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Mass Effect TG stories?
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From: guest (him) , 98 months, post #1
Anyone know any TG stories involving the characters of Mass Effect 2?

From: guest (Tsu) , 98 months, post #2
i'd love to read a human male to asari transformation story

From: guest , 98 months, post #3
Personally I'd like to see something happen where Shepard's body was reconstructed to that of a female at the start of Mass Effect 2. Was disappointed when gender wasn't an option for character recreation.

From: guest , 98 months, post #4
Not a story, but I guess some of the videos of this guy come close:

Though I'd personally love to see a video (or story) where Shepard ends up as Kelly Chambers or Miranda or something...

From: guest (zap) , 98 months, post #5
considering all of the programming they did in ME2 to carry your shepard over it wouldn't have been possible to change your gender (due to the romances, past character reactions, etc.). Hell, it STILL doesn't make sense in the game that you can change your appearance and everyone recognizes you, but you're still male and it still works fine.

Same reason why in Dragon age 2 you couldn't use the ring of transformation to change gender, only appearance

From: guest (themiths35) , 75 months, post #6
Hey, this is an old post, but I created a story on based on this. here's a link, so come check it out.

From: dis_guise , 75 months, post #7
Despite the pun, this is totally NOT related to Mass Effect!

The artist has drawn female characters from Mass Effect but not any TG stuff as far as I know.

From: Allie , 75 months, post #8
Asari's are the most ignorant race ever, I laughed in ME3 when Thessia was lost. Moving on...

I always thought it would be extremely interesting to see a F2F swap with Jack and Miranda. The relationship those two have is extremely amusing and volatile so seeing Jack end up as the Cerberus cheerleader would have been worth it alone.

Also, speaking of Mass Effect 3 I always thought it was interesting that EDI never got an "infiltration" outfit. EVA's body lost it's "skin" on Mars but you would think EDI could possibly procure the necessary technology to fully blend in with humans... Just a thought.

There was also a STRONG suspicion that came up amongst fans after Mass Effect 2 that Ashley or Kaiden weren't themselves anymore (after Horizon) and were fully indoctrinated by Harbinger who was controlling the Collectors... Considering Harbinger was strong enough to control the "head" of the Collectors and then forefully takeover the bodies of Collector soldiers, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for him to have control over Ash/Kaiden... Which would then been possible to carry over into ME3 when they don't fully trust Shepard, and then it would be revealed during the Coup...

Another possibility would be what would have happened if Shepard was captured by the Collectors for their proto-Reaper. You always hear Harbinger saying he wants Shepard alive, and during the suicide mission he says he needs Shepard... And based upon Reaper mythology each Reaper is an embodiment of a specific cycle (which is amusing since every major Reaper (not the smaller ones like on Tuchunka) all look the same... It would be interesting to see a Shepard Reaper.

There are also many ways that a form of possession could actually be incorporated into Mass Effect. The Dominate power you get for completing Leviathan could eventually manifest itself in much power dominant form for Shepard to fully control the body of an enemy. Rachni (if given a second chance on Noveria) could evolve as well and their power to control dead or dying creatures could grow stronger to where they can control living and fully healthy ones. Cerberus could also use indoctrination in a stronger form and imprint the personality of one of their operatives into the mind of another. They could also develop infiltration bots (like EVA) that have (in-theory) T-1000 like transformation abilities within the facial regions... If this was incorporated into EVA on Mars in ME3, it would have been amusing to see her more her head into Liara's to periodically check in ok the Prothean dig site...

And I just rambled on in uber fan-girl mode.


From: Allie , 75 months, post #9
Just to add ok too all of that, in Mass Effect 2 there are two instances of interest that I just remembered:

1) When you are doing Samara's loyalty mission, if you respond to Morinth's attempts at controlling you using (in my experience) Paragon dialog option the whole way you get the choice to choose to kill Samara or Morinth (if you choose the neutral option -middle right- you automatically choose to kill Morinth). If you kill Samara, Shepard voices concern about the rest of the crew finding out, to which Morinth replies that she can mimic her own mother. Aboard the Normandy you see Morinth dressed in Samara's outfit and when you speak with her in private, she sounds like Morinth, but with the team she sounds like Samara. Note that the same voice actress plays both Samara and Morinth and they share the same face.

