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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Billy and Mandy Save Christmas
  • Categories:Misc, Television Episode


Santa (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) has been bitten by a vampire-- not by the Head Vampire, but actually by the Head Head Vampire. It's up to Billy, Mandy, and Grim to save Santa before Christmas is ruined! Mandy and Grim team up with Head Vampire Baron Von Ghoulish (voiced by Malcolm McDowell) to save Christmas. Meanwhile Billy is helping Mrs. Claus and the elves aroud the workshop. When Mandy, Grim, and Baron get back to the workshop, they try to cheer up Mrs. Santa but are instead trapped in the basement with vampire Santa. Five minutes too late Baron remembers Mrs. Claus is the Head Head Vampire. Now they must save Santa, and stop the Head Head Vampire and her army of vampire bat elves. Baron runs in fear and hides in a Christmas tree. Grim is attacked by vampire bat elves, and Mandy faces off with the Head Head Vampire. Meanwhile, Billy is wandering aroud the workshop and finds the Vampire Antidote (it's cookies and milk). He gives it to Santa, who then returns to normal. Sperg (who has been throwing snowballs at the characters the whole episode) is attacked by the vampire bat elves.

originally posted by guest (Angel) on 2006-01-12, no edits, entryid=987