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Mass Effect TG stories?
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From: guest (Anne O Muss) , 75 months, post #21
Some spoilers for ME3.
Here's a Mass Effect TG idea. Cerebus is starting to unravel when the Reaper invasion starts. Some scientists begin to have doubts about the group and start sneaking off. We saw an organized group that was looking for a safe refuge but others would be worried about large groups. These folks grab anything valuable that they think they can sell and slip away.

An ex-Cerebus scientist stole notes for a project that built on Dr. Lawson’s formula for creating a genetically perfect fetus. But she wasn’t a lead researcher on this project and doesn’t know much about the technology. The danger here is that desperate people are essentially selling advanced technology out the back of a van.

A mid-tier executive learns about a procedure that will make a human smarter and healthier. He thinks that this will help him get ahead but doesn't realize that the scientist who will perform the procedure doesn't fully understand what it will do. She is acting professional and supportive but she is in over her head and taking advantage of him.

Naturally, it turns the guy into a copy of Miranda while the real Miranda is on the run from The Illusive Man. Making the scientist a female is handy because she won't be very sympathetic to any complaints of, "Oh no, I've become brilliant, strong and a powerful biotic but I'm female. How can I live like this?!"

The scientist realizes that her mistake will put anyone looking for Miranda on her trail. She bolts.

The guy is going to have a very upset wife, learn about the danger he is in, run away, and wonder if he can trust another ex-Cerebus agent when he meets the real Miranda. Does Miranda use him as a decoy or look after him? How had her time on the Normandy affected her?

Oh, I loved the Mass Effect trilogy and didn't have any major problems with the ending.

From: rugal , 75 months, post #22
Or that, perhaps, he's injected with the DNA and such of various (human) members of Shepard's crew thus allowing him to turn into people like Miranda, or Jack, or etc. Maybe a sequence where, for "protection", he kidnaps and replaces someone like Traynor or Dr. Chakwas/Dr. Michel or Gabby without the crew's knowledge. Which then would naturally bring the "I'm the real one" scenario in which, if you choose wrong, he stays with you in that form for the rest of the game. Or maybe you bring them both on and he can act as a spy for you, maybe the injections have given him the ability to absorb the DNA of others to transform into them.

From: guest (themiths35) , 75 months, post #23
These are a pretty crazy ideas. I left a link for my story earlier, so if you guys would add to it, that would be amazing!!!

From: Allie , 75 months, post #24
One other interesting idea would be Dr. Archer's Overlord project (the basis of the DLC Overlord) is picke up again and perfected so that human consciencenous could be integrated into Geth platforms and other synthetics such as an infiltration unit like EDI's current body. Yes, it is very Ghost in the Shell like but it is plausible.


As per the ending of Mass Effect 3 being based upon this notion that humans and synthetics will always be at war; it's entirely fine as that. The two don't understand each other. There are multiple instances where the council shows such ignorance and because they don't understand something they decide to hide from it or destroy it (a great example is within the Citadel DLC that was just released). In theory machines vs humans is a common trope within sci-fi. Javek puts it best, "There can only be one superior form of life." A lot is explained within the Leviathan DLC as well. It seems your major gripe is that the end didn't turn out how you had wanted it, and that the writers shunned you and fans by giving you what they did, where this was the entire plan all along since Mass Effect was conceived as a trilogy from the very beginning. Maybe I am wrong but I think the series was the best out of any running trilogy in video games today.

From: rugal , 75 months, post #25
It makes no sense though because throughout three games you're introduced to that concept, then you have your expectations subverted via Legion and the revelation of the heretic Geth, and then you in fact bring about organic/synthetic understanding by ending the way between the Geth and Quarians and getting the Geth to help defend organic life from the threat of the Reapers.

So having a literal deus ex machina pop up and tell you "nope, none of that's important now do what I say" and if you refuse everyone dies anyway is completely awful. Yeah I'm mad I didn't get what I wanted because what I wanted was a coherent and satisfying conclusion to the story they had been telling and instead I got a pile of nonsense forced on me at the last minute with no foreshadowing from anything that had come before it up to that point. I wanted a big final showdown with Harbinger, maybe a Harbinger-controlled Illusive Man as a throwback to the end of ME1 except with even more desperation from both sides. What you get is a kid telling you a bunch of stuff that makes no sense given everything you've done in the series up to that point with choices that pop up with no forewarning, not even being remotely hinted at until they appear.