2) When you first speak with Aria in Omega, you get scanned. Shepard will make a comment about them doing a lousy job checking for weapons, to which Aria replies about her needing to make sure Shepard is actually Shepard and, "That could be anyone wearing your face." Which suggests extensive facial reconstruction surgery, gene therapy or a Total Recall (2012) device. It also would explain a lot about Miranda looking nothing like her generic twin Oriana. Since Miranda was genetic engineered to be a superior being, there was obviously cosmetic traits taken from woman for her looks to be what they are. Considering a project that is as extensive as Project Lazarus was, it wouldn't be shocking for people to have perfect facial reconstruction to look like someone else. (Hell, Fallout 3 even allows you to change your face and race, and this was hundreds of years after nukes dropped for two straight hours.)

From: tocoda , 75 months, post #10
Not to derail the conversation, sorry, but whenever I feel like replaying the trilogy, and getting the best routes for both Paragon and Renegade, with 100% everything, I know who to ask, lol.

From: Allie , 75 months, post #11
Lol. Well, the trilogy itself has such rich lore and an amazing universe... I have played all 3
games countless times and am actually beginning a new ME3 file because the final story DLC comes out tomorrow (I think it is accessible after the Coup). It is just interesting to play all 3 games in a pure role and then in Mass Effect 3 mix it up since the dialog mainly adds to reputation as a whole as opposed to just Paragon or Renegade.

There are many interesting possibilities for fanfic stories that could involve transformation or body swapping within the Mass Effect universe, and a lot of the lore already established allows for it.

From: rugal , 75 months, post #12
Eh, I LOVED ME1. Didn't like ME2 as much because of the shift to more shootery gameplay and the weak plot (that was practically non-existant and when it WAS it wound up doing really stupid things like the end of Horizon). ME3 is just... ugh. Not even for the ending either, it just gets so many little things wrong that it ruined the experience for me enough to not even want to finish it.

As for TG Mass Effect fanfic, yeah some would be nice. There's enough attractive females that I'd want to see Male Shepard turn into, body swap with, or possess.

From: Allie , 75 months, post #13
I loved the entire trilogy's story. ME2 took a vigilante route for Shepard considering the Council still denied the existence of the Reapers, and Cerberus was well aware of the threat they posed, with intentions to possibly use Shepard to destroy the Council. There are many theories to what could have happened had Shepard stayed with Cerbrus... The end of the Horizon mission was hinting at Mass Effect 3 with Ashley (or Kaiden) admiring Shepard but not trusting him. (For those who never did the ME1 side mission to investigate the Cerberus bases, there was more than enough reason there for Ash/Kaiden not to trust Shepard.) It also built on character development which was rather minimal in ME1. Sure, Garrus and Wrex had their personal missions, but it's not until ME2 that you slowly start to care more about all the crew and learn about them (which ends up being a factor into the final mission). In a way ME2 was a long bridge into ME3.

From: guest , 75 months, post #14
I have always thought there was a huge opportunity for tg in Mass effect, especially with the dr eve infiltration unit, or what ever her name was

From: tocoda , 75 months, post #15
Man, I replayed 1 sooo many times, and never quite finished 2.... why? Because I got it in my system that I wanted to go back to 1, and create the perfect file to transfer to 2....But, real life stuff happens, and am still not even starting on this.....and 3... well, have only done multiplayer. I really need to find the essential way to traverse everything in 1, 2, and then 3 when the time comes, to get my "perfect" run through the trilogy.

PS, love this ME discussion.

