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Favorite FM "Universes"
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From: rugal , 92 months, post #1
So my mention of my body hopper story on (cheap plug!) and the ensuing debate over why people like/don't like that concept got me thinking... over the years Fictionmania has had quite a few story universes. So that said, what are everyone's favorites?

MAU is probably my favorite and I always wish more stories were done with it since there's not much outside of the long various long series. They were always kind of light, fun stories which is more along the lines of what I enjoy.

The Body Hopper stories, of course. It was always fairly interesting seeing (in the longer ones, anyway) the person invariably get corrupted by their new power.

SRU and The Great Shift... well those were always more dependent upon the writer. Especially SRU which is a lot more vague. The Great Shift was a really great, really interesting concept. I have GS interactive on as well and Seuzz added a few chapters, portraying the shift in more of a post-apocalyptic horror/thriller way which was definitely an interesting spin that I've never really seen played up in those stories before.

One last universe that I always enjoyed but is sadly kind of "short" is the Taxicab universe. They were usually a little on the short side but the stories are among my favorites as more than most other stories the characters were usually fairly interesting. Plus I always thought it was a neat concept. A shame it's pretty much dead now, although I suppose I could always try doing a story. I still have the sequel to Orb of Cynisca that I want to eventually do, however.

From: Ipkiss , 92 months, post #2
I like anything that transfers minds without transforming the body or affecting personality (Great Shift, Reversal Rings, etc.). I hate when a host body begins changing the mind (retaining host memories, becoming more feminine, etc.). I like when people stay exactly who they were before while in a new body. And I also hate transformations because the swapee isn't truly inhabiting the body of the other person. I guess the voyeurism of inhabiting a previously-inhabited body is the main appeal for me.

From: The Gambler , 92 months, post #3
Rugal, go ahead with the Magic Taxi story or stories, it's an open universe. I stop writing it because lack of responds or feed back, plus running out of ideas.

From: guest , 92 months, post #4
mau and medallion of zulu are by far my favorites. i also enjoyed magic depot since the characters in those stories could buy celebrity dna.

From: Mr. Ram , 92 months, post #5
I like Jennifer Adams' Altered Fates universe the best. But I enjoy Elrod's MAU and Morpheus' reversal rings and his Burke's Biomorphic Virus stories also.

Mr. Ram

From: K , 92 months, post #6
I agree with keeping the personality. I never understood the appeal of the change if they just act like the body they are in. That being said, I like Zulu despite most of them having a very similar forumla. Great Shift is my favorite but is greatly underwritten and many are not so good.

From: Nptox18 , 92 months, post #7
One that i like, and there are only little few stories of it, its the "ye old body shop".

I think its interesting the possibility of "buying" a new life, or simply trading with someone willing to trade with you.

From: Eric , 92 months, post #8
I like AF
Reversed rings
The SRU universe can be good but the way the wizard is treated is all over the ball park.
I also like Morpheus wish tokens,
Hey, why no mention of my Madam Olga stories? well I guess maybe no body but me has written them! LOL!

From: Jess , 92 months, post #9
Personally, I've loved Solari's Night Skies Hotel, though I prefer the earlier ones with less of the political intrigue.

While it's not a universe, per se; it could be -- Jen Moore's Eight Syringes and a Vial. Love it.

From: guest (Pat) , 92 months, post #10
Altered fates seems to have the most consistantly good stories. MAU is often good, too. SRU third because it can be hit or miss and many of the stories involve the person forgetting who they once were. That pretty much kills a story for me.

From: guest (Jennifer Adams) , 92 months, post #11
I don't know which I like best. Obviously I like Altered Fates since I created the guidelines to my liking. I agree with many of the comments here, if the prognostic doesn't remember changing gender then just write a story about someone who's gender/sex wasn't changed. What I really like in a gender change story and I try hard to capture this. It's not the physical changes it's the mental and emotional changes brought on by the physical change.

With that said, one of my favorite universes is Ovid. Professor W really does a good job of slow mental/ emotional change and acceptance of the inevitable. You are now a girl deal with it.

Of course I like many others and have showed it by writing in them like SRU and The Great Shift.


From: guest (qwerty) , 92 months, post #12
My favorites are Altered Fates, Medallion of Zulo and Magic Taxi - pretty much anything with swaps and/or takeovers. I also really like the Model Maker universe on the bodypossession Yahoo! group (Although it's not from FM).

And yeah, I also hate it when the characters' personalities change to fit the bodies they're in.

From: kreplach , 92 months, post #13
qwerty, I'm pretty sure that Altered Fates and Medallion of Zulo are one and the same.

From: rugal , 92 months, post #14
I also really like the Model Maker universe on the bodypossession Yahoo! group (Although it's not from FM).

What group is this?

From: Chalkerfan , 92 months, post #15
I hate the Body Hopper stories/caps/whatever. Don't know why.
Madam Olga? 10/10 :-)
Any Professor Universe goes straight to "Faves"
Bikini Beach.....can be very good but I've always thought that a LifeTime Pass which has trapped many a fortunate/unfortunate is somehow..........weak?
Someone buys a pass at a kiosk and thats it? The Sorceress (Old woman whatever) can't override a ticket?
MAU is OK-ish.
SRU depends on the author. The Bathrobed One's Universe varies wildly. Is he a Good or Bad Guy?
Medallion of Zulo is consistently entertaining.

From: rugal , 92 months, post #16
Yeah, the characterization of the Wizard being all over the place is the biggest detriment to SRU. He's usually at his best when (and this is how I wrote him in my story) he's a mix between a wise old sage and a benevolent, mischievous trickster. People come to his story (and it appears to them) because he's able to offer them something they want. They're depressed or in a malaise or unhappy with their lives and he's able to give them something which will, in the end, help them. He won't tell the person how and he's intentionally vague because it's meant to spark a small personal journey for the person who, with a little bit of a push via his items, are able to get themselves into a happier position.

And I've been wondering, is there anywhere on FM (or anywhere else on the internet) that has a list of rules for each of the universes?

From: The Gambler , 92 months, post #17
Here you go:
Link to StorySite Universe rules

From: guest , 92 months, post #18
Altered fates For sure, those storys are the most fun, 2nd in the list is probably Ye Olde Body shoppe, but havent seen many of those around for yonks :P

From: guest (qwerty) , 92 months, post #19
@kreplach Oh yeah, I forgot. Well, I guess that means I like it twice as much, haha.

From: Eric , 92 months, post #20
WOW! Thanks Chalkerfan! I am delighted you like my Madam Olga stories

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