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Hua pi 2
Categories:Female, Supernatural Powers, Supernatural, Demon, Movie, Chinese, Mandarin
English Title: Painted Skin 2
AKA: Painted Skin: The Resurrection
Original Release Date: 28 June 2012


Among the usual Martial arts is a beautiful filmed and poetical film of love and human desire and dreams.
Main characters are a beautiful female demon who wants to be human and the scared Princess of a Chinese Empire who in love with a young general who once saved her life.

The demon convinces the Princess that reason he rejects her is that men only care for a woman's looks. The Princess half believes her. To prove her point she convinces the Princess to swap 'skins'. in which for up to 12 hours they wear each other's outer flesh. Wearing this skin the princess seduces the man she loves while the real demon waits back in the place.
A powerful army from a rival and cruel barbaric country arrives at the city and demands the Princess fulfill the magic contract with a powerful and rival prince on pain of war.
The demon offers to willingly swap bodies and persona's with the princess for her 'heart' which really means the soul. It has to be willing to work. The Princess has an extraordinary inner fire which the demon covets. And she wants to be human badly, to feel the sun, even simple things like smell flowers. The Princess can then stay behind in the demons former body with the man she loves and they make love. But then she is no longer human and must consumes human hearts 'souls' in order to stay alive.

At one point when the new Princess feels threaten she tries to use her old pwers but no longer has them.
The former Princess finds out that once she consumes a heart she will be a demon forever, but if she doesn't consume hearts she will be frozen forever.

originally posted by Eric on 2016-03-07, 1 edit, entryid=9406