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AJ Adams stories
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From: kreplach , 98 months, post #21
Sorry people have to be that way. I personally was sorry to see your work go, but I certainly respect your right of ownership. I think you're being very reasonable and nobody should be getting upset (I didn't read the thread on the other board). As you noted, people are going to do what they're going to do. Rest assured you did what you could.

From: guest , 98 months, post #22
Well that's a shame really, but I'll respect your wishes, I really hope you'll consider sharing your talent with us again in the future.
Also, could you tell us why you chose to delete the stories?

From: guest (Anima) , 98 months, post #23
To above poster, on FM he said he may offer them for sale some time in the future. I'm guessing that might be why he took them down in the first place, but it's just a guess.

To AJ James: Whether or not it's strictly true under the letter of the law, it's going to sound strange to people asking them to delete files from their hard drive that were saved off a website and were free at the time. I'm not surprised that got a bad response at FM, even if it wasn't your main point. Law or not, that just sounds kind of draconian. And mentioning something draconian is going to end up bothering people, whether it's your main point or not. Especially after recent crap with laws like Sopa/Pipa/Acta trying to get passed.

That last paragraph was just trying to explain why people reacted so badly because it sounded like that surprised you.

Anyway, really all the drive for the stories to be put somewhere seems like it was because people thought they would never be available again anywhere.

It's not like you were beholden to people to do it, but mentioning to people what was going on with your stories when you took them down (that they may be put up for sale in some form after a while) probably would have avoided this whole drive to get the stories back out in the open.

Communicating to your fans and telling them what's going on is usually a good thing. :)

And leaving people in the dark can lead to misguided actions, like people looking to share something they think is otherwise gone forever.

Just some hopefully helpful words for thought.

From: guest (Traveler) , 98 months, post #24
By the way, AJ James. I can send you translations of some of your stories in Russian. I'm journalist, so quality is rather good. You can use translations any way you like. If you are interested, e-mail me on zimomer {...}

From: guest (Polonius) , 97 months, post #25
As widely discussed in this thread and elsewhere on this site, the general quality and diversity of stories on the Fictionmania site are in decline and it is particularly tough when one of its few bright new stars decides to move on.

To the fans in general (Including me): Be thankful for the hours of good reading we enjoyed and the well-realized characters to whom we were introduced. Go through your five stages of grieving, then get over it and move on. Remember and smile.

To the fans holding copies: No one is going to subpoena your hard drive so stop spouting legalize when we're talking about respect and community. If you want to reread the stories in the privacy of your home, fine, but the author has asked you not to circulate or post his work whether for financial gain or not. Don't--not because some legal construct prohibits you but our of courtesy and respect to an author who let you preview and derive enjoyment from his work while asking little in return.

To @Guest (A Reader): You didn't buy a copy of the book "To Kill A Mockingbird" from J. B. Lippincott & Co. Harper Lee lent you her manuscript and asked you for your opinion of it. Now she's asking you not to make copies or pass it around to your friends (and possibly compromise her future relationship to Mr. Lippincott). Respect her wishes, just because it is the right thing to do (and stop equating authors to Hitler).

To the author: Thank you for sharing your work. It will be a disappointment not to see it on a regular basis (in a decade of reading Fictionmania, your stories are the ONLY ones that motivated me to comment). There is some confusion stemming from the archaic FM message board interface (Was there a discussion there? There's no sign of it now. Expect this to come up anew every 30 days as their current archive is expunged...).

However, I disagree with web authors who act as if they have no lingering obligation to readers. You chose FM as a venue to vet your material and I assume you derived benefit from the experience of having it read and critiqued. The continuing interest of readers should not be a surprise to you, even when it is no longer convenient. Out of appreciation and respect, at least make sure there's a searchable place that lets readers know that you've moved on (a sign saying "Gone Fishin' " would suffice). That way they won't waste time looking for the next installment that's never going to come and, if you continue with writing, let's prospective customers know where to go to find you and your future work.

Thank you and best wishes for your future endeavors.

From: guest (Traveler) , 84 months, post #26
Is there any possibility to read new AJ James stories?
For payment or so...

From: kreplach , 84 months, post #27
None that I'm aware of, Traveler.

From: guest (Killswitch) , 84 months, post #28
Crap, reading this has gotten me wanted to read those stories now.

From: Carlsbad , 69 months, post #29
Does anyone have Mr. James's email address? I would like to contact him, to see if he would sell me copies of his stories. I am more than willing to pay, and would agree not to repost anything he sends me; I just hate the idea of something vanishing forever.

From: guest (MR Data) , 62 months, post #30
Message deleted by cj. Disrespectful. "Be polite, courteous, and respectful"
From: kreplach , 62 months, post #31
Message deleted by cj. Moderator's discretion. Not relevant without previous post.
From: guest (Traveler) , 37 months, post #32
No news about this author?

From: guest (Person) , 37 months, post #33
I wish. I hate not being able to read those stories anymore. A few weeks back, I was going nuts looking for a story and then I remembered who the author was.

From: kreplach , 37 months, post #34
There is an "International bestselling" author AJ James who writes (non-TG, I assume) science fiction. I'm not sure it's the same person but it wouldn't surprise me. Given how the stories were removed from FM and the author requested they no longer be distributed, I'm guessing that she didn't want her free amateur work out there while trying to sell published novels. Maybe it was a condition of the publisher. If it's even the same person.

Apologies to Morpheus et. al, but AJ James' stories were by far the best TG fiction I've ever read. Shame they're gone.

From: guest (confusdus) , 12 months, post #35
Sometimes I wonder if AJ James is dead considering I haven't seen any of those stories published or posted anywhere is years. I haven't noticed any new works created under that name either. I find it very confusing. It seems like the author is scared of selling their work let alone having it noticed. It just seems to me that AJ James purged all of the stories from existence as if he/she were embarrassed about them. They were good. Good enough to publish. Maybe needed a little editing on a word here or there but the stories were sound. I think the big blowup over copyright issues is just an excuse for something else because it never made much sense to begin with.

If we have to talk about copyright issues then I'd say some archive somewhere should be preserving these stories in triplicate. Its as if the creator of Cats said you can't perform, watch, or read the play anymore. The Library of Congress would never delete their copies of Cats if that were the case. Works of significance can legally be preserved by libraries/archives without needing the author's permission. The only thing not tested in courts is whether those can be preserved electronically. Many libraries preserve literature electronically regardless so its probably a dead issue. Considering those stories were some of the best tg fiction it would make sense to preserve it.

From: guest (Another) , 3 months, post #36
Agreed, it's a bummer that these stories are seemingly lost forever. They made enough of an impression that I do a quick search every year or two to see if they've popped back up. Sadly, no luck.

Totally understand the stance on bootleg copies, but it seems to me that many people - myself included - wouldn't mind paying via Amazon or whatever to see these stories again. Would be cool if that could happen!

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