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No More Fakes Universe
Categories:Fictional Worlds and Universes
Created by: Louis Epstein (AKA: Test long name)
First Appeared: 1996 December 11 via E-mail "A Shared Universe Plan"


Disgruntled sorcerer's magic

Temporary description, copied from original email, found at:

"... There is a costume party,probably for Halloween,at which
someone has dressed as a sorcerer,and on his way there has by sheer
coincidence made certain gestures interpreted as code by a genuine
sorcerer who then follows him to the party.The sorcerer engages in
some magical "shop talk" with the costumer,who doesn't understand
that the sorcerer is serious.When the sorcerer demands that the faux
sorcerer deliver on the implicit promise and gets no satisfaction,
the sorcerer rails against this room full of "fakes" and vanishes
in a huff(and a puff...of smoke),simultaneously turning all people
there into what they are dressed as.

Whether the transformation affects the mind depends on how in character
the person was at the party.Someone who just looked on the outfit as
clothes wouldn't be affected,but those consciously thinking of themselves
as their characters have trouble regaining their identities.My main
envisioned character is a gorgeous attorney from a buttoned-down firm
who on this one night has decided to go as a provocatively dressed
dumb blonde sexpot.She stuffs her clingy micro-dress to produce the
appearance of Passionella breasts that would embarrass Eddie Glover,
pads her barely-concealed buttocks,sandwiches a ring between toothpicks
to provide the effect of a ring in a huge erect nipple on each breast
underneath the dress,puts on a long platinum-blonde wig...and after
the change that's her hair,that's her body.She uses a phony name and
voice and persona to go with the costume,but at the same time it is
consciously an act for her,so after the change she can bring her real
personality to the surface if she thinks about it.Of course,none of her
clothes except her costume fit this body(a problem shared by many there).

The changes validate all supposed exposed flesh and make what would go
under clothes be under the clothes.(There's a guy who went as a satyr,
but his costume had no exposed genitalia.Result...those hairy hoofed legs
are his,but he needs surgery just to urinate!)

Size does not change.If you go as King Kong and a butterfly,you remain
the same size though of ape and butterfly-woman form(her body does not
further morph to a butterfly's shape,but she becomes what she looks like
inside and out...she'd lay eggs,hatch caterpillars).

There's transgender,animal,toy,even ghostly transformation(somebody goes
in a sheet with eye-holes,becomes a faintly transparent blob-shaped
ghost).If you dress as someone with special powers,you get SOME such
powers,though nobody gets the power to change everybody back.

I've got a weakness for woman->sex-object type stuff,so we can expect a
bunch of these.

The phenomenon is not makes the tabloids,brings in the
FBI,etc.Characters will be looking for any way to track down the
responsible sorcerer or anyone else who can change them back.Changes
back may be found that prove temporary or partial...e.g. I have the
idea that my attorney may be able to recover her birth body while
concentrating on her birth personality,but would automatically revert
to both the blonde-bombshell body and the airhead persona when not
concentrating,thus would always sleep and wake as the dumb blonde.
Such reversion powers may depend on devices,etc..."


Open for new stories: Yes
Permission required: No
Permissions contact: none required
Questions contact:



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Brief synopsis by Arthur Pearson
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