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Comment: Lady Sekhmet's Video Clip Collection
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Lady Sekhmet's Video Clip Collection
A small collection (~250) of TF related video clips that are rotated online for viewing 5 or so at a time as well as a little gallery of misc images and music. Enjoy!
From: IllBetThisIsAnAwesomeSite* , 190 months, post #1
I was wondering if anyone has tried to get a password and username for this site. I've tried it but got nothing in my email to confirm it. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that reads for friends only. I'm Kaylee do u want to be friends.

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 190 months, post #2
The user and password are right there in the original post:

>>If you are asked for a userid and password, use ima and friend

From: Anonymous* , 190 months, post #3
Not a good website. The videos don't work and loads of popups appear.

From: catdog* , 190 months, post #4
Lady Sekhmet, don't listen to this guy. There's always some "anonymous" lister that wants to be negative and act a fool. Hopefully, his comment will be wiped away in a day or two. I for one - and for many - absolutely love your site. I check it all the time for new posts :-)

From: catdog* , 190 months, post #5
Lady Sekhmet, don't listen to this guy. There's always some "anonymous" lister that wants to be negative and act a fool. Hopefully, his comment will be wiped away in a day or two. I for one - and for many - absolutely love your site. I check it all the time for new posts :-)

From: hskfmn* , 190 months, post #6
I second that. Your site rules! I used to think that Mr. Bug's site was the most comprehensive clip site on the web, but since it shut down, yours has been at the top of the charts for me. Thanks.

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 190 months, post #7
Thanks guys.. everyone who has stopped by already knows there are no pops (and never will be). If anything, comments like his just drives more people to the site...

My site doesn't come close to what Mr. Bugs site was - that thing was huge! I just add a clip or two each week - maybe in a couple years I can match his :)

From: Weirdoid* , 190 months, post #8
i lost the address for when the nick and password do not work (it gives me no option to accept it or anything) how do I access it again?

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 190 months, post #9
Use the link directly from Pauls link page - that one should always work.

From: Weirdoid* , 190 months, post #10
Thanks, it works, however windows media player gives me an error viewing the files. I wish I could save them on my comp like on your pages old format, then try different viewers on it.

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 190 months, post #11
I personally guarantee that if you are running Windows Media Player 10 then those files WILL stream to you properly...

Make sure the error you are receiving isn't "Server Busy", because it very often is overloaded. (There have been over 25,000 videos streamed since the beginning of december!)

From: Quiksilver* , 190 months, post #12
Lady Sekhmet's site is great!!! and LS is always up for helping someone in need of getting onto her site. Be nice to LS or you might not get the logon and pswd. KEEP UP THE GREAT SITE LADY!!!

From: Weirdoid* , 190 months, post #13
Sadly I am stuck with Media Player 9 as my comp uses WIndows ME

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 190 months, post #14
WM10 works best, but WM9 will also work (as it hskfm will attest even on the Mac OS X platform).

However, WinME was a horrid system even when it was new - perhaps now is a good time to move to XP :)

From: hskfmn* , 190 months, post #15
I don't know how it happened. I just turned on my laptop one day and it worked. I assmed you did someting, Milady, because I sure didn't.

From: FS* , 190 months, post #16
I've got windows XP on my laptop, and while it may be a faster system, I can't use hardware that supports ME. Luckily it's only issued by the school so I don't need to use it for everything.

BTW, I love your website, it's great to have a collection of video clips all in one place. My only problem is that I wish each clip was the full episode. Maybe someday, right?

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 190 months, post #17
For some reason the Windows Media 9 player in OS X doesn't know how to handle an ASX playlist.

That whole OS X thing was really bugging me so I rewrote the way the videos were delivered - instead of sending a dynamically built ASX playlist that lets the media player decide if it wants to get the video via mms:, rtsp:, or http:, I instead just dumped it raw via http. It's inefficient but by far the most compatible.

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 190 months, post #18
>>My only problem is that I wish each clip was the full episode.
>>Maybe someday, right?

Maybe never :) At least in my part of the world, serving up full length episodes like that is quite illegal. I don't know about you but I'd last about 20 seconds in jail...

From: Experimental Walnut* , 189 months, post #19
My major problem is that when I do download the clips, I can't seem them even with an updated Windows Media Player 10, after downloading all the codecs on the Microsoft website, after updating both Xvid and DivX, and still cannot see them. I think my computer is just screwed.

From: anonymous , 189 months, post #20
  • see and a short addendum to the aforementioned, I can hear the audio but not see the video.

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