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AJ Adams stories
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From: guest (Big Fan) , 99 months, post #1
I know that for some unexplained reason, AJ Adams is no longer on Fictionmania (or elsewhere). But I've heard good things about the stories from this author. What I never see, though, are any of their actual names. Can anyone tell me what the stories AJ Adams wrote were called? I'm interested, where possible, in the actual titles.

From: D.A.W. , 99 months, post #2

The Long Strange Journey of Seth Gates

The Great Shift: Other Lives

From: D.A.W. , 99 months, post #3
Eight Million Stories

From: kreplach , 99 months, post #4
I think the author you mean is AJ James. It's odd that the stories would still be there but cannot be searched.

From: D.A.W. , 99 months, post #5
It just means they've been removed from the database, but the files themselves are still there.

From: guest , 99 months, post #6
What? He's no longer on Fictionmania? Does anyone know what happened? It would be a massive shame to lose such a talented author, his stories are one of the few reasons I still frequent that site.

From: guest (Big Fan) , 99 months, post #7
Yes, I meant AJ James. Sorry! And thank you for the story names, and links to stories. If we had the other story titles, we could probably still find them on the site...

From: D.A.W. , 99 months, post #8
No problem. I didn't notice you had said 'Adams' instead of 'James'. I found those links by searching for AJ James here in the forum. Unfortunately, I don't know any others.

From: kreplach , 99 months, post #9
Damn, I should have linked to more of the stories in that thread! I guess nothing lasts forever.

From: guest (Valkan) , 98 months, post #10
I hate to bring back an old thread, but is there any way at all to access these old stories. The links don't work and my searches for AJ Jame's story yield nothing. Maybe someone saved the stories? Thank you!!!

From: guest , 98 months, post #11
I have 10 stories. I don't know if that's all of them or not but if you give an email I could send that.

I wish I knew why he left. His stories were only at FM for like a year and a half. That's a pretty darn short time to be availabe.

From: guest , 98 months, post #12
I'd like to read his stoies again very much.
Any chance you uploading those somewhere we can download, like

From: guest , 98 months, post #13
I'm not sure if posting a link to them from mediafire would be against the rules here or not. (dot number 4 under posting guidelines)

How would I know if that's okay or not?

From: shoeshineboy , 98 months, post #14
You could upload to mediafire and then post the link on the #fictionmania hompage. They do not have as much of an issue with dot number 4 (posting guidelines)

From: guest (Valkan) , 98 months, post #15
I agree with shoeshineboy. Thanks.

From: guest (AJ James) , 97 months, post #16
Hey guys,

I appreciate that you liked the stories, and I enjoyed writing them and showing them to you. But I posted them on Fictionmania with the *hope* that everyone would respect my copyright and let me take them down if and when the time came.

I would *really* appreciate it if people didn't keep bootlegs, or distribute those bootlegs on the internet. I know the net is the net, and it's silly to post something there and hope it won't just be floating around forever, but this is a small community and it would be cool if we could treat each other with that much respect. Again -- I was really happy with the responses I got, and I was glad to post the stories. But I was pretty clear in the vast majority of them that I wanted to maintain my copyright on the material and that I didn't want folks keeping backups on their hard drives and such. Even on the ones where I didn't post that copyright, because I didn't have the legal language yet, authors generally get to keep the copyright even on stuff they post to the net. So *please*, do me this favor and do not bootleg my work.


From: guest (A Reader) , 97 months, post #17
Dear AJ James,

I love your stories. I have to tell you how much I appreciate the time you put in to write them, and the skill with which you wrote. As you can see by this thread, I am not alone. You have many fans.

I think you're right when you say your request to have a site take down your stories should be honored. But, and this pains me to do so, I have to disagree with you on your right to have others share your works, where there's no commercial interest involved.

This is like book, or magazine, publishing. You can decide whether you want a certain organization to publish your work. But once it's published, it's published. There's no going back. If someone publishes a magazine article, they can tell the magazine company that the article can't be republished. But they can't ask all the readers of the magazine to destroy their copies. And they can't ask those readers not to pass the story on to others to read.

If I have a book, I have the book. If the author no longer wants the work to be published, no more books of it will be made. But I still have mine. The book, also, might be available at used book stores. Just because the author distances himself from the work, or wants to withdraw, it doesn't alter the fact that the work itself remains.

I think you are in your rights to ask that no sequels or derivative works be made from your stories. But I don't think you're right to assert that those who have copies of the stories can't share them (again, for non-commercial purposes). Copyright gives you control of the story, but not control of the copies of the story that have been read.

I don't mean this to seem like a challenge. It's not. Your stories have been terrific, and I'd hate for anything to prevent you from continuing to write them, or share them. But I think you're asking too much to assert that those who have saved copies to re-read can't do so, and should be expected to wipe them off their hard drives, etc. If Harper Lee asked me to burn my copy of "To Kill A Mockingbird," I wouldn't. Nor would I hesitate for a moment to share my copy with someone else.

I just wouldn't go out and publish it. That's what copyright means.

From: guest , 97 months, post #18
Just an update. As per the author's wish I won't be posting the stories anywhere. I would like for them to be out there and readable by people (it seems such a shame that they aren't), but even if I had put them up somewhere I was going to mention that if the author asked I would take them right back down.

To be honest I had thought it was probably one of those cases where the author had left the community forever and no longer really would have cared what happened, especially considering that the stories weren't around all that long. Unfortunately none of the stories I had looked at yet had the notice he was talking about but now I can see two stories I found out about from this thread have something about that. If I had seen that before I wouldn't have even offered to send them to anyone.

So I guess that's that. No harm was meant. It really does seem kind of a shame though for such things to be lost to time, especially when they've been well liked and brought joy to people.

From: guest (AJ James) , 97 months, post #19
First, I would like to thank the guest writer for being so understanding, and again thank everyone for being so complimentary about my work.

This conversation is also happening on the FM board, so I'll just post here what I posted over there, by way of following up on the copyright discussion. Obviously I don't want to get into this too much -- I don't want anyone to feel like I'm getting in their faces. That's not my intention here. I just want to clarify what I'm asking for and whether or not it's legally reasonable.

(reposted from the fiction mania board)

Ugh. I really don't want to get into a whole thing about copyright law. I actually know quite a bit about it, and I could explain it in long, boring detail, but none of that really matters in this situation. Suffice to say that even copying to your drive violates the copyright.

Here's a website about this, if you want to read more:

Obviously I was aware when I posted the stories to FM that some people might choose to make copies of them. I was hoping they wouldn't, but I was aware it was a risk. I understand that the people who made personal copies were doing so for nice reasons, and I appreciate their enjoyment of the stories. I'm not trying to create a confrontation with anyone, or argue with anyone. I'm just asking that folks not copy my stuff or, at least, not distribute the copies they made. That's really all I meant to do here.


From: guest (AJ James) , 97 months, post #20
And just another followup: apparently what I was asking for upsets people more than I anticipated.

Thanks again to everyone who gave me such great feedback on my work, and I'm glad you enjoyed the stories.

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