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Lost episode Fire Plus Water
  • Categories:Age, Television Episode


This episode is all about Charlie (Every episode is about one castaway and what their lives were before the plane crash). We knew already from previous episodes that Charlie is a washed-up heroin-addicted rock star. He got over his addiction on the island.

In the this episode Charlie is having strange dreams, that is telling him the Clair's (The girl is loves secretly) baby is in danger and he must save him but when he does it looks like he is trying to hurt him instead.

In the beggning they showed the first flashback of the episode in which we see Charlie as a little boy on Christmas and he just got a piano, his mom tells him to play it then his older brother (who is also a kid in the flashback ages to the grown man we have seen in a previous flashback and Charlie is still a kid, he then ages to the man we see everyweek. The whole family starts chanting "Save us Charlie" the tfs were off screen but kind of cool.

originally posted by guest (Tazz) on 2006-01-27, no edits, entryid=949