From: rugal , 75 months, post #16
The annoying thing is that having a perfect save file or anything really has little to no effect on ME3 at all. For the most part choices you've made have little actual impact on anything that happens. Killed off a character in ME2? No worries, a poorly developed replacement is there to take their place so events can still play out mostly the same way. Not to mention the fact that the ending is a complete abomination that not only doesn't build up on any of the story established throughout the series but in fact doesn't even build up on the story you've been playing throughout the entirety of ME3.

The gameplay's alright but Mass Effect was never going to be a great shooter: if I wanted to play a cover shooter I'd buy Gears of War after all. The appeal of the ME universe were the characters and setting and overall story and while it slipped up a bit in ME2 they completely stumbled, dropped, and broke it in ME3 as the only thing doing this or that in the previous games does is add to your whatever it is score for the Catalyst... yippee.

From: tocoda , 75 months, post #17
Ugh, thanks for confirming stuff for ME3. I was a bit low on info on ME3 (to not spoil anything, but little by little I learned more...), seems I might just go for two, straight up paragon and renegade runs through the trilogy. I will make time, and just get it over with.

And yea, about the rest you say, Rugal, I agree. The EA effect I guess, quite sad.

From: Allie , 75 months, post #18
I found the ending (and by ending I mean the last 5 minutes of actual gameplay and choices) to be more of an ultimatum. Instead of being a purly black and white choice you have to ask yourself what are you willin to do in order to reach your main goal.

Everything you did within the first 2 games makes a difference to how Mass Effect 3 plays out. Sure, some throwaway characters are added should a major one die, but the outcomes are different than they would be with a surviving character. In a way, it compels you to actually have a file that is as perfect as perfect can be to see how the game should end (assuming BioWare intended the cannon story to be full paragon).

The DLC also adds to

From: Allie , 75 months, post #19
(sorry for two posts I am on an iPhone ATM)

The DLC from ME2 also adds to the outcome of certain situations in ME3. For example; if you have Kasumi (available through the ME2 DLC: Stolen Memory) you have the chance to acquire 2 major war assets as opposed to having to choose between one or the other (based on your action). ME3's DLC adds to the lore with the Protheans and Reapers. One is a failed attempt at nostalgia while the final story DLC (Citadel) is purely cheesy fan service that is the perfect addition to the trilogy when it comes to the characters.

From: rugal , 75 months, post #20
Barely, all of the changes are incredibly minor and ultimately don't really affect much of anything.


The ending's problem is that it does not build on absolutely anything. It presents the idea that organics and synthetics will always go to war and wipe each other out. If this came up after ME1 then that's something I could buy but after ME2 and learning about the Geth from Legion, and then ME3 where you literally end the war between the Quarian and Geth creating peace between both and then you're told "nope, you have to do this and you only get these choices" and refusing to do that gets you a "rocks fall everyone dies" ending because Hudson and Walters were irritated at the response it got originally.

Characters may die or not be present but ultimately these don't change the story in any significant way. For the most part the same events still happen regardless and your actions across each game wind up mattering little beyond ultimately whether or not you get some points from them being around.

I'm not saying this as someone hating the series either. I bought a 360 over a PS3 purely for ME1 and ME2. Pre-ordered both 2 and 3. I've played through 1 a dozen times and 2 nearly as many and though I have a bit of problems with 2 I still really enjoy the game (especially the Shadow Broker DLC and Tela Vasir who's one of my favorite characters in the series). I say it as a person who loves/loved the series that ME3 dropped the ball massively. I think one of the biggest examples you can point to of your choices not mattering is what you do with a few characters: if you let Rana Thanoptis live you'd expect her to have some kind of role in ME3, instead you just get a brief news email stating she was indoctrinated, killed some people, then died. Or helping Emily Wong in ME1 ultimately has zero effect on anything because she's killed off in a freakin' viral PR campaign on Twitter so they could shove Diana Allers (who's quite possibly the worst character in the series or tied with Kai Leng) onto the Normandy because they thought players really wanted to virtually nail a chick from IGN. It's just in general, it feels like nothing you do mattered and the characters were ultimately meaningless because Hudson and Walters had their totally cool ending to the detriment of the rest of the game's storytelling.

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