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47 Cordes - Première partie / 47 Strings Part 1
Categories:French, Gender, Male, Female, Shapeshifter, Comic, Graphic Novel
  • 2021
  • French
  • publisher Glenat
  • author and artist: Timothé Le Boucher


A young man named Ambroise - a professional harpist who draws journal entries as comics in his diary - becomes the obsession of a shapeshifter who meets him one day on the beach. The shapeshifter first appears as a beautiful red-haired woman, and later tries to engage with Ambroise, taking the form of three different girls he encounters at or near the beach. The shapeshifter then takes on a series of male and female guises to try to learn more about Ambroise and eventually seduce him. Three of those identities have quite a bit of interaction with Ambroise in the first of two published parts:Click to show spoiler
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The main shapeshifter character is a member of an elite society of shapeshifters who change identities, and some of those other shapeshifters change form and gender throughout the story as well.

originally posted by DaveS on 2023-07-29, 8 edits, entryid=9697