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TG in one of the latest That Guy With The Glasses videos (Atop the Fourth Wall)
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Atop the Fourth Wall & Spoony Experiment Review Warrior 2-3
Gender, Inanimate, Male
A crossover between the comic book reviewing web series "Atop the Fourth Wall" (hosted by "Linkara") featuring Spoony as his "Dr. Insano" character (both series can be found on That Guy With The Glasses). The "plot" of the review sees Dr. Insano's counterpart from another universe travelling int ...more
From: guest (Sailing Away) , 110 months, post #21
Clearly someone is a troll if they don't agree with you, right? I mean what else could it be?

From: guest (Walk in) , 110 months, post #22
@Nathan Forester

Yes there is something wrong with it. How can you publicly criticize comics when your own creations are no better. I would say outright that his comics are worse than Ultimatum and One More Day by a far gap. He has no credibility. Plus I find it funny that he outright stole and perverted the ideas of Watchmen in his comic. Good thing he will not be remembered in ten years. Just another minor cultural item, barely registering as a blip.

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #23

You might be able to find it on, if it hasn't been done i'm sure there's someone working on it. You have to be patient though.

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #24
@Sailing Away

All I came here for was a good conversation not to be involved in some pointless debate over, i'm not saying that you are a troll for disagreeing with me, I respect your opinions very much. But we all have our likes and dislikes, to each their own.

@Walk In

I didn't come here to argue, unless you and Sailing Away are the exact same person because both of you sound so similar personality wise.

I respect your opinions a lot and i'm not here to argue or disagree, I just got over a troll war on Deviantart last year and I don't want to be involved in another one.

Sorry, but this is just my opinion.

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #25

Girls girls you're both pretty can I go home now?

From: guest (Brodyboy) , 110 months, post #26
@Walk in

Personally, I think anyone is allowed to say anything is good or bad. However, I think that line changes when he interrupts his review to hock his own writing. It brings attention away from what he's reviewing to his own ego. It makes refuting his own ability as a reviewer as simple as him saying "My work's better" with a simple "No it's not".


You shouldn't accuse two seperate people of being the same person because they both dislike Linkara. Last I checked, his ED page is proof enough people can't stand the guy. Pro-tip: Linkara likes to write about rape. A lot. Check it out. For a guy that claims to be a feminist, he sure has a mixed up, backwards way of viewing women.

From: guest (Octarine) , 110 months, post #27
Honestly, one of the main detriments to TGWTG is that it's a eclectic mix of "serious" reviewers and those who play up the Caustic Critic trope for the entertainment factor (and you have a couple like Angry Joe who straddle the line). Personally, I'd put Linkara in the latter category, even if he is generally "nicer" about it than, say, the Nostalgia Critic, Spoony, or whoever.

Now if people aren't entertained by them, that's fine. But a lot of them aren't in it to give "fair and balanced" reviews. As a wise man with a yellow swatch put it: "You don't call a sewer technician to redecorate your bathroom and you don't come to me to hear about a game is good."

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #28

You sure you got the right info? Encyclopedia Dramatica does tend to grossly exaggerate some of their articles about people, the one they did on me for instance said I was a "werejohncandy" and a "weregrinch" and accused me of being gay when in real life i'm just a human being and i'm just having fun - also i'm not actually gay in real life at all. They also claimed that the friend I did face paints for was one that I abducted, in actuality I wouldn't never do anything to hurt her. Don't believe everything you read on there. And I wasn't acussing Walk In and Sailing Away of being the exact same person, sorry if you misunderstood that. Also about him being a feminist he doesn't like fictional women in comics being portrayed as sex objects.


You do have a point there. And Linkara doesn't seem to get as ticked off as Nostalgia Critic usually does (e.g BAT CREDIT CARD?).

From: guest (Brodyboy) , 110 months, post #29

From Linkara's own words from his own blog site. Not twisted by ED.

"When I first came up with her, the idea was, in a nutshell, that she was an actress who was raped on stage in front of thousands of people who didn't realize she was being raped. I patted myself on the back for the ingenuity of having such a traumatic backstory for a character..."

And from the prologue of his novel, Angel Armor:

"And finally, the third most common complaint is about Indow recovering quickly from her rape in the first book. Well, there are a couple of things on this matter. Indow is from a different society, religion, and species, valuing many different things than Americans would value. While she certainly sees the rape to be a horrible thing for her, she doesn't feel that it's as bad as some things that exist in her society."

That's right. He gave the goddamn Mookie defense.

From: guest (Brodyboy) , 110 months, post #30
The point is, if he doesn't like women being treated like sex objects, then why does he rely on rape in his original works so often as a way to define a woman?

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #31

I know about the character and it's backstory. You don't need to ask such stupid questions.

From: guest (Brodyboy) , 110 months, post #32
apparently I do because you still think he's a feminist

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #33

Oh tomato potato potato tomato.

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 109 months, post #34

I did not come here to argue with you. protip: bad meme references aren't 'cool'.

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