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From: Polover , 25 months, post #581
I have a problem with skipping words. Above, I was talking about Fear Files 2017.

From: guest (qericquek) , 25 months, post #582
there is 2 movie content the ftf possession
Manjulika 2
manjulika returns

u might get it through youtube

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 25 months, post #583
You guys don't have M to F possession related content ? I don't even count F to F possession in Transformation category , What is the use of posting those boring F to F ...If i comes to disclose f to f possession I will flood entire thread , but i find those contents as useless...So i Request please post more M to F possession instead of F to F i am posting another M to F possession ...go through it and enjoy .
and yes possession is in beginning itself .

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 25 months, post #584
and yes please keep it more specific ,try to put more M to F related possession content and i repeat again , i have more F to F possession from old indian story and movies , but i don't buy that rubbish content ...please be specific with my recommended contents ...thank you

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 25 months, post #585
ignore above link this is real M to F possession started from 0:54

From: guest (justguest) , 25 months, post #586
wrong link?

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 25 months, post #587
@ justguest appologize for that , but i had posted correct link just above your thank me : ] for that and try to put more M to F possession content.

From: guest (sameer) , 25 months, post #588
already posted by somebody before

From: guest (akst) , 25 months, post #589
new MTF

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 25 months, post #590
@ sameer BTW sir who posted it before one posted whole episode of it,and in that serial there is M to F possession saga going on for nearly 2 months ,also the story ends in 5th of may but the soul of the villian don't deposses the girls body coz he enter the body of girl through "parkaya pravesh" it's an ancient Indian term for external projection . Neverthless they abruptly end this show without having climax of what happens to villian soul?Is He still remains inside the body ? it's a big question .

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 25 months, post #591
Regarding "Parkaya pravesh" it is believe that it works ,in ancient time Our saints got those power to possess another persons body after ;leaving his own ...those power is hard to attain and it's only possible once you awake your kundlini through hard yoga and by controlling your own self , I am not that spiritual but this things seems to be true as I got those evidence from Indian epic "Mahabharat"

From: Polover , 25 months, post #592
@Ashvic58 when I was active on Youtube, people used to get on me a lot for having "too much" FTF possession. I'll tell you like I said to them: there's a whole bunch of FTF possession because that is the majority of what is being created. MTF is just not as often done FTF. It's that simple. It's not about preference, it's about quantity.

I definitely understand having a preference. I only like possession, so when people post shapeshifts and swaps in this thread, I'm disappointed but that doesn't warrant me, you, or anyone else scoffing at others for posting the stuff we don't like. This thread is a mixed bag; deal with it. I totally agree with you about labeling what you are posting though because this is such a mixed bag.

From: guest , 25 months, post #593
MTF (actually FTM)
start from 23:50
chandramukhi ep 7

From: guest , 25 months, post #594

start from 14:32

From: guest , 25 months, post #595
FTM again @7:05

From: guest (anony) , 25 months, post #596

From: guest (Guest) , 25 months, post #597
Reg post 596 what time is tf or possession

From: guest (Neha) , 25 months, post #598
I was going through Jana's list and found this:

Bhama Satyabhama

Vithal K Rao, a renowned scientist who did experiments on cloning related subjects. On one fine morning he invented a formula and wanted to test on his son, Satya who is software professional. Certainly there is resistance from his orthodox wife but could convince her and conducted experiment on his son. Rao was disheartened that his experiment had failed, but found no negative results. His family members were relaxed. Surprisingly, Satya got changed to a woman as soon as the sunset’s. Rao’s experiment had a downbeat effect that Satya transforms in to a woman in dusk and transforms in to a man in dawn. Satya was already in love with his colleague Bhama. Satya and Bhama used to spend adorable evenings. After the transformation Satya kept distance with Bhama. She noticed the changed behavior of Satya, and forced him to marry her doubting his affairs. Finally Satya got married and troubled living with Bhama. Rao is trying tough day and night to find a formula to make his son normal. To cover the top secret of transforming Satya into Satyabhama, Satya goes out every sundown. He joined night shifts and hired a separate room for living alone. Krishna a colleague of Satyabhama fell in love with her.

Does anyone know anything about this? Any link??

From: guest (adda baba) , 24 months, post #599
I have been searching for this online for years but couldnt find any videos. I have watched a few episodes and the tv series is really hilarious not to mention the tg element happens nearly every episode. Even trying to contact the television channel didnt provide any result. Let us know if you find anything regarding this. FYI, its a telugu television serial.

From: guest (Ashvic58) , 24 months, post #600
Here i come with yet another M to F possession ,A male kids possess a teacher to avenge his death in fear files 25th NOV is link
possession is explicit as usual things in fear files kind off and yup possession starts at 37:17 , do me a favour you guys should contribute more M to F possession and also this Ozee app is region so outside viewers may miss this.

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