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Peru Lalola?
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This is a Peruvian remake of the Argentinean series Lalola for Frecuencia Latina. Lola is played by Gianella Neyra. It started January 20 2011.
From: guest (marc1013) , 142 months, post #61
we all know that the peru lola is destined for bikinis and short skirts he just does not know it himself yet

From: guest , 142 months, post #62
Didn't the Chilean Lola wear a one piece swimsuit in an episode? The Peru Lola dresses like he wants it bad.

From: guest , 137 months, post #63
The last episode is near. I'm guessing it's going to take the usual way out and have him stay in his woman body? Lame.

From: guest (Scipio) , 137 months, post #64
I disagree. The good people in Peru are doing "Lalola", not some generic TG story. Anyone who does Lalola should do Lalola faithfully. If one were doing, say, Treasure Island, would some people feel it was lame that Jim Hawkins takes his treasure back to his mother and that scalywag John Silver sneaks away with his share to live another day? Maybe, just to be "fresher," they should have Jim thrown to the sharks, which incites Ben Gunn to cut Silver's throat in revenge?

As given to us, Lalola is the best tg story ever written, and its whole development leads logically to its cheerful and heartwarming ending. Almost every other tg story is a borefest that ends with the guy getting changed back, his experience pointless. This is the circular writing of the wornout sitcom technique; if one wants something lame, that's "lame." There are things that most viewers want from a retelling of Laola. They want it to be about a man who doesn't want to be a woman but becomes one, has a romantic and amusing time living the life of one, and in the end has a choice of going back or not going back, and decides that it will be better for him, personally, to continue to live and love as a woman. As long as the story is called "Lalola" that is how the story is supposed to end. Why turn a classic into a piece of hackwork? Just like I don't want Hawkins to go to the sharks, I don't want Lola to become Lalo again. The story is better that way.

The worst retellings of Lalola have been those that have mucked up the ending. "Ele e Ela" took indecent liberties with the story, especially the ending, and that disaster lasted only some 28 episodes. People who don't care for the traditional ending of Lalola are free to watch other shows (there's lots of awful tg out there). But the Laola story is seamless robe made, one from craftmanship at its best, and this fan likes it just the way that the genius of Argentine TV created it to be.

I hope Mexico actually does do its own Laola story, and that they do it in the tried and true way, the romantic tale that has pleased audiences across the world. After all, there is lots of life in Treasure Island and Lalola even yet.

From: guest (Guest 2) , 137 months, post #65
Totally agree with Scipio. Ele e Ela was sooooooo disappointing. To top it off they couldn't even decide on 1 ending. They actually had 2 that they posted online. :::sigh:::

I haven't heard anything about Mexico in a long time. They probably aren't making it. Just like the U.S.

From: guest (Robbie) , 137 months, post #66
I agree with guest, but to each their own. I prefer the Chilean version of Lola better than the LaLola versions.

From: guest , 137 months, post #67
I know it's a fictional tv show but I just don't understand how a man can just throw away his manhood like that. I can understand if you're transgender but if you're not, it just doesn't make sense. You're basically saying goodbye to your penis and saying hello to periods and pregnancy. I honestly don't know how the Lalo character deals with it knowing that he use to be a man and now he's a woman letting a man insert his penis in your vagina now. It's weird. I just think there should be a level playing field in the Lalola universe. There should be more Lalolas where the Lalo wants to go back to being a man and gets with the Grace character and has sex with her finally.

From: guest (Guest 2) , 137 months, post #68
Robbie, I'm sorry that this show doesn't meet your expectations but it's a modeled telenovela. All the other regions basically buy the model and then adapt the scripts to fit their culture but the premise usually remains the same. There is a basic story structure that they follow and that's revolved around a romance. YOu can't have a romance if the protagonist constantly rejects the love interest. That's why the main character adapts to being a woman. Now in the Brazil adaptation the culture agrees that a man becoming a woman is weird and that's why Lola doesn't follow the original model. Portugal also went that route.

The only thing that I can say to counter the argument that "it's weird" is that men and women have different brain chemistry. Lalo has memories of being a man but is essentially a heterosexual woman biologically. Why is that such a difficult premise to grasp? It may not be to your taste but it's logical. Now if Lalo was forced to have a SRS I'd find that hard to believe.

From: guest (Robbie) , 137 months, post #69
Guest 2, I prefer Lola because I feel it is a better body swap story line. I enjoy how each episode of Lola deals with the curse and Lalo's quest to get back to his original body. It is also a very powerful love story and to me much more in depth than LaLola. LaLola has the protagonist turn into a woman and then slowly fall in love and ultimately reject his old life when he has the chance to go back. That's pretty much the whole story. Lola is much more logical. Lalo is turned into a woman, is horrified, tries to get back and discovers Estrella has "died". He then tries to adapt, sees a psychiatrist, falls for Gonzalo (kind of), moves in with him, moves out, has to come to terms with the change with his mother and father, spurns Grace etc. He even starts to enjoy being a woman until Grace has an intervention with him. He then meets Pepa in his old body and there's another whole twist to the story as they both try to get back to the bodies together. Lalo then has to deal with her abusive boyfriend, attempts to marry Pepa, has the curse reversed twice during the process and the second time back discovers his body is pregnant thanks to Pepa having some fun when they switched. He then has to deal with pregnancy and the ultimate knowledge that he will not go back to his body. Grace even asks him at one point as to why he just doesn't accept this, and be happy? I'd agree the production values are not as good as some of the LaLola adaptations, but with my general understanding of spanish, I just found the Chilean version to be much more enjoyable to my tastes for the reasons mentioned above. I do of course understand why people may disagree with me and prefer LaLola.

