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Magical Taruruuto-kun
Categories:Anime, Gender, TV Episodes


Episode 29 (Gender)

Honmaru turned into a female thanks to the magic drink in order to play volleyball with the girls.

Episode 36 Ore wa otokoda ijigawarui (Gender)
Honmaru turned into a female again to trick a girl that has cheated on him.

Episode 62 Sayonara (Gender)
Honmaru turned into a female to lure and trick a genie.

Episode 83 Shukumei no volley kessen (Gender)
With Iyona's great plays, Nanno Grade School won the semi-final match and made it into the finals of the prefecture volleyball championship tournament. After the game, Honmaru went up to Iyona and said that they will win the championship for sure. But Iyona said that they couldn't. She pointed to the other semi-final match where the Kusuda triplet sisters (each 203cm tall even though they are grade schoolers) of Higashino Grade School were playing. Then Honmaru remembered what had happened last year. The Kusuda sisters' powerful spikes kept injuring the Nanno players. They ran out of players, and Marue came to fill Rui's place. But Higashino won.

[Marue = Honmaru in his girl form

When the Kusuda sisters spotted Iyona looking at them, they showed off their new secret weapon, "the Kusuda triple attack". All three sisters jumped up together, swirled around, and one of them hit the powerful spike. Iyona said that the attack was too fast and that she couldn't see the ball at all.

Iyona was training for the final match by herself. Honmaru and Taru were hiding and watching Iyona. Then Honmaru couldn't stand watching it any more and ran up to her. He told her to call him "coach". Then Iyona smiled [the most beautiful smile on TV now.

Honmaru, Taru, and Iyona went to the gym to train. Honmaru asked Taru to give him something to make him move fast. Taru gave Honmaru some "hayashi-rice". Honmaru ate it and started hitting quick spikes to Iyona. The spiked was so fast and hard that it knocked Iyona down, but Honmaru kept spiking at Iyona. Iyona was down and couldn't get up. Honmaru yelled and said that he will keep spiking the ball at her. Then Rui came and said that she was a member of the volleyball team too. But when Honmaru fired some spikes at Rui, Rui ran off saying that it hurt too much.

Then Iyona got up for more. Iyona was getting closer to the ball as she was getting used to the speed. Rui was sitting and watching on the side. Taru gave some "hormone-ga" to Rui, so she would be able to keep up with the training. [The "hormone-ga" turns a boy into a girl, and a girl into a boy.

After Rui drank it, she got mad at Taru, because she remembered that it had caused a lot of trouble before. Then Rui thought more about the hormone-ga, and realized that Marue was Honmaru.

Honmaru was still practicing with Iyona. Then Taru used a metal spring to hit the ball. The ball knocked Iyona down because of the power. Then they took a rest. Iyona wanted to feel like the spring so that she can hit a powerful spike. So Taru took out his "kimochi". [The "kimochi" was something that makes you feel just like something else, when you rub the mochi to it and eat it. After eating the kimochi, Iyona's body coiled like a spring when she went to hit her spike. Her spike was so hard that it dented the gym floor.

Honmaru and Iyona continued the training.

The day of the prefecture finals came. The Kusuda sisters used their secret weapon. Iyona saw the ball and went to receive the ball. But the ball hit Iyona in the body. Then Iyona said that she knew what the attack was. But the Kusuda sisters said that Iyona could not break their attack.

The Kusuda sisters kept attacking and scoring points. Iyona knew that she had to receive the ball, otherwise her teammates would get injured. But the Nanno team ran out of players again. Honmaru said that he would use the hormone-ga. Then Honmaru realized that everyone knew about Taru's magic now. So he couldn't turn himself into Marue. Everyone would figure it out, and they would get mad at him for everything Marue had done in the past. Then Honmaru saw Iyona crying. Honmaru drank the hormone-ga, and Marue went to the match.

The match continued. Iyona began to receive the Kusuda attack. Then Iyona used her "special spring attack", to blast the ball by the Kusuda sisters. Nanno won the match 15-13.


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