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Os Mutantes Caminhos de Coracao
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From: guest (Beto) , 118 months, post #41
Episode title?
Episode number?

From: guest (tgfave) , 118 months, post #42
Check out this site for episode number and synopsis. Might want to translate it into from portuguese to english.

From: guest (tgfave) , 115 months, post #43
Great news guys, season 1 of os mutantes is being rebroadcasted on youtube! I have to go to work right now, but I'll keep you posted for more info or links. If you find anything before me your welcome to post it here. About TIME MAN! Now we'll see more female morphs by metamorfo mentioned previously!

Username: vitoria810

From: rugal , 115 months, post #44
Yeah, that's great! Those were some absolutely gorgeous women on the shows so it was always nice seeing Metamorfo turn into them, even for someone who doesn't speak a lick of Portuguese.

From: rugal , 115 months, post #45
Actually, I can't find any of the other four transformations I mentioned on the first page just via searching that person's videos (using the search bar in their profile). The earliest I can find are from late May of 2008 and the Janete/Beatriz/Cassandra/Silvana morphs all happen (best I can tell from googling) are in around January and February of 2008.

I'd watch through all of the videos but that'd take forever.

From: guest (Heri) , 115 months, post #46
Any news?

From: guest (tgfave) , 115 months, post #47
Just to let you guys no right now its going to be a very long wait for TG scenes from Metamorfo in this novela. As of right now on youtube vitoria810 and a few other users are only on episode 11 in vids. Things do not start getting interesting until episode (capitulo) 110. Sorry I spoke too soon about this. I'll just see what I can find or bring this topic back from a long absence. Man I hate waiting for this I wish this was a marathon or something!

If you all need a recap of female morphs here are some of them:
121 125 127 128 and others

From: guest (tgfave) , 115 months, post #48
Sorry for double posting but I did manage to find a metamorfo gif which showcases a brief transformation into Irma and back to himself.

From: rugal , 115 months, post #49
Would you happen to know all of the episodes on that list that have female transformations by Metamorfo? It's a bit of a pain to try and find them, especially when it apparently won't let you search with ctrl+f.

From: rugal , 114 months, post #50
I noticed that the os mutantes episodes being uploaded on the vitoria810 account are from 2010. So is there a new series/season? And if so does it contain Metamorfo or another shapeshifter?

From: guest (tgfave) , 114 months, post #51
Trust me guys this is definitely the first season of os mutantes. Remember this is a reshowing of the show and only has three seasons total! By the way I figured out when we'll start seeing metamorfo which will be sometime in September (sighs). His first female forms should be agatha and a woman who's unknown before we get to to irma, regina, cassandra etc. Episode 76 should be his debut and 80 Meta-Agatha hopefully. Crossing fingers on this though!

From: rugal , 114 months, post #52
Thanks for the info. Do you have a list of all of his female forms and what episodes they show in?

From: rugal , 114 months, post #53
Actually looking back through that episode list I'm wondering if you know of any other similar sites for the series as I keep getting errors when I try to go to the episode summaries.

From: guest (tgfave) , 114 months, post #54
Yeah man, that site I gave you all early really sucks. I cannot even access it anymore because of some error message that keeps up. This site is a lot better ,but very difficult to navigate through. I'll post all the links that have female morphs,and you might want to translate since it's in portuguese. No episode numbers are included for each synopsis only dates sorry.








From: rugal , 114 months, post #55
Thanks for that. Do you know what the female morphs are for the second or third seasons as well? Or is it just the ones that have been posted in this thread so far.

From: guest (tgfave) , 113 months, post #56
Alright guys, just three and half more weeks and we should start seeing female morphs from Metamorfo. From this point on I'll start adding clips of him shapeshifting to my favorites on my youtube account. If you're following that telehistoria caps guide, rederecord is currently on episode 59. Youtube will show it as capitulo 54. Just simply add 5 to 54 so you don't confuse yourself. Here's the link for the episode guide early, and also it has been revamped.

Oh and just one more thing, how do you initiate the time index on clips?


From: rugal , 113 months, post #57
Just add #t=whatever time to the end of the video url. So say this video

At the end just add (to get to where the transformation is) #t=3m55s to the end of the url

And thanks for the link.

From: guest (tgfave) , 113 months, post #58
Hey guys, I'm back with great news!
Caminhos do Coracao:
Metamorfo's debut ( Capitulo 66) happens tomorrow night on youtube. Here is the TG schedule for the whole month of September and early October. I'm pretty darn sure this schedule I set up for you guys is most accurate. Also, I'll be posting the clips on my youtube account in my favorites! Once again feel free to post any scenes that I might have missed or TG scenes that interest you!

username: g5550g
Only MtF Transformations
September 1 Metamorfo first appearance and morphs into Teofilo ( I know it's a male)
September 6 Morphs into Agatha
September 9 Hopefully morphs into Unknown woman to scare her?
September 20 Hopefully morphs into Irma or demonstrating powers?
Spetember 21 Morphs into Regina to escape
September 30 Morphs into Unknown woman#2 threatening her
October 5 Morphs into Unknown woman#2 again to scare the policeman
October 29 Morphs into Irma

From: aldo_marchesini , 113 months, post #59
in what episodes show male morph???

From: guest (tgfave) , 113 months, post #60
Hey aldo_marchesini
I managed to find Metamorfo transform into three males Dracula, Draco and Tele in one scene. Here's the link

Scratch the TG schedule I made earlier, all of a sudden the episodes are not quite in sync with the synopsis at the Man that pisses me off! If I find anything I'll post it here since the episode guide is pretty much useless now. I cannot believe I jumped the gun again!

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