You mention Leviathan but it's nothing more than retroactive justification. The whole series was planned as a trilogy, sure, but if you think the story they ended up with in ME3 was most likely what they had planned from the beginning you're nuts because there's going to be huge changes when you dump the head writer (Drew Karpyshyn) for someone else (Mac Walters). Plus IIRC there's accounts from other writers about basically being locked out of the creative process at times in favor of what Hudson and Walters wanted to do as they hammered out their "LOTS OF SPECULATION FROM EVERYONE" deal.

In It For The Tank from the ME threads over at SA, who was a QA tester for ME3 and leaked a lot of stuff (screenshots of Diana Allers and the FemShep trailer, mentioning that there would be same-sex romances for Kaidan and Ashley--albeit the Ashley one got cut--, etc.), actually talked about how the story was changed significantly inbetween ME2 and ME3.

Remember Haestrom (where you got Tali) in ME2 and how Tali was there studying a build up of dark energy? And remember all the dark energy stuff in ME2? Well the Reapers were intended to be searching for a way to stop it from consuming everything. The Reaperization process was intended to fuse (horrifically) entire peoples/races together to ry and find ways to stop it and the Human Reaper from ME2 was a last ditch effort. The ending choice would've been destroying the Reapers and hoping that the galaxy is able to use its time left to find a way to stop things or sacrifice humanity hoping that it'll be what's needed to stop things.

The fact so much stuff was foreshadowed about dark energy in ME2 and then completely dropped in ME3 shows things weren't completely planned out at all.

From: rugal , 75 months, post #26
Follow up but it's also a further reference to a sci-fi novel called Revelation Space which was a huge, HUGE influence on Mass Effect's story. In both the ancient AI fleets are doing what they feel they must to save everything but as they're coming at it from the perspective of millions of years their actions, to everyone else, makes them seem like little more than beings who are evil and monstrous.

Which again works well with Sovereign's whole "so far beyond your understanding" deal from ME1 because we (as in the organic species in-game) CAN'T understand it. We don't have the millions of years of perspectve they would have.

From: Allie , 75 months, post #27
The Dark Energy issue I agree with. Though the whole Haesteom mission (I actually just replayed through that part -I'm finally doing a BroShep file) and it's really only brought up in that scene. I think it's a concept that can and most likely will be explored within the next trilogy and hopefully is brought to the front for Mass Effect 4. But when it comes to a forum poster who claims to have inside info with no legit proof (the FemShep trailer was known about for a long time since she is favored over the rather dull BroShep) or BioWare saying anything regarding it is null and void. If they actually did say something about it then I retract that last bit. A QA tester does not have access to previous scripts/treatments, they basically test the hell out of a game to make sure it's not going to crash on day 1 (aside from other tasks), so I don't see how legit his info could be.

As for the final 3 choices you have to decide between, they are very irrelevant to everything you've done until that point, but they are in fact an ultimatum to the conflict with the Reapers. Not once is it ever mentioned that the Reapers have any purpose other than to "harvest" and "preserve" life and then see where the next cycle goes (which would apparently be the same route as the last few). Leviathan's story clearly outlines how the Reapers came to be and what the basis for this process was, nothing to do with Dark Energy situation at all.

Being forced to make a choice at the very end is expected and while each ends the same (more-or-less) its about making the correct choice. Staying the path of the mission. The extended cut cleared that all up (maybe not in the most hand-holding way) but the way the Control ending played out bothered the hell out of me. It seemed so upbeat within dialog but the music was ominous and suggested something very dark was to come. Synthesis was always looked at as the "neutral" choice. Keeping everything as is and giving organically and synthetics total understanding of another by fusing the DNA. While Destroy is basically the course Shepard should be taking due to his/her mission since the beginning to stop the Reapers. It really always comes back to what choice you need to make.

