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Willy/Milly (a.k.a. I Was a Teenage Boy/Something Special)
Categories:Gender, Movie


Milly Niceman (Pamela Segall Adlon), a 14-year-old girl who has grown frustrated with her mother's attempts to curtail her tomboyish nature. Her mother, Doris believes that Milly's actions are inappropriate for a girl and that she be better off showing more interest in dances and dresses. When her best friend's younger brother, Malcolm (Seth Green) sells her a spell that will grant her deepest wish that will only work during the upcoming eclipse, Milly jumps at the chance. She performs the spell and believes that it has failed. The next morning, Milly discovers that not only was the spell successful, but it turned her into a boy. She tells her family about what happened and to her surprise, her father encourages her to explore her masculinity.

As a result, Milly changes her name to "Willy" and begins attending a new school as a transfer student. Milly (as Willy) initially takes well to her new persona and gender but eventually becomes conflicted when she begins to realize that life isn't necessarily easier as a boy and that she had feelings for her friend Alfie (Eric Gurry) who is equally confused about his feelings for "Willy". By the film's end, Milly decides to become female once more. Malcolm sells Milly a wishing stone that she is to throw at her favorite star at 12:03 during a star shower. She turns back into a girl again.

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