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Snickers "You're Not You When You're Hungry" Commercials
Categories:Gender, Commercial


These commercials features a variety of celebrities and non-celebrities taking a bite of the Snickers candy bar by transforming into actual people and other celebrities.

Football - actress and former Golden Girls star Betty White morphs into a guy.

Road Trip - while in the back of the car, famed R&B singer Aretha Franklin morphs into a guy.

Changing Room - While in the Locker Room, former Dynasty star Joan Collins morphs into a guy.

Brady Bunch - Actor Danny Trejo morphs into Marcia Brady from The Brady Bunch.

Marilyn - While shooting the famous skirt-blowing, Subway scene (from the classic 1955 film The Seven Year Itch) Actor Willem Dafoe morphs into Actress Marilyn Monroe.

Hungry Soccer Player / Malaysian Dancer Goalie (Malaysia) - A green-dress wearing geisha (or dancing woman in traditional garb) morphs into a male soccer goalie.

Rocking Grandma - an old Asian lady morphs into a male drummer

Bike Ramp - While falling off her bike a hot Latina woman morphs into a Latino guy.

Mexican Soap Opera / Arabic Soccer Watching (Mideast) - A Mexican soap opera star morphs into a middle eastern man.

Suegra/Mother in Law - a Saudi woman morphs into a Saudi guy.

El Vestuario/The Wardrobe - (Similar to the Joan Collins Advert) a Spanish woman morphs into a guy.

Pushing Car - A overweight Spanish woman morphs into a guy.

Pushing Car (India) - A sexy Indian woman morphs into a guy.

Riding in Car (India) - An older Indian woman morphs into a guy. Later a guy morphs into an attractive Indian woman.

Basketball Ballerina (Russia) - A Russian ballerina morphs into a guy playing basketball.

Hiking hospital patient (Korea) - A Korean girl in hospital clothes turns into a hiker. (subtitled)


Football --
Road Trip --
Changing Room --
Brady Bunch --
Marilyn --
Hungry Soccer Player --
Rocking Grandma --
Bike Ramp --
Mexican Soap Opera --
Suegra/Mother in Law --
El Vestuario/The Wardrobe --
Pushing Car --
Pushing Car (India) --
Riding in Car (India) --
Basketball Ballerina (Russia) --
Hiking Hospital Patient (Korea) --

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