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Peru Lalola?
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This is a Peruvian remake of the Argentinean series Lalola for Frecuencia Latina. Lola is played by Gianella Neyra. It started January 20 2011.
From: Holly Dunn , 144 months, post #41
Another promo video with some short scenes from multiple episodes:!/video/video.php?v=498148494639

I am guessing this will be a daily show from this video as the original Lalola had similar scenes over the first 10 or so episodes. Anyone have any word if it is daily or weekly?

From: guest (Guest2) , 144 months, post #42
Premieres tonight. Here's hoping it gets posted to youtube.

From: guest (Guest2) , 144 months, post #43
It's gotta be the 5 day a week format. It's got way too many similarities to the Argentina and Spanish series.

From: Tuggy24g , 144 months, post #44
If anyone knows where to find the episodes I know we all like to know. This Lalola looks really good!

From: Holly Dunn , 144 months, post #45

not great quality, but it is there.

From: Tuggy24g , 144 months, post #46
I could care less about quality. Just as long as I can watch it is good with me.

From: guest , 144 months, post #47
The lesson to be learned from Lalola is to be nice to women and don't treat them like pieces of meat or you'll wind up with boobs and vagina.

From: guest (Zevev) , 144 months, post #48
I don't really agree, #47. That Lalo wasn't so good to women is only spice to a long, well-crafted tale. It's usually enjoyable to see someone getting a hard time of it if they deserve it somehow. But let's get real. Lalo behavior was St. Francis compared to a lot of real life situations. Lalo's mistake is a common one, failing to see himself in the experiences of others. Lalola is about the unity of the human spirit behind different shapes and sex roles. With experience, a different perspective allows Lalo to find what needs to know to be a better person, how to love and be loved.

From: guest (Avido737) , 144 months, post #49
I watched the first two shows of the Peruvian Lola last night on Seriesperu. It is staying very close to the Argentinian, except they covered ground in 2 shows that took Argentina 3 shows to do. It blows the mind to think that the Peruvians haven't seen any more LLL shows yet than us viewers.

From: Tuggy24g , 144 months, post #50
SO far it is alright. There are better, but this one works!

From: guest (John117) , 144 months, post #51
The star, Gianella Neyra, has many pictures available on the net. She's no Venus, but a handsome, strong featured woman, like Spain's Marina Gatell was. Marina was an especially talented comic and a fun Lola. We hope Gianella will be, too. She's about 35. At about 25 she was even more of a traffic stopper. But who wasn't? I hope the Mexican show gels; the actress is hugely pretty.

From: guest (Guest2) , 144 months, post #52
Gianella Neyra is doing a fine job, but at this point I'm surprised Peru is following the Argentina so verbatimly. I figured they'd shake their interpretation up a little bit like the Spanish, Greek, Russian and Dutch versions did. Now I'm mostly just skimming the Peruvian episodes. Gianella is pretty hot at 35 and she's definitely got the best cleavage but her splayed leg routine is wearing a little thin. One thing I appreciated about the Russian and Dutch versions was how simple Lola and Margo dressed, wore their hair and makeup. Over time they evolved. Maybe the Mexican version will embrace this. Or not. Oh why can't their be a US, UK or Australian version?

From: guest (Robbie) , 144 months, post #53
Guest2, if you haven't already, you should watch the Chilean Lola. I think she out cleavages the Peru actress.

From: guest , 144 months, post #54
Blanca Lewin's breasts are probably the biggest a Lalola character has ever had. It's a shame she wasn't able to wear skirts or dresses that much on the Chile Lola. I do give that show props though because the character fought the change and never slept with a man.

From: guest (Ogdorf) , 144 months, post #55
I like Blanca Lewin, but don't care for the way that her show presented Lola. A little lesbian style and transsexual angst is watchable, but 274 hours is too much.

What's wrong if a version of Lola lets her accept her fate and accept love as a real woman? Who is harmed? It affirms womanhood without denigrating manhood. We have Facundo to teach us, and Lola, what a good man should be. If a character is continually at odds with his other half (Lalo vs Lola) we can guess way ahead of time that the writers will change him back. There is no surprises; it all runs in a circle.

By the way, is putting up new episodes of Peru's Lola within hours of the debut. The story is moving rather quickly. I wonder if they are planning for a shorter run than most?

From: guest , 144 months, post #56
There's nothing wrong with it. I just don't get it. I mean the character spends a lot of time trying to figure out the identity of his female body and where the woman in his male body is. They meet and talk about how they've been in each others' bodies and then say goodbye and stay in each others' bodies. It's like all that work was for nothing. I just don't see a lot of men staying in a woman's body when they have the chance to go back to their original male body. A lot of men may think it's hot or cool to be a woman but I would figure most of them would not want to be a woman for more than a day. And seriously, would you dress the way these Lalola characters dress if you were trapped in a woman's body? Would you wear such revealing things without worry?

From: guest (Scipio) , 144 months, post #57
Guest, you're talking about reality and Ogdorf is talking about fantasy romance. Two different things. Of course most people would be miserable if they got a change of sex against their will. But that's not the point. The point is what does one want to see for entertainment. Myself, I don't watch characters being miserable. It's an attractive fantasy for a character to find himself in a life he didn't want, but ends up discovering something new about life and ends up better off than before. But granted, some viewers want one thing and some want another. Somebody must want all the junk that's on television, or the producers couldn't get away with what they put on.

From: guest , 142 months, post #58
What would you do if you were put into this situation? Would you make up a false identity for the female body you were occupying? Would you try to find the witch to reverse the spell? How would you react to seeing your body with someone in it?How would you dress?

From: guest (Robbie) , 142 months, post #59
Good questions guest. I think I'd react like the Chilean Lola. I'd fight for my manhood back. I don't know how many people would actually want a fantasy like TG for example to actually become a reality, because then obviously, it's not a fantasy anymore. The grass is always greener until you get there. There are so many things we can control once we are born (if we're lucky). Our jobs, where we live, our professions etc. We can't control our gender/sex/height/ethnicity among other things. We may not be happy with life's lottery, but we may be even more unhappy if we woke up as LaLola Peru because again, it was not our choice.

From: guest , 142 months, post #60
I think the Chilean Lola is the best outcome because he got his male body back and did not want to have a vagina for the rest of his life. And he rarely wore skirts or dresses which I'm guessing he didn't want to comform to his female body all the way. His time as a woman wasn't a picnic because he dealt with sexism at his job. I still wish he had taken advantage of his female body. Wasn't there one episode where he wore a black dress to try to seduce Grace's boyfriend?

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