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Where I End & You Begin
Categories:Gender, Book
Preston Norton


Ezra Slevin has had a crush on Imogen since the fourth grade. Now a high school junior, as he's trying to work up the courage to have a conversation with his dream girl, let alone ask her to prom, something strange happens. On the night of a solar eclipse, Ezra swaps bodies with Imogen's BFF, Wynonna Jones, a blue-haired 80's rocker girl and Ezra's mortal enemy. Ezra and Wynonna begin randomly swapping back and forth, leading to all kinds of complicated situations and sexual confusion. Can the two of them work together to get each other their dream prom dates? And will they even be in their own bodies on the night of prom?

This easy to read YA novel is an excellent take on a gender swapping Freaky Friday, touching on serious issues such as gender and sexual identity, self worth, and Johnny Depp movies, but also with a huge helping of humor and pop culture references in Ezra's narration. In much cross-gender body swap fiction, the gender change is treated as an initial embarrassing complication and then mostly forgotten, but not here. There is a lot to love here for TG body swap fans, but it also happens to be a hugely entertaining story with three dimensional sympathetic characters and a satisfying, if somewhat ambiguous conclusion.

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