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The Tree Surgeon
Categories:Animated, Cartoon, Tree, Plant
Released: 1944
Studio: MGM
Director: George Gordon


1944 color MGM animated cartoon
Directed by George Gordon

The "tree surgeon" is a donkey dressed like a doctor (white lab coat, etc.), with a stethoscope around his neck and a carrying a doctor's bag. He drives in an ambulance to treat a sick giant sequoia tree.

While attempting to inject it with a syringe of "Vitamin Tree-B" he accidentally injects himself. He becomes mostly immobile, branches sprout from his ears, and roots grow from his feet anchoring him to the earth. Squirrels climb around and birds fly upon him. But nearby on the ground is his syringe of "weed killer." With great effort, he uproots himself and falls on the syringe. He becomes mobile again; the branches and roots wither away and he pulls and shakes them off.

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