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Fictionmania Search?
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From: guest (Anonymous) , 117 months, post #1
How can you search the body of fictionmania stories. I've found how to do this with most story sites by going to google and entering part of the URL into a site: search with the text, but I can't do that with Is there another way or has anyone found the secret?

From: guest , 117 months, post #2
That can't be done as far as I know. I believe it's deliberate that you can't do it, because it would put too much strain on the site and slow it down or make it stop working if a bunch of people were trying to do that at once.

From: guest (dkt) , 117 months, post #3
It depends on what one wants to search for. Fictionmania has decent inbuilt search features. You can do multisearches, too, by author, theme, and other qualifiers.

By the way, another of the best FM authors, Christopher Leeson, has a new story up, the first since last summer. "The Dark of the Moon."

From: kreplach , 117 months, post #4
"Fictionmania has decent inbuilt search features."

No it does not (in my opinion as a web savvy user).

"You can do multisearches, too, by author, theme, and other qualifiers."

No, you cannot. You can't search by author name and anything else. On the "super search" you provide a URL for, the options are story title, synopsis (huh?), file name (yeah, right) and some character name options.

I have never understood why some people like to claim that site has good search capabilities. It may have been impressive in 1995, but with current technology it would be so easy to have just one simple comprehensive search feature that covers everything including, as the original poster asked, the full text of all the stories. And yes, you could do that without it being too taxing on the site (unless your hardware is also from 1995).

From: Mr. Ram , 117 months, post #5
The hardware is new, but the software is 1998 vintage. Talea has been working on it part time for a while and has added some extra features.

By the way, Kreplach, it has always been possible to search by author's name, Have you ever actually looked at the search features at Fictionmania?

Fictionmania is a volunteer run site, we all have real lives. We are incrementally improving it, but it will never have a flashy, all the bells and whistles, presentation. It is what it is, get used to it.

Mr. Ram

From: guest (Proton) , 117 months, post #6
I second FM's search interface isn't the greatest but I can deal ;)

From: kreplach , 117 months, post #7
"Have you ever actually looked at the search features at Fictionmania?"

Yes I have, Mr. Ram. I said you cannot search by author name and any other criteria. Can you prove me wrong? If I missed it, it's becaues there are 18,000 different search options and I get tired after looking at the frist 6 or so.

From: guest (maybe someone can help) , 117 months, post #8
I literally found it impossible to search within a synopses, but at the same time exclude certain categories. Could someone please tell me if/how that could be done?

The problem is when I'm searching by synopses only and I get way, way too many results to be able to find the story I was looking for. And a huge amount of them are in categories that wouldn't apply to the story I'm looking for. In that case I need to be able cut out some categories that I don't need (like cross dressing) in order to cut down the search results to a manageable number.

Can this be done or not?

From: guest (Brayn) , 117 months, post #9
There is a heap on as interactive stories.I've favourited just under 2 dozen that are pretty good and full of content. But this stuff is very rare still.

Other places to look would be... in particular, the Automorph storyline on BEaddventure

From: Mr. Ram , 117 months, post #10
Kerplach, Here ya go!

It's been there since 1998!

Mr. Ram

From: kreplach , 117 months, post #11
That is still not what I said. Author name AND other criteria. At the same time. If I know the author's name but they have dozens or hundreds of stories and I can't quite remember the name of the one I'm looking for, or I want to use a keyword, I'm SOL. I can scroll through the author's stories 25 at a time (I think it used to be only 12 or something and it's not configurable), but that's my only option.

If that works well enough for you, fine. I'm just saying that it could be much better.

From: Mr. Ram , 117 months, post #12
The authors choose the key words and categories, you'd think that authors would pick as many categories that apply, but they don't always do that.

We don't read the stories before they're posted, with the volume of stories we get, that would be impossible.
Complain to the authors, when they screw up, that is what the review function is for.

Mr. Ram

From: kreplach , 117 months, post #13
I don't honestly care that much, but I'm still not sure you're understanding for whatever reason. It doesn't matter what keywords an author assigns to their story if I can't search by author name and keyword simultaneously through the search interface. I can see the keywords as I look at the stories on pages of 25 at a time if I feel like continuing to manually scan them but it seems like it shouldn't be necessary, what with technology and all.

At this point I guess we agree to disagree.

From: guest (oldtimecollector) , 117 months, post #14
What I have never understood - is why Fictionmania prevents Google from crawling the site. (I assume there is a cookie on the server asking it not to ?).

Maybe, it's a privacy thing - but MANY other TG fiction sites are crawled and indexed by Google. No need then for any search program. Just use Google Advanced Search - enter any phrase or combination to search for - and limit your search only to pages from this site.

Why reinvent the wheel?

From: Chalkerfan , 117 months, post #15
"What I have never understood - is why Fictionmania prevents Google from crawling the site. (I assume there is a cookie on the server asking it not to ?)."
This is one area where I am in total agreement with Fictionmania.
Google gives me the creeps.
Any sane person would be a bit concerned if Google was able to conduct a successful search of FM's story database.
That would mean they could probably/perhaps/theoretically use the data they were able to extract from the site to build a profile of you and sell that profile on to interested parties.
If FM wants to keep Google at bay I can't think of any rational objection.

From: guest (oldtimecollector) , 117 months, post #16
Chalkerfan said : -

"That would mean they could probably/perhaps/theoretically use the data they were able to extract from the site to build a profile of you and sell that profile on to interested parties."

NO - that's not possible at all. I was talking about a search engine "crawler" - listing and indexing story pages. That has nothing at all to do with user or personal information of any sort.

There are so many misconceptions about data and information technology - and the media love to create hysteria. (remember y2k)

If someone had a basic understanding of computers - they would not have security concerns about public indexing of pages.

From: guest (oldtimecollector) , 117 months, post #17
. . . for example - "Cystal's Story Site is fully indexed by Google and you can run almost any type of query that you want.

Try this - Type --

"my new body"

--- into Google and it will show you all of the stories with the phrase "my new body" in them.

You will also find that TFCC - (the TG captions and stories search engine) - uses Google and google indexed pages very effectively.

From: Mr. Ram , 117 months, post #18
The reason we block Google is because of the vintage, custom software that the site is built on.. Google crashes it, it runs just great without web-crawlers, Sooo, no web-crawlers, easy peasy!

Mr. Ram

From: guest (oldtimecollector) , 117 months, post #19
I figured that there was a reason for it.

Makes sense - and as I said . . . I always wondered why. Now I know.


From: guest (geeze) , 102 months, post #20
Your "vintage" software does not run 'great' if the site has a large archive of stories visitors can't browse effectively. Just use any other system at all and let google search your site. A story archive without search is a waste of harddrive space.

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