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TG in one of the latest That Guy With The Glasses videos (Atop the Fourth Wall)
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Atop the Fourth Wall & Spoony Experiment Review Warrior 2-3
Gender, Inanimate, Male
A crossover between the comic book reviewing web series "Atop the Fourth Wall" (hosted by "Linkara") featuring Spoony as his "Dr. Insano" character (both series can be found on That Guy With The Glasses). The "plot" of the review sees Dr. Insano's counterpart from another universe travelling int ...more
From: Bisected8 , 124 months, post #1
For those who aren't familiar with it, TGWTG is a site which hosts various video review webseries (my personal favorites are Read Right to Left and The Nostalga Critic).

Anyway, this video's a crossover starring "Linkara" (the host of "Atop the Fourth Wall", a series which focuses on bad comics) and Dr. Insano (played by Spoony, from "The Spoony Experiment" series). Various other reviewers play their alternative universe counterparts.

There's male TFs thoughtout and MtF TGs at 9:17 and 14:36. The TFs are all off camera (in the form of them becoming various "alternative universe" counterparts).

From: Bisected8 , 124 months, post #2
Oh, here's a link:

From: guest (Valkan) , 124 months, post #3
Its a fun video but not worth it for TG.

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #4
Have you seen the Kickassia movie on there? There's a transformation of Spoony into Insano which is pretty kickass in part 5.

From: guest (Sailing Away) , 110 months, post #5
"Reviewers", that is funny. How can you review anything when all you do is scream and have convoluted/idiotic storylines?

From: Guyote , 110 months, post #6
If you're wondering how he eats and breathes
and other science facts (la la la),
Then repeat to yourself, "It's just a show,
I should really just relax
For Mystery Science Theater 3000!

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #7
@Sailing Away
See the MST3K mantra above.


MST3K reference ftw.

From: guest (Sailing Away) , 110 months, post #8
Still doesn't change the truth.

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #9
@Sailing Away

Look i'm not here to bitch and argue with you but it's just a web show for god's sake and Linkara, Nostalgia Critic and all that are just characters. There is no need to get all technical about it.

From: guest (Sailing Away) , 110 months, post #10
How does that change anything? How am I getting technical? If you think I am getting technical, then no wonder you like these "reviewers".

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #11
@Sailing Away

Well you are saying that they are screaming and you think that it doesn't qualify as a review if the reviewer is screaming. And yes I like Nostalgia Critic, Spoony and so on... they're very funny in their own ways and that's just the way they review things - in their own comical fashions.

At least they're better than AVGN who mainly swears most of the time, and I for respect Nostalgia Critic because he likes Siskel and Ebert - he even did a tribute to them in one episode, Ebert posted it on his twitter page saying that he liked it.

Plus AT4W is not the only series Linkara does, he also does History Of Power Rangers.

Plus the storylines with AT4W are actually rather good.

From: guest (Sailing Away) , 110 months, post #12
Linkara is by far the worst offender. The others are tolerable, but man Linkara makes me ashamed of reading comics. His storylines are just downright shameful. I mean if you want to see how this guy writes, then look no further than his own two turds of a comic, kind of a hypocrite? Plus the guy is just plain ignorant. He doesn't want to go outside of his little DC box. DC is just one niche of the whole comic industry. Plus that "fedora" looks god awful. Sorry, but those went out of style when people started to wear more casual clothes. If you aren't wearing a suit, then wearing any hat, besides a baseball cap, makes you look like a fucking tool.

From: rugal , 110 months, post #13
I generally hate TGWTG and think most everyone involved in it is annoying and at this point it's a bunch of people stroking their own egos.

That said I wouldn't mind spending a little time in the bodies of either the Nostalgia Chick or MarzGurl (who's plain but has an attractiveness about her).

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #14

Sorry but i'm pretty sure that's already been done in a fanfic.

@Sailing Away

It's okay if you don't like it, I respect your opinions and everything so i'm not going to argue.

You have your likes and i have mine, there's nothing wrong with that.

From: guest (Sailing Away) , 110 months, post #15
At least you are reasonable.

From: guest (Brodyboy) , 110 months, post #16
It's amazing to see someone like Sailing Away willing to call these people on what they're doing. Not to mention, honestly, Linkara brings it upon himself by hocking his own work in the middle of a review. I've read Revolution of the Mask, and it is NOT better than Sinnimon. See? That's why reviewers don't do this!

Roger Ebert didn't stop a review of a movie to scream "Rent Beyond Valley of the Dolls!" did he? No. Why? Because it's childish.

From: Dale Ribbons , 110 months, post #17
Personally, I'm kind of in the middle. I don't dislike any of the Linkara reviews, but I'mnot really interested in them either. I know how bad the comics they review are. That's why I didn't buy them in the first place.

From: dis_guise , 110 months, post #18
MarzGurl is arguably plain (I think she's fairly attractive) but if my body were a copy of hers I'd be happy enough.. Not sure I could wear it with her panache.

From: guest (Nathan Forester) , 110 months, post #19

I know he does that and there's nothing wrong with that. And I know what you said about Ebert. It's not a critics job to promote the film - it's the actors and producers, which is why you see them on Letterman or the Tonight Show With Jay Leno - to promote their film.

Yes I know Ebert wrote the screenplay for that film but I don't think he is really that proud of it, after all it was a schlock film and it came out in the 70's.

I personally think that you and Sailing Away are just trolls who don't know what you're saying.


You know it says in the full version of the theme song...."There would be better books on his show but Quesada sold them to Mephisto" plus you know that is a reference to the infamous Spiderman comic where Spidey makes a deal with the devil. Which had a share of continuity issues, which is why Linkara set up the Continuity alarm.

From: rugal , 110 months, post #20
Sorry but i'm pretty sure that's already been done in a fanfic.

If there's a fanfic that involves guys becoming Nostalgia Chick and/or MarzGurl I definitely wouldn't mind seeing it.

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