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Yu Yu Hakusho episode Throughout the Series
  • Categories:Mythical, Television Episode


Most of the characters in this show are either demons or part demon, and alot of them are disguised as humans or simply have demon forms. Therefore there are demonic transformations throughout the series. I don't remember the names of the sagas before the Saint Beast saga

In the 1st storyline where Yuske (the main character) has a case (he's a detective the three villains (2 of which later become heroes), are demons in human form.
-Gouki, the first enemy, has a human form of a tall man with brownish red hair, and his demon form is a much taller monster with impregnable skin, long red hair, claws, and various horns on his head.
-Kurama is in the form a human teenager with long red hair (think Ruroni Kenshin (I probably spelled that wrong)). His demon form isn't shown yet.
-Hiei's human form is that of a small teenager with spiky black hair and three eyes (one is magically added and is covered at basically all times). His demon form has green fur and eyes all over his body, and is extremely fast. His weapon also has the ability to turn humans into demons, but this capability is never fully realized.

In the next storyline, the villain Rando is a demon in the disguise of a adolescent human boy. HIs true form is a demon with red and white stripes (not in straight lines) all throughout his body, and long red hair. He also has the ability to shrink people down to an extremely small size, which Kuwabara (Yuske's rival) and himself both fall victim to.

In the next saga, The Saint Beasts Saga, there is no transformations because all the villains are already in demon form.

In the Toguro Saga (may not be the right name)-
-The two main villains, the Toguro brothers, are humans transformed into demons (although this isn't revealed until the next saga) but they look exactly like they did before. However, the Younger Brother has the ability to increase his muscle mass almost exponentially, and when he reaches his full power he becomes a blue monster with somewhat malleable flesh. The Older Brother has completely malleable flesh and in this saga uses it to transform into various objects, such as a shield, and a covering for the younger brother's arm.
-The mob boss hiring to two villains has a collection of humans turned into demons, and most are like animals, unlike the usual demons seen in the show, which have a basically humanoid shape. One of them is used by the boss to test the brothers' power, and was once a woman and is now a huge monstrous beast.

The Dark Tournement Saga-
- Kurama's demon form is finally shown, well, anyway, he has 2. One full form (which is only shown is flashback), which is a demon fox, and a half form, which is a tall human with long silver hair and silver fox ears and tail.
- A small, troll-like villain transforms himself into a giant, green, monstrous giant with horns and extending arms
-Younger Toguro shows his full powered form in this saga, and the older brother, although he never transforms, uses is powers to stretch and impale various people (and offers to transform in a various amount of objects at the end)

The Chapter Black Saga-
- One villain, Gourmet, has the ability to absorb an enemy's abilities by by eating them, and he eats Older Toguro (who is essentially immortal due to his powers). However, the transformation comes in when Older Toguro takes over his body and his head comes out of Neck.
- It is revealed that Yuske is part demon and has a demon form, thought i have never seen it and therefore can't describe it.
- Although this isn't technically a transformation, the main villain is a split personality and has radically different personalities which he switches between to spontaneously change his fighting styles.

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