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TurboTax Live Super Bowl 2022 TV Spot, 'What If?' Featuring Jason Sudeikis
Categories:Gender, Male, Television Commercial


During Super Bowl LVI, a TurboTax Live user poses a suspiciously specific "hypothetical" to her matched tax expert: Can she help a freelancer who just bought a new home-slash-office? "That's Right." Encouraged to keep asking questions, the user takes off her mask to reveal a man who invests in crypto from his Iowa hometown. The expert tags in a colleague more familiar with the crypto scene, who promises to report gains and losses. "What If"... the user unzips a body suit to reveal Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis "I Work in London, live in New York and shot a Super Bowl commercial in Los Angeles? Expert #3 jumps in as the actor's surroundings become a dry cleaners, congratulating him and offering to help him sort things out. Sudeikis grabs a final bodysuit, climbs a ladder and emerges from a moving box as the first user, who sheepishly asks, "What if I am a Freelancer who just bought a home?" The original matched expert returns and promises a maximum refund.


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