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Justice League Action episode Mxy's Mix-Up
  • Categories:Gender, Male , Television Episode
  • Title "Mxy's Mix-Up", Episode: 29
  • First Air Date: July 22, 2017


While on a mission to stop Gorilla Grodd, the Justice League team is also attacked by Mister Mxyzptlk. He decides to make things interesting and swap members of the Justice League team into different bodies.

Click to show spoiler
Ongzna orpbzrf Fgnetvey, Fgnetvey orpbzrf Fhcrezna, naq Fhcrezna orpbzrf Ongzna

Later, they call in the Bravo team who also get switched around.Click to show spoiler
Synfu orpbzrf Mngnaan naq Mngnaan orpbzrf Synfu. Sverfgbez orpbzrf Funmnz, Funmnz orpbzrf Cynfgvp Zna, Cynfgvp Zna orpbzrf Plobet naq Znegvna Znauhagre orpbzrf Sverfgbez. Vg vf vzcyvrq gung cbffvoyl Plobet orpbzrf Znegvna Znauhagre.Cebsrffbe Fgrva, gur bgure unys bs Sverfgbez raqf hc vafvqr Zvfgre Zklmcgyx urnq naq pnhfrf uvz gb tb ubzr.

Everyone is back to normal at the end.

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