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Miraculous Ladybug 19
Categories:gender, animated, Misc Transformation, Movie


In Miraculous Ladybug, a main villain named Hawkmoth uses Akuma to turn ordinary people into villains. He preys on people with hurt feelings or a desire for revenge. In this episode there was a girl named Juleka who was upset because she never gets to be in her school photos, due to various circumstances. When it happened again, Hawkmoth used an Akuma to turn Juleka into the evil Reflekta. Her power was the ability to make other people look just like her. The reasoning was that people would surely notice her that way. I know it doesn't make sense. Being under the influence of an Akuma warps your mind, so you end up dishing out an ironic punishment based loosely on your original desire. There were many gender swaps because males were turned into copies of Reflekta. Peoples voices stayed the same. there were some funny moments that centered around males not being used to their new bodies.

originally posted by guest on 2016-12-18, 3 edits, entryid=9464