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Cutie Honey Universe Episode 10 Thank You for Your Compassion and Encouragement
Categories:Female, Anime


After Honey loses her best friend Natsuko Aki in the previous episode to panther claw's evil leader sister jill. Honey becomes excess with revenge for the death of her friend. Good Tarantula Panther stops her in the middle of the highway to talk saying if she keeps going down this path she will eventually die.Good tarantula tells honey her best friend last dying words and after hearing them she decides she will put her trust in good tarantula and dragon tarantula. Back at honey's house good tarantula demonstrates her ability to transform into a human. Good tarantula first transforms into a little girl then an exact copy of warrior honey. Good tarantula uses her power to transform dragon panther into a busty female with big breasts. At night while everybody is alseep good tarantula and honey talk on the roof of the house about Natsuko. So good tarantula decides to transform into natsuko to get honey to let go of revenge. Honey finally lets go revenge and starts crying for losing her best friend saying she will never let it happen ever again.

originally posted by Bodyswap1 on 2018-06-10, no edits, entryid=9520