There is a section in Citadel where you listen to an interview of David Anderson and he is asked a question about a soldier trusting their guy or going with their heart... It is very much applicable to the way the finale plays out. Sure, was Mass Effect 3 perfect? No. Was it a more Prometheus like deal where you're left with a few more questions than you began with and not everything makes sense? Yup. Is it possible official cannon novels will be releasd to straighten things out? Hopefully.

Idk. Idk anymore. >_> It's Saturday. Lets just say Mass Effect was fun. <_<

From: Allie , 75 months, post #28

I am actually enjoying that this thread, while it is slightly off topic is more sensible than other OT threads. Like the Tomb Raider one I started. Last time I ever decide to share something minor. -.-

From: Allie , 75 months, post #29
And while releasing Anne's idea:

Citadel DLC actually plays around with that idea somewhat.

From: guest (Anne O Muss) , 75 months, post #30
I can understand that people aren't happy with the ending. There are a handful of complaints that I can sympathize with but one that has come up here that I do disagree with - the inevitability of conflict between synthetics and organics.

It is very tempting to conclude that when I divine character who had never appeared earlier in a story shows up Deus Ex Machina at the end to tell you "what it all means," that the character is an avatar of the writers doing exactly that. I don't see it that way and don't believe that the ending argued for the inevitability of conflict between synthetics and organics. Honestly, my own take on the ending brought me firmly to the opposite conclusion.

When a character shows up at the end of a story espousing convoluted logic, cynicism and a pitiless view of the value of life, it could be because the writers lost their own story. Or it could be because He's.The.Bad.Guy. Not-so-fun-fact: When you get pissed off at the three choices and shoot at the Catalyst, he responds with Harbinger's voice. He drops the starchild schtick and reveals who he really was all along.

When the Catalyst claimed that conflicts between synthetics and organics is inevitable, I was struck by how wrong that claim really is. I kept thinking about Legion, EDI, and EDI's theory about how conflict between synths and organics could be avoided in the future. EDI showed me that the Catalyst was either deeply wrong or lying, my favorite option. Shepard kept coming back to all of her experiences with Legion and EDI and grew in the conviction that the Catalyst was full of it.

Shep's experiences with Mordin showed her the scientific and moral flaws in the Synthesis option but that will have to wait for another time. Temporarily distracted by some metaphysical razzle dazzle, she set off to what she had originally intended to do.

Harbinger's play was to keep Shepard from doing that. My own take on the ending borrows bits from Indoctrination Theory. The Reapers moved the Citadel to Earth, left the beam open but heavily defended because they wanted Shephard to be the only one to activate the Crucible. They hadn't encountered a fully operational Crucible and a galactic civilization strong enough to deploy it before. But they knew that the Crucible wasn't an anti-Reaper weapon. It was simply a weapon and could be turned on anyone.

Harbinger's play was that if they couldn't stop the Crucible from being built, they would manipulate Shepard into turning it against the organics. Granted my first playthrough on ME3 was after the EC came out. My theory may hold up better now than it did in the original ending.

The point is don't trust the murderous lunatic to explain what the series was all about no matter what spiritual trappings it wraps itself in. The heart of the series is how you respond to the murderous lunatic. My reaction was very specific to what the series meant to me and that is why I enjoyed the ending.

From: guest (Anne O Muss) , 75 months, post #31
Project Overlord and EDI is an interesting take on a Mass Effect TG story. I'd be tempted to have a female infiltration unit given memory implants from a male mind that it needs to carry out its mission. The male template may have technical expertise and other knowledge that the infiltration unit will need. A handy malfunction embeds the implants deeper. Questions of memory and identity abound.

But I think the best Mass Effect TG story is the chance to play Shepard as any gender and connect to the character over the course of the series. Honestly, the Citadel DLC fit in perfectly with how my Shepard had grown throughout the trilogy and I love that I know her well enough to see it.

From: Allie , 75 months, post #32
I agree about th endings. The Stargazer (Starchild) is Harbinger taking an innocent appearance to try and show Shepard the other options aside from destroying them. Because in ME3 there is an exchange between Shepard and EDI that has EDI showing a fear of death and Shepard finds this interesting that a synthetic is afraid of no longer existing in the ways organics do. So, of course the Reapers don't want to be destroyed so by offering two alternative options they can trick Shepard into helping their cause.

