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World of Zhor, The Universe
Categories:Fictional Worlds and Universes
Created by: Overlord
First Appeared: "The Racers" in September 2005


Ruk's Serum
Ruk's Serum was created by master geneticist Ruk, under the employ of a woman slaver incensed at the fact that it was only the women who were branded and punished for pleasure.

The slaver sought out a way to transform men into superior slave girls while retaining their characteristically high male sex drive. Among her goals for these new women were that they be able to conceive and bear children, that they acquire heterosexually female orientation, and that their nature become adjusted so as to make them "natural slaves".

The science Ruk used was so advanced that people have speculated that he was guided by the hidden gods (aliens) of Zhor, the Overlords. Possibly the Overlords wanted to put Zhorian societal evolution on a slightly new track from the one that had existed for centuries, and so have intervened in this way.

This world is similar to (and inspired by) John Norman's "Gor" universe and very detailed in its conception and rules. Many more details can be found at the webpage linked below.


Open for new stories: Yes
Permission required: None
Permissions contact: n/a
Questions contact: Contact information can be found at


The following (except italicized note) is collected or quoted from a 2015 December Message Board post with additional information and clarification from "Overlord of Zhor":

There are no rules, only an informational essay about how Zhor society works. (Please see the webpage linked below.) I'd be very pleased if someone made a real game (such as a frp game) out of the material. I'd also like to see artists doing illos based on incidents that could possibly occur on Zhor.

... I hold it to be an open universe, no prior permission required. Post anywhere. One may even post for money, such as at Kindle Books, if one likes. I enjoy reading substantial works set on Zhor and want to put no obstacles in anyone's way. I request (not require) that people share a copy with me of what new works by them are written.

I don't insist that everyone do things the way I do. Incidentally, keep checking the article, readers. I have a few more new details to add, and I have also seen that there are quite a few typos that need to be fixed. I want to do the revision work soon, now that there has been some renewed interest.

Origin Story & History

The following was collected (quoted) from 2015 December Message Board posts with additional information and clarification from "Overlord of Zhor":

Here is a little background re the Zhor universe creation. I enjoyed John Norman's Gor books, but thought it was too bad that, with all the scientific advances that exist on Gor, it was totally without any tg elements, especially in light of the unbridled sexuality of Gorean society. I was at first going to introduce the world to the net as Gorean fan fiction, but at the last minute decided that it would be better to have more creative freedom by making it an original world, something like Gor, but not the same place. I suspect that John Norman would appreciate that. I placed it on a parallel world from Earth, so that it would be easier for earthlings to reach Zhor. It is possible that some Bermuda Triangle portals lead to Zhor, for example. Both agents of the Overlords, and agents of the Outsiders (their enemies) cross back and forth between dimensions.

Both sides sometimes take earthlings back to Zhor for their own various reasons. A fair number of these abductees end up as pleasure slaves. Like, someone who learns too much about their clandestine activities might be abducted. Then, too, If someone has good genetics that these aliens want to introduce to Zhor, they might be taken away as well. There is not much that the aliens like about Earthers (too angry and chaotic), but they do think that their taste in lingerie is very good, and also their dances, such as the striptease, which they call "the dance of slow revealing." Earth fashions have influenced the fashions for slave girls on Zhor.

The Zhor page was started as part of a site that Freya had back then and I was just a contributor. I had created the Zhor idea and did all the early work, but I did not have my own website. The Zhor material came to Freya so prolifically, however, that she couldn't spare the time to be webmaster for all of it. She asked me to take over the Zhor portion of her site, and I did. I worked on it quite hard until the spring of 2010, when constrictions on my free time took me away from the site. But there has been some work done by others since then, not all of it published on the Zhor site. Check Fictionmania and Big Closet especially, for Zhor pieces done by others. And Christopher Leeson has some Zhor work posted at The Full TG Show. Check out, especially, his most recent version of "Busted" there. (The unique thing about that one is that it shows how a Zhorian serum girl would fit in, or not fit in, while working a job on the planet Earth.)

Links -- Link to First Story, "The Racers"

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