now doesn't help), how about we switch gears?

Do you have any tips on how you find stuff? Are there certain search terms you use? Do you use a specific search engine? Is there another forum/site you visit for info?

I search all the time for possession but I never would've come across what you just shared because there's no mention of the possession in the video. I only speak English so I don't know any Indian words to search to find stuff, if you are doing that. If more people become better at searching, more stuff will be able to be found.

From: guest (adda baba) , 33 months, post #613
The possession continues in the next episode as well @3:00

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 33 months, post #614
@polover I only use English keywords to find those stuffs and youtube is not Indie enough to get accurate result from Indian shows ..when you type possesion ,it shows useless stuff and japenese shit rather then any content from Indian shows.
Since I know the type of languages and dialects spoken in India So I load keyword using google translate in Indie's not rocket science and I am encouraging other Indians their who may find this thing somewhere ...I don't know why you got pissed off? I am asking for help rather then petting myself .
This is the way to make the Indian viewers aware about such possesion like stuff and made them contribute in it since india got lot of regional cinemas and entertainment industry ,so maybe the person of that particular region aware about such things and make us aware about it in this threads ...It's only way I found it to be suitable plus I am not forcing anyone or bullying anyone , so kindly wind your neck dude period.

There are lot of channels who got such stuffs and earning subscribers in thousands ..You know possesion like stuffs getting viral now a days , so if they upload any new stuff related to possesion .You will see the swarming of subscribers over there and we all know if you got VFX designer in your pocket you u can create possession like stuff yourself ..maybe someone over there take our demands and try to produce it ..who knows ? Exception is always there.

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 33 months, post #615
Here it's another M to F possesion starting from 23:40 although u may watch it from beginning and at 23:40 it Deposses the body and then possess it again ..

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 33 months, post #616
M to F possesion , Before going further ,The plot is an exorcist ask ghost to come out of Body but ghost is refusing to come out of the girls body , But the moment he listen the IPL(Indian premiere league) Signature tune he come outside and ran towards Television to watch cricket match..It's an Advertisment of Sony six campaign of IPL 2014 .
here is the link.

From: guest (A) , 33 months, post #617
There are many official websites, which have tv shows like hotstar, ozee, Sony liv, voot. You will get show information or episode description. By the show description you can check if it has possessions or supernatural phenomenon in that. but to be fair, there are too many languages , too many channels, too many shows. And some family dramas suddenly turn to supernatural drama for few episodes.

From: guest (male) , 33 months, post #618
Any mtm or ftm lately?

From: Polover , 33 months, post #619
Firstly, let me contribute before I rant. I don't believe this has been shared before (Region-locked to India):
MTF Possession @ 12:00 (This possession lasts 4 episodes)

@Ashvic58 I'm not "pissed off", I just find your way of posting annoying and wanted to be somewhat positive/productive rather than just call you annoying. Your last 2 posts were much more palatable. Just post what you found and leave it at that. You are not "inspiring other Indians" (this is U.S. based website BTW) by constantly nagging them (notice how no one but you has put up MTF despite ALL your contstant pushes?). It's the equivalent of the old annoying trope "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Now, I'll refrain from saying more (unless you make me) because I don't want to derail this thread but don't ever tell me to "wind my neck" kindly or otherwise because it not going to work. Just tone it down a bit and I won't have a problem with you. Most people here know what to do with these kinds of thread; they don't need a reminder.

Again let's try to switch gears and actually be productive. I'll work with you, if you let me. Are you saying you just follow Indian channels with influxes in subscriber counts and look through their videos? That doesn't make sense to me. The last 3 videos you shared didn't have any mention of possession in the title or description. A Google search wouldn't have picked that up so how did you find it? If you're just looking through random videos hoping to find possession that sounds like a LOT of time/work.

For me, I use Google and search: "Possessed"
EXACTLY as I typed, including quotes. I do that for Hotstar, Ozee, and Voot. I also use variations like "possesses" and occassionally "possess" ("possess" usually is too broad and will get a lot of non-TF/TG stuff). Doing that, I have not come across much (MTF or otherwise) in a while.

From: guest (guest) , 33 months, post #620
how do you watch videos from ozee?

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