Control would turn Shepard into a Reaper as it's explained each Reaper is the embodiment if the cycle harvested. So, while the Reapers are helping to rebuild now they can fly off and come back and harvest everyone.

Synthises would bring upon the original intent of Soverigen from Mass Effect 1. Introducing Reaper code to organics would turn them into Reapers. This would allow for an easy harvest of all life, like flipping a switch and making them all willingly be liquified and be made into the human Reaper.

The entire choice is meant to provoke you as a person, as Shepard. Because with Destroy you are going to kill EDI. No one liked EDI in the beginning of Mass Effect 2, if you say otherwise you are a liar. As the game progressed and you saw how she was valuable and once she becomes unshackled how much she actually believes in Shepard's cause and in ME3 develops a deep relationship with Joker, it makes you think, "Do I really want to undo everything that's been accomplished with synthetics?" And it makes the other two choices seem much more appealing. and that is doing what it's intended to. Confuse and make you question yourself.

Mass Effect 3 overall furthers this point that nothing is as simple as it seems or was in the past, but making your dialog choices add to your reputation and not just Paragon or Renegade. Nothing is black and white anymore.

The Extended Cut also disproved nearly all of Indoctrination Theory and even without the ExC there were many ways to disprove it off the bat. Example: People questioned how Hackett knew Shepard made it aboard the Citadel... Biometrics. Pull up a scanner that can show any living being on the Citadel and you will see Shepard's Biometrics show up. The ExC just gave more dialog and change it to where Hackett confirms Shepard made it. The bit about how after being knocked down by the blast you can see burnt trees... You could see those while charging the beacon (also before the ExC added the scene where it explains what happens to your two squadmates). The whole "black oil" invading the screen during the confrontation with the Illusive Man, Anderson and Shepard isn't the Reapers indoctrination upon Shep... but

CITADEL SPOILER: The Illusive Man is entirely indoctrinated by the beginning of Mass Effect 3 as confirmed by a character during the story part of Citadel. (This is only available if you wait to start the DLC before launching the attack on Cronos Station -point of no return-)

The Stargazer is the only true enigma of the game because it could be that the child we see in the beginning could be a figment of Shepard's imagination (not something planted by the Reapers) that is signifying that unlike the last game, you won't be able to save everyone this time around. It could be a real child, and the argument about the Alliance soldiers ignoring him at the shuttle could be caused by panic and confusion due to Earth being invaded by the machines of death. Or it actually could be a plant by the Reapers. Either way, it sticks with Shepard because when the child dies in the shuttle explosion it does prove that not everyone can be saved and people will die.

Eitherway I loved the trilogy and everything it did and am excited to see what we get with Mass Effect 4.

As for Project Overlord, I always thought back to Lawnmower Man. The references are there and it's definitely an inspiration for Overlord, and I go back to the scene in which Jobe's friend is killed by a guard and he uses his newly acquired powers to force the man to shoot himself in the head. I also read that in the scenes of which Jobe has "sex" with the blonde he actually takes over her body... These make me wonder if all it would take in an advancement of Project Overlord would be that anyone with a specific implant (not a biotic implant like Jack's) but special synthetic implants or any specific type already in use, could allow the user inside the Project to take control, so they would be able to control not just infiltration units or pure synthetics but organics with these implants as well.

From: guest (Venom31245) , 75 months, post #33
I think a TG idea with Shepard or a crewmate would be cool.

Not to go off topic but...

My problem with the ending is that not one time does Shepard ask the Catalyst A.I. "Why the fuck do you look like the kid I saw die, and keep seeing in re-accuring nightmares?! Are you fucking with my head, have you been the whole time since I first saw you? Did you even exist in the first place?! No one else sees you, and no one else reacts to you. Come to think of it no one even helped you onto the escape shuttle. It was like the couldn't even see you. I don't think you were real at all!" Thus leading Shepard to not trust the A.I. But no, there was not one word. I don't know about anyone else but if I saw a kid die and then had nightmares constantly about it, then saw an A.I. that looked exactly like the kid, that would be my first and foremost question before anything else.

Also one thing that never made sense is if the Catalyst is the Citadel and appears to control it in someway, how did the Protheans manage to block the signal to the Keepers? Isn't this redundant since the Citadel can think for itself and thus doesn't need keepers to start the Reaper invasion?

I think they should have stuck with Drew as the lead writer for all 3 games. I don't know about anyone else but when I started playing ME3 I thought "Why aren't they talking about dark energy like in part 2, and why do all the Reapers look the same? I thought they took the traits of the species used to make them. And if not, then why were they trying to make a human one? Why is there no info about how humans are special and genetically diverse compared to the rest of the galaxy like in part 2?" Then the things set up in part 2 would have been brought to light in part three and made much more sense in my opinion. But someone at EA or Bioware had the bright idea to take him off of ME3 and said "You are going to write our Knights of the Old Republic MMO instead of finishing your trilogy." Good job EA/Bioware!

Don't get me wrong, I love the Mass Effect series and 3 was a great game up until the end. It just felt rushed and unfinished. They should have taken their time and let Drew finish the series as intended instead of splitting up the team to do other projects.

Sorry for the rant just needed to vent.

From: rugal , 75 months, post #34
That's the problem really, I think ME2 was still written with Drew's notes/outlines whereas ME3 was all Walters and Hudson and the decline in quality, story-wise, from game to game is obvious. ME1 might not be remotely perfect on the gameplay front but I think it's the overall most satisfying game in the series because the writing is tight, the story is interesting and entertaining, the characters are all well-written, and even if Mako exploration could be a pain I still liked that it gave the sense that you were a little fish in this giant galactic pond as you flew and explored the unknown and the farthest outposts of life.

And even with the better gameplay in the later two games there are no missions in them that I consider as overall engaging or as enjoyable as Feros or the entire end run of the game from Illos through to the ending. It's a great complete story but with the promise of more adventure in the future. There's still stuff in the later games I like (ME3's gameplay is definitely better and the Scorpion is probably my favorite weapon in the series plus it really made the Engineer, my favorite class, really fun; they both have some of my favorite CHARACTERS in the series i.e. Jack, Samara, and Kasumi) but on the whole I think everything comes together a lot better in ME1.

From: Allie , 75 months, post #35
The thing is no one can really say how much of Drew's treatment (or even a script he had already completed) was used. It could be the case where 90% of his work was used or it could be the... *shudder* Natural Born Killers deal again (which was Tarantino sold his NBK screenplay to Warner Bros. who optioned it to Olive Stone who rewrote it with 2 friends and it bares almost no resemblance to Tarantino's original screenplay).

I don't think you could blame a rushed product, even though that's what EA is now infamous for (Medal of Honor: Warfighter) because ME3 had the same development window as ME2 did. Drew is most likely heading up the story for Dragon Age III, and it wouldn't hurt considering how poor the reviews were for Dragon Age 2 when Origins was phenomenal. The story in ME1 was without question the best. It was extremely consistent and focused on the one thing, stopping Saren. ME2 I can see why you would say the missions aren't as engaging, but personally I disagree as the missions pertain to the main aspect of the story: building your team. Whereas Mass Effect had you playing cat and mouse with Saren, ME2 has you going from planet to planet to build up a team, and then gain their loyalty. In a sense, it's more character based than mission based. Horizon, the "disabled" Collector ship, the derelict Reaper, and the Collector Base were the only true-to-original missions within ME2. Hell, I give BioWare credit because they were able to basically turn an extended DLC into a fullfledged game (seriously ME2 did feel like an extended DLC in the grand scheme of it all). The game also got rid of the puzzles and backtracking. The combat was much better, while ME1's combat was workable, ME2 and 3 especially took it above and beyond.

There are many questions still to be answered with Mass Effect 3's ending. Espically if you choose Destroy and have seen the extended cut's little difference in ending scenes, and if you have a high enough EMS rating. I look forward to what happens in the series next as long as they don't Phantom Menace it.

From: guest (imaj) , 75 months, post #36
I'm going to bite on rugal's DNA absorption idea. I'll post a little fragment somewhere once I've got something meaningful and see if people want it continued.

From: guest (Venom31245) , 75 months, post #37
Sounds good imaj!

From: guest , 5 months, post #38
If anyone is still looking for the original post this fits the bill

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