From: guest , 137 months, post #70
So I guess the Lalola story says that your soul does not have a certain sexual orientation and that your sexual orientation is decided by the body you're in? Lalo has memories of inserting his unit into women and then all of a sudden he's in a woman's body and wants a man's unit inside of him? I just wish there would be some discussion of that in the story. Lalo should at least acknowledge that he use to have a unit and use to insert it into women. The Chilean version would have been better if we had seen Lola in more sexy dresses and skirts. I know he didn't like men but he could have used his sexy female body to his advantage. It would have been awesome to seen him in his Lola body in some lingerie and heels or a dress at a club.

From: guest (another guest) , 137 months, post #71
you know i don't know about you but I don't speak spanish. maybe all of this is covered in the dialogue.

From: guest , 137 months, post #72
Lalo is different from the other series because it was made for a TV station owned by a Catholic University, so they had to stick to a somewhat strict interpretation of what was acceptable. While they don't outright condemn homosexuality, they couldn't't have the main character turning gay, and they considered that irrespective of the body, the soul was that of a man, so he couldn't end up with another guy.

So they had the body be heterosexual and have urges to be with a guy, but internally, Lola always felt it was wrong. They didn't even have him/her "cave in", but instead made him have a lot of dreams kissing the male interest (which always ended up in him waking up horrified) and then having him think that he was dreaming. He went and kissed the other guy voluntarily, because he thought that that way he would wake up, never because he surrendered to the temptation of the body. Lola became mortified when he realized he wasn't dreaming.

It's funny, though, because they had no problem with Lola kissing another guy, but they couldn't show him kissing his girlfriend, because physically that was gay, so they had those off-screen, and with a lot of hesitation from his girlfriend's part.

To me, the continuing resistance by Lalo kept the TG theme alive, while in the others it became almost irrelevant. Except for some comedic laughs here and there because of the character's inexperience with being a woman, they became just regular soaps. The Chilean version had the entire quest to return to normal and the tension derived from how much giving in to the new identity and how much to retain of your old self.

From: guest , 137 months, post #73
Wise words and very true. I just think it was a shame that the Chilean Lola wasn't allowed to dress up in short dresses or skirt suits. I know he fought his transformation but he should have used his female body to his advantage more often. He only used his female body to his advantage maybe a handful of times.

From: guest (Zevev) , 137 months, post #74
I have to say that I've with Guest 2 and Scipio. You hit the nail on the head, Guest 2. But I'd go further to say that not only a biological change, but also an emotional change had been part of the magical spell. So much of the discomfort about Lola accepting to consort with guys would go away if the premise of the show was really understood. Lola has the full compliment of female emotions and drives. The conflict inside her comes from her memory of her old likes and Lalo's old behaviorial patterns, not from from any misorientation of orientation in her present shape. It just takes her time to get used to the reality of how much of a woman she really is.

I've read about reincarnation and the belief is that differentiated male and female souls do not exist. Souls are dually sexual and can act in either male or female patterns. This pattern is usually consistant with the physical sex of birth. (In Lola's case, magic has made the female pattern become dominant). Hynotic regressions confirm that normal lives as males and normal lives as females are routine for each soul.

The way that the original LLL went was smartest way to go, in order to please the greatest number of the audience. It was aimed at middle class female viewers, who were pleased to see one used to being a man experience a life like theirs, and (by eventually embracing it) affirm the worth of that sort of life. This may be a hard POV to get across because the readers of this forum are very far from the mindset of middle class women (who enjoy a classic office romance story, including this one with its unique and amusing twist). Where women are still struggling for full status in the male world of business Lalola will be most popular (which leaves out the US). .

Guest 2, are you sure that Brazil ever had a Lalola show of its own? I've never found a trace of it. You don't seem to be confusing it with the Portuguese Ele E Ela, so where can we get information about this other show? Are there any viewable videos on the net? By the way, the alternate ending of EEE ,where she stays female, could not please even its fans who wished she'd smarten up and enjoy her life more, because there was no likelihood she could ever make that choice. The whole show was about her gloom at her fate. That never changed to the very end. (Silly people; if LLL is not done as an optimistic romance, it is nothing at all. If it doesn't affirm womanhood, what is the point of it all?) For a show that had gone so far wrong, the FTM choice EEE made was the only rational one. The LLL viewer's satisfaction comes from seeing what a wonderful woman Lola evolves into, and knowing that she will indeed have much to give and much to receive is she says female. I don't know how the Peru show will end, but so far they have been dead-on upon the right track. It will it would be illogical if she made the same choice that Juliet in Portugal or Lola in Chile made. Their choices had been long forshadowed.

From: guest (Guest2) , 137 months, post #75
I'm probably confusing Brazil with Chile. I was trying to refer to Lola.

From: guest , 136 months, post #76
Well, he caved like the story goes and decided to keep his vagina and have babies.

From: guest (Avido737) , 136 months, post #77
Post #76, are you speaking of the Peru show? If so, you're saying is actually good news to a Laola fan. I wanted such a great lady to be happy and she has chosen the best way to do it. I assume you are also saying that the final show of the series has been run. Too bad it ends so soon; I had hoped it would run over 200 shows, like some others had. But now that we know its a good show with a good, logical ending, I'm ready to pay for the DVDs, if any ever come out with English.

People, was the last show of Margosha last year the announced end of the series? Probaby, but I have always hoped not. They ran a year longer than most LLL shows (240 episodes), why not a 4th season? Picking what a lot of fans would call the wrong man could lead to a lot of anguish for Margo and a lot of story possibilities.

From: guest (Lalo) , 32 months, post #78
So after so long i am going to try and revive this thread. Most of the Lalola Peru episodes were deleted from youtube. Does anyone know where they are available online? Doesn't really need to be subbed or